Solo Build It Review: Is It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?

Solo Build It Review: Is It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?

Welcome to this Solo Build It Review.

Regarding Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate and which is better for affiliate marketing, this controversy has been going on for a few years.

In this blog post, SBI is the abbreviation for Solo Build It.

Solo Build It has been in fierce competition with Wealthy Affiliate for quite a while.

Also, it seems some individuals have difficulty deciding which platform is best for them.

Complicating matters, there’s a long, angry report by (SBI) founder Ken Envoy severely criticizing Wealthy Affiliate.

Personally, the platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve found that it’s the one that I’ve chosen to help me learn how to make money online.

For the above reasons, I wanted to give my two cents worth regarding Solo Build It Vs Wealthy Affiliate.

Solo Build It Review Summary

  • Product Name: Solo Build It! The platform used to be known as Site Build It!
  • Website:
  • Product Type: Solo Build It! is a membership platform designed to help anyone create websites and build a profitable online business.
  • Price: $299 year, or $29.99 month
  • Training: 3.9 out of 5
  • Support: 4.0 out of 5
  • Website Builder: 4.0 out of 5
  • Solo Build It Needs Updating: In many respects the Solo Build It! platform is outdated and key portions of their training have not kept up with the times. There are much better options today that do everything that SBI does, only they do it much better.
  • Attacking Reviews From Wealthy Affiliate Members: A HUGE turn-off for me regarding members of Solo Build It! is they are relentless in their attacks on members of the platform I belong to, Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Solo Build It! Members Are Obsessed With Wealthy Affiliate Reviews: You’ll find on many review sites of Solo Build It! affiliates references to “scams”, “charlatans” and “fraudsters”, “devious methods” and “outright lies.” When you see these comments they are directly referring to Wealthy Affiliate members and their reviews on Solo Build It!.
  • Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate Over Solo Build It!: You’ll rarely find Wealthy Affiliate members downgrading people who are members of Solo Build It! The direct negative attacks on Wealthy Affiliate members and their reviews is one of the primary reasons I choose to join Wealthy Affiliate over Solo Build It!
  • Final Verdict: Solo Build It! is a very comprehensive program that teaches you how to build an online business. I still recommend it, but there is a better option.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
  • Website URL:
  • Training: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Research Tools: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price: Starter Member (free), Premium Membership ($49 a month or $359 per year)
  • My Rating of Wealthy Affiliate: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn how to make money online especially if you are either new to affiliate marketing or have tried but failed with internet marketing.

Solo Build It Vs Wealthy Affiliate – My Two Cents Worth

Below is a helpful chart comparing Wealthy Affiliate and Solo Build It!

So, here’s my two cents worth, my “review” if you will as to which is better, SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate.

Choose the program that you feel is right for YOU.

I’m going to repeat my review again:

Choose the program that you feel is right for YOU.

Frankly, you can build a thriving affiliate marketing business using either platform. The choice comes down to which of the two you personally prefer.

Here’s the problem: Trying to make a comparison between two or more products can be a daunting process.

Likewise, even with apparent similarities or differences, concluding which one is right for YOU can be difficult.

Also, the person writing the review is already biased toward what they think is the better product.

Therefore, the only person who really knows if a product is a good fit for you is YOU; you’re the one who has to be comfortable with the platform.

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Make the Best Decision for YOU

The best decisions I’ve made have been when I’ve actually tried the product myself before purchasing it.

Also, when I’ve had an opportunity to use the interface via a free trial offer and actually try out some features, Then I can make an intelligent decision based on my needs and what I liked.

That’s why when I see a post that says: “this is an unbiased review,” I say to myself: “Really? Who are you kidding?”

Therefore Solo Build It! and Wealthy Affiliate are two distinct online platforms that share some similarities.

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Free Account or Upfront Payment

One of the things I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is you can create a FREE account.

This is an excellent option that’s available to anyone who is looking to try Wealthy Affiliate to see if they like it.

There is no credit card required to set up your FREE account which is a huge benefit for new people.

