Saivian Review – Ponzi Scam Revealed

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

I’ve lately been hearing a lot of buzz about Saivian and I have decided to write this Saivian Review to look into what it’s all about…

It’s likely you maybe were solicited by a person about this company or you’ve heard about them on social media…

Well there’s good news; you’re on here because you’ve decided to take time and check out if they are actually legit or not?

And if you’ll be able to make money working with them?

Well, you’ve come here and it’s the perfect place because through my blog post I’ll be walking you through Saivian, their merchandise, and compensation plan.

Let’s see if the company is a scam or legit…

Saivian Review – Company Overview

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed
  • Product Name:  Saivian
  • Founders:  John Sheehan, Steve Gewecke, Eric Dalius, and Kevin Marino
  • Product Type:  Cash Back Membership MLM
  • Price:  $125 Monthly Membership Fee
  • Do I Recommend This: Absolutely Not!

Saivian’s president is John Seehan and he has lots of experience, generally, in business.

Eric Dalius was actually the mastermind behind Saivian, but because he had a felony conviction, he stayed in the background.

Regarding John Seehan, his business biography tells us the following:

Mr. Sheehan has achieved success with various complex business like non-profits, network marketing, and retail.

John has sold products and worked with MLM businesses, possessed stores (wireless) in six states, and has set various records in donations and membership with non-profits.

Kevin Marino is a self-proclaimed professional Network Marketer and is also a founder of Asirvia, another MLM company.

The company’s Marketing Director, Steve Gewecke, is also behind Saivian.

In 2012, Gewecke was with a company names US Utility Direct as their VIP Founder.

August 2014, Gewecke comes back to MyNyloixin as its President.

MyNyloxin’s memberships cost associates between $300 and $1500.

Now, it seems as through MyNyloxin is not operating…

Usually, this is the part where I start to review different aspