Survey Momma Review – Will Momma Make Big Money With This?

Survey Momma Review - Will Momma Make Big Money With This?

After seeing promotions about this platform, I decided to do this Survey Momma Review to confirm if it’s a legit site or another scam.

Can you make a reasonable amount of money using Survey Momma or just pennies on the dollar?

I stumbled on some shady stuff about this platform during the course of my research, but does that make Survey Momma a scam?

Read this review to know the things I discovered about Survey Momma.

Survey Momma Review – What Is This Platform About?

Survey Momma Review - Will Momma Make Big Money With This?

Survey Momma is similar to survey aggregator websites like Survey Compare and Panel Payday.

These platforms are not market research companies. Instead, they are affiliates for market research firms.

Most “get-paid-to” websites like Viral Bucks also do this to generate traffic to offers they are trying to promote.

They offer different real survey platforms, and they earn commissions when you register; however, they are not really a survey website.

Some aggregator websites offer a lot of value and are entirely legit, but most of these sites are scams.

I discovered that Survey Momma is owned by a company in California called Next Fusion Media, so I was not expecting this platform to be a hoax.

Just so you know, I don’t fancy making money from online surveys because the pay is too small, and there is no potential for passive income.

What I detest the most is when something shady is happening.

I feel the best way to earn online is to create or build something that pays you continuously.

Survey Momma Review – Legit or a Scam?

I will be frank, straight to the point, and careful.

I don’t want to lay any accusation that Survey Momma is a scam because it is likely that this platform is legit.

The reason I say this is links meant to direct to legitimate survey websites are redirecting to various gambling websites.

My installed antivirus flagged one of these shady websites and warned me not to click on it!.

In my opinion, because of the shady stuff I discovered, I cannot recommend this platform to anyone.

Whether Survey Momma is a legit website and may have been hacked/hijacked, or Next Fusion (the parent company) is completely aware of the shady events on the site, I can’t really say.

If you see any window that says “Mr. Play” or anything that’s unusual or resembles gambling, by all means DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

If you see ANY redirects that you are not familiar with, other than obvions survey websites, DO NOT CLICK ON IT.

Survey Momma reminds me of some other questionable survey sites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

About Next Fusion – Is The Parent Company Legit?

I don’t like being misinformed, so I decided to research the parent company (Next Fusion) to know if they are truly the owners of Survey Momma.

It looks like Next Fusion owns Survey Momma.

I found out that the domain is registered by the same company Next Fusion Media Inc, which is located in California.

I also found out that Next Fusion Media owns a similar site called Panel Buck.

Panel Buck has identical layouts and appearance as Survey Momma.

I was eager to know if Panel Bucks was experiencing the same issues (links redirecting users to scam sites), as seen in Survey Momma.

I did some clicking on the site, the first few links appeared to be legit, but I lost confidence when I clicked on one link that redirected me to the same scam website I saw in Survey Momma.

So if these links redirecting users to scam websites happened as a result of hacking, then both Panel bucks and Survey Momma are victims.

One of the links I clicked redirected me to a fake survey website that appeared like the real deal, indicating a phishing scam.

Phishing Scam – What Is It?

Survey Momma Review - Will Momma Make Big Money With This?

Have you seen a fake site, email, or instant message that looks legit or appears like the original one you are familiar with?

That’s what a phishing scam is about.

These lookalikes are decoys to steal sensitive data and information from people like passwords, usernames, and so on.

Emails from websites like Apple, Amazon, or PayPal, asking you to confirm a purchase or claim your account has a problem, are the most common examples of a phishing scam.

You may get an email from Amazon asking you to confirm purchases for products you did not order for.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to access your Amazon account to identify the problem.

The emails do contain a link that most people assume will take them to the login page.

However, what happens here is that the link will take you to a fake website that looks like Amazon’s site.

The scammers get your information when you enter your username and password on the fake site.

They now use your information to access your real account on amazon and buy purchase items without your knowledge.

Also, they steal sensitive information like your credit cards and address.

These scammers can still pull stunts like this using your PayPal, bank, or email.

Websites like Survey Momma can also redirect users to fake survey sites.

You will be asked to create an account, complete your profile, and possibly connect your bank account or PayPal information (they claim they need such information for payment purposes).

The world we are in today is filled with cruel and deceptive people.

I won’t advise you to risk your information on these platforms even though they promise to reward you with cash or prizes.

Survey Momma Review – Free Offers Or Free Scams

Let me be clear here – The website Survey Momma is not a scam.

The problem is somehow Survey Momma redirects people to other SCAM websites not affiliated with Survey Momma.

It’s possible that the owners of Survey Momma are not aware of this.

However, it could be possible that these redirects are on purpose, which would make Survey Momma questionable at best.

When using websites like Survey Momma, another scam you may come across is the free offer sites.

A typical example includes:” Get this free iPad.”

How possible is it to get a phone or tablet that costs between $800 to $1000 for free by flailing out questionnaires?

What’s the aim here? In most scenarios, such offers are scams.

They will ask for your credit card information and address to cover the costs of shipping.

As a result, instead of getting the item promised, you will be notified of purchases on your card that you know nothing about.

I have come across a few legit offers, but most of them are scams.

However, if you insist on participating on survey sites, some of the legit ones I know of are Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards.

To claim your free item, you must sign up for stuff like free-trial subscriptions (that will keep billing you even after the free trial has expired), apply for stuff like debt consolidation services, or open a bank account.

The risk with these sorts of reward offers is very high, and I don’t recommend anyone to give it a try.

Unfortunately, although Survey Momma on its own is not a scam until these re-direct problems are corrected, I cannot recommend Survey Momma.

However, there are much better alternatives.

Building your own affiliate marketing business certainly is one of them.

The best platform to do this is Wealthy Affiliate.

What I Can Recommend Is Wealthy Affiliate

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Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

The choice is up to you, my friend.

If you want a REAL change in your finances, then you have to participate in your own financial rescue.

You can’t expect some survey sites to provide you with opportunities to make good money online.

That’s because survey sites were NEVER designed for people to make good money.

Just pennies on the dollar.

If you want a genuinely life-changing income, you HAVE to build your own business.

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