However, Solo Build It requires an upfront payment, which is not unusual.

When you’re first starting but as any new marketer will tell you, having a FREE account certainly helps.

Solo Build It says there is no risk as you get a full 90 days to test out their membership with a full money-back guarantee. 

Therefore, the bottom line is this: Join the company that YOU feel comfortable with.

Be Cautious of Overly Negative, Angry Reviews

Apparently, the founder of SBI Dr.Ken Evoy has taken offense to reviews from Wealthy Affiliate members.

In response, he created a very long, exhaustive 3-part study to show that SBI is much better than Wealthy Affiliate.

In the words of Ken Evoy: “Not everyone has the time to read all 24,000 words that make up this meticulous study’s introduction, methodology, and results. If you are willing to accept the conclusions at face value, here they are:”

You’re right, Dr. Evoy, I don’t have the time to read such an exhaustive report.

However, one thing I was able to conclude is that Dr. Evoy is quite angry at Wealthy Affiliate and its members.

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: What Else Did Ken Evoy Conclude?

Solo Build It Review: Is It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s an interesting point from Dr. Evoy’s “report”:

“Does Wealthy Affiliate truly represent the best chance of building a profitable online business?

To answer that, we designed a study that is objective, rigorous, statistically significant, and reproducible by anyone. It is based on data from Alexa, SimilarWeb, and SEMrush.”

Let’s stop for a minute: Dr. Evoy said “WE designed a study…”

Who are the “We” referred to? Are the caretakers of this study completely unbiased?

I can tell you who the “We” are – people who are biased toward Solo Build It.

Therefore, the report surely isn’t designed to vindicate Wealthy Affiliate, it’s designed to show the superiority of Solo Build It over Wealthy Affiliate.

Also, Dr. Evoy also stated that his report is:  “objective, rigorous, statistically significant and reproducible by anyone. It is based on data from Alexa, SimilarWeb,and SEMrush.”

More Takeaways From The SBI Report

There’s more: Notice the conclusions that Mr Evoy reaches in his report:

“Takeaway Conclusions & Lessons

  1. Solo Build It! gives you a 10-33X higher chance of success. Wealthy Affiliate cuts your chances by more than 90%.
  2. Beware of fake reviews. Watch for “Bait and switch.”
  3. SBI! has always proven success, made verifiable by including domains. This study is the ultimate in head-to-head proof.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate provides zero proof of success – it and its affiliates claim success repeatedly, but none offer verifiable proof.”

Oh Boy!..

Likewise, how does he conclude that Wealthy Affiliate has a 90% failure rate? That means that only 10% of the people who come through Wealthy Affiliate experience any success.

Also, how on earth does Dr. Evoy actually believe that WEALTHY AFFILIATE PROVIDES ZERO PROFF OF SUCCESS?!

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Proof Of Success From Wealthy Affiliate

Solo Build It Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Which Is Better?

Below I’ve linked to JUST A SMALL SAMPLE of success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members:

Therefore, contrary to the narrative promoted by Solo Built It! there IS verifiable proof that Wealthy Affiliate members ARE making money online.

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: The Training From Wealthy Affiliate Does Work

Therefore, regardless of what Dr. Evoy’s report says, the training DOES WORK at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are endless testimonies from Wealthy Affiliate that show you can successfully make money online.

Also, as far as “fake reviews” and “bait and switch” are concerned, I don’t condone it.

Frankly, if you pay attention to the way I wrote this review/comparison, I’m basically telling you HARD FACTS.

Similarly, I’m also telling you two things in this blog post: 1) Make your own decision and 2) What is working for me. That’s it!

My bottom line is: Using the platform that YOU feel gives you the best chance for success! What I’ve told you so far is to MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION.

What Are YOU Looking For As “Verifiable Proof Of Success”?

As far as “verifiable proof” of success is concerned, you have to ask yourself the question:

“What are YOU looking for to prove success?” What is YOUR standard to prove that a platform is successful?

Similarly, if you line up 10 online marketers and ask all 10 of them what they consider is a platform’s “proof of success” you’ll get 10 different answers!

Now I’m going to tell you what real “verifiable proof” really is:

Having 100 dollar bills stuffed in my wallet is all the “verifiable proof of success” that I need.

I don’t give a crap about anything else!

Here is the hardcore, bottom line:


Are The Claims In Dr. Evoy’s Data Accurate?

I’m just a regular guy. I’m not a “statistical expert”. Really, how am I supposed to prove the accuracy of Dr Evoy’s data?

Similarly, am I really going to prove Dr. Evoy’s data is accurate by taking my valuable time to consult data sites I’ve never even heard of because HE said his report is “objective, rigorous, statistically significant and reproducible by anyone?”

Please see the post: A Solo Build It Review – Sound Facts Without Being Ruthless. In this post, I break down the accuracy of Alexa ranking according to outside industry experts.

The Alexa ranking of website performance is a cornerstone of Dr, Evoy’s report.

Frankly, a few of the points in Dr. Evoy’s lengthy report I can agree with and understand, but the data he’s using is flawed, which weakens his argument.

However, what he fails to realize is that going after what you see as wrong like a rabid dog,  ultimately won’t get you the results you want.

You’ll feel like you’ve won at the beginning of your fight.

However, in the long run, when you go after reputable people or an honest business, you ultimately lose.

Therefore, going AFTER people, either in person or on a report, is just not going to get you the results you desire.

Most of the time that type of approach fails. It’s antagonistic.

Similarly, in an effort to make your point you put yourself in a position where you appear unreasonable and inflexible, as Dr. Evoy does.

YOU are the one who’s right and you’re going to make your point and screw everybody else!

Therefore, as a “biased” member of Wealthy Affiliate I can tell you that these kinds of “comprehensive reports” stir up a ton of negative commotion.

They stir up faultfinding and questionable facts that distract from the one focus you should have: building your brand and growing your business!

Dr. Evoy Basically Said “Screw You” To Wealthy Affiliate

I didn’t read the entire review by Ken Evoy. I have personally chosen NOT to fill my mind with overly negative material.

Likewise, let me say again: Dr. Evoy made some very valid points, however, his presentation could have been much better.

The report came off as an expose on the “dishonest practices of Wealthy Affiliate members” as if they were specifically out to get SBI.

There were some very mean statements, both direct and indirect, at the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and their members.

Likewise, I’m sure Dr. Evoy is doing what he feels he needs to do to protect his business interests.

However, when you read the report, you can sense the loathing for all things Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s All In The Presentation

One thing I have learned throughout the years is that when you have a complaint against another business owner, you try to solve it in a respectful, diplomatic way.

You don’t “go after” people, even if you feel they “went after” you.

Similarly, Ken Evoy’s report reads like an expose against a shady, underhanded business.

Any reasonably intelligent person would conclude Ken Evoy comes off as angry and vindictive, which is why I wouldn’t recommend Solo Build It!

However, please note that I didn’t say I wouldn’t sell it as an affiliate, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Not because it isn’t a great platform. It’s the WAY Dr. Evoy’s report was presented that I have a problem with.

It’s the presentation; all in the presentation, folks.

Some people, regardless of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, will still choose Solo Build It! or some other program; and that’s their decision to do so.

A “Study” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Anything

As most people know just because a study is done on a subject doesn’t mean that it is factual or accurate.

Also, it’s been proven for decades that you can choose a subject and find a study that is convincingly negative as well as another study that is positive on that same subject.

Folks are devious, unethical, faultfinding, and greedy. They will do whatever it takes to protect their bottom line: PROFITS.

To some of you, my comments on this post may seem narrow-minded.

Hey! If you want to label me “narrow-minded,” I’m fine with that! If more people had a “narrow mind” the world would be a much better place!

Therefore, BOTH Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate have great benefits and they also have weaknesses that need to be improved upon.

They have attractive aspects to them and members on both platforms have been over-zealous at times in promoting their businesses.

The focus of SBI according to their website is that it is a business builder with everything you need to have success online – all in one place.

Similarly, Wealthy Affiliate is also set up to be an all-in-one business builder and, quite frankly, there are some similarities between the two programs.

Focus On YOUR Business And Not SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Solo Build It Review: Is It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?

What Ken Envoy decides to do or not to do is his personal business.

Also, whatever his gripe is with Wealthy Affiliate, he has to find a way to work that out.

Don’t make someone else’s problems your problems. You have enough to deal with.

The ONLY thing you and I should be concerned with is what have we done TODAY to advance our online business.

Therefore, what have YOU learned TODAY that will help YOU to improve?

What adjustments have YOU made TODAY in YOUR business? Have YOU helped someone TODAY by providing content on your website that solves a problem?

Which Is Better: Solo Build It Or Wealthy Affiliate?

The short answer: The platform YOU consider the best is the best!

If you honestly believe SBI gives you a better chance for success, then that is the platform you should use to build your business.

Also, every single person who looks at either SBI or WA will find what’s right for them and what’s wrong for them.

If you look hard enough, you can find positive aspects and negative aspects in both platforms.

Therefore, make your own personal decision which one is best FOR YOU, and then stick with your decision and make it work.

That’s what champions do. That’s what successful people do.

Both Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate are companies that offer to teach the “average guy” a way to build a business with correct preparation and research.

Likewise, members of both platforms get a set of tools in-house, so there is no need to spend unnecessary time researching online all the different components needed to run the business.

Personally, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be what I needed to build a sustainable, profitable business.

Additional Resources

SBI Vs Wealthy Affiliate: Make Your Own Decision

If you were an outsider trying to make a decision whether to join Solo Build It or Wealthy Affiliate, having a free trial period would help in the decision-making process.

Solo Build It does not have a FREE membership option. They have a 90-day risk-free period where you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Wealthy Affiliate has a 7-day free trial that allows you to try out a portion of the platform before making a decision.

So there you have it: my very unscientific, biased, narrow-minded review of which is better, Solo Build It or Wealthy Affiliate.

I have found that Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice for me and my affiliate marketing business.

I hope you come to make the choice that is the right fit for YOU.

Talk Soon,


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16 thoughts on “Solo Build It Review: Is It Better Than Wealthy Affiliate?”

    • Hey ShanLo,

      You’re right; any affiliate marketing platform that is set up properly can help you make money online. There are many different ways to set up an affiliate marketing business if you do research online. I have found, along with thousands of others, that Wealthy Affiliate gives me the best chance for success.

    • Hey Mario,

      There are so many positive aspects about Wealthy Affiliate that to me it was a easy decision. What I particularly like are the training videos in which Kyle explains in a calm, detailed way how to set up each part of your business and why each pair of the training is important. This is HUGE for people who are totally new to affiliate marketing and it can help people who aren’t new to affiliate marketing but who are “stuck” and can’t seem to get out of their own way.

  1. It’s nice to see 2 training platforms that are actually legit with owners who are out to offer you nothing but the best WITHOUT taking your money and running. These days there are so many scams so it’s a breath of fresh air seeing this review. I’m going to give Wealthy Affiliate a try since it stands out to me the most. Thanks for the help!

    • Hey Brandon,

      I’m glad I could be of assistance in helping you make a very good decision to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. If you are looking to build a profitable affiliate marketing business, then WA is the place for you!

  2. This is a very close to close comparison which for me gives a clear understanding of both online platforms and as mentioned above it solely depends on specific person prefference, for me i choose Wealthy affiliate, since apart from just being a member you get to share with other members which has helped me especially when you get stuck members are always ready to help.Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Mercy,

      I also like both the Live Chat and the Site Support. Those two features really sold Wealthy Affiliate for me as the platform that I wanted to be a part of. This whole SBI vs Wealthy Affiliate is just a waste of time to me. People should choose what’s right for them without the apparent comparisons that just amount to biased reviews. I don’t have a problem with someone saying outright they like a particular platform right from the start; just don’t act like you’re trying to present a “unbiased” review when you’re really not.

  3. Hi Howard, I thoroughly appreciate the fact that you have taken a stand for what has been a right fit for YOU and encouraged your readers to do the same. Your approach is truly admirable. You haven’t erred on the side of verbally bashing the one in favour of the other. Personally, I have found my fit and that is with Wealthy Affiliate. I did some research into SBI and also came across some rather harsh criticism from Ken Envoy which was quite frankly a bit of turn-off for me.

    All the best,


    • Hey Brian,

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the right program for me as well. As I was researching SBI myself, I too came across some really scathing criticism from Ken Envoy as well. I actually read a portion of his acclaimed 3 part report where he stated that members of Wealthy Affiliate are engaged in a cult like behavior. I found that to be extremely distasteful and appalling that he and his supporters would in any way reference the support we have for the WA platform to that of a cult.

      What Mr Ken Envoy fails to realize is this: His relentless bashing of WA is a huge turn-off to thousands of potential members of SBI. People are far more likely to support you when you present your case in a calm, respectful manner with a view to working out positive solutions to your problems.

      If he had handled his “disagreements” with certain aspects of Wealthy Affiliate in a positive, engaging and kind manner he would have been able to search out solutions with certain aspects of Wealthy Affiliate that he feels are damaging to his business. You attract more customers and support with a calm, measured approach to what appears to be an unpleasant situation rather than harsh accusatory attacks that make only add fuel to a already burning fire.

  4. Hi Howard! Awesome post ! 

    I Agree with you when it comes to make a decision you need to choose what is best for you. However I did my research before I started with affiliate marketing and I decided to go for Wealthy Affiliate. And I do not regret it a minute. I am documenting my progress on my Wealthy Affiliate blog every month and so is many other members. Statistically 1 out of 10 will become suceesful in any platform. It has more to do with who you are as a person than the platform itself. 

    You are the number one tool in your business. The platform you choose will always be a helping hand only. I have not heard about Solo Build before, but I can tell you that Wealthy affiliate for sure have the most helpful platform I have ever been too and it is a very good place to grow your business. I also loved the fact that I was able to try out the platform before I made my decision. 

    As you say – on  most platforms you need to pay upfront. I did that mistake with another platform before I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate. I paid upfront for on a platform that  was so complicated and non intuitive. And a lot of upsells, payments for extra storage and a constant flow of emails with all other kinds of products they tried to sell. There was no SEO tools either.

    With Wealthy Affiliate membership you get access to Jaaxy SEO tool and training as well which has been extremely valuable to me.

    • Hello Hilde,

      Wow…Thank You for the outstanding comments on this post!

      You echoed my sentiments exactly.

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,


  5. Mr Evoy certainly hasn’t taken the best approach, has he? He comes off as an angry ranter and frankly that approach doesn’t appeal to me when I’m trying to make an objective decision about a product. On that basis alone I won’t go with Solo Build It. 

    I also prefer the idea of a free trial rather than a paid trial with a money-back guarantee. Whilst I’m sure SBI would honor a refund if requested, it seems like too much trouble to me. I’d rather sign up for a free trial, then I don’t need to worry if it isn’t as good as I anticipate it will be.  

    • Hey Melissa,

      Thank You for your thoughtful reply.

      You echoed my sentiments exactly…I definitely am turned off by the angry approach Mr. Evoy has taken toward Wealthy Affiliate.

      Talk Soon,


  6. Haha thanks for the article my guy! 

    To be completely honest, I actually found this article really helpful. 

    I’ve never even heard of SBI, but after reading this post in its entirety, I think WA is the clear winner. 

    The fact that SBI had to come up with its own biased report doesn’t sit too well with me. I think I’ll stick with WA to help build out my business…

    • Hello Jongabriel,

      The “report” from SBI didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth either.

      It really put a black mark on what would otherwise be a great platform.

      However, I’m glad you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate!


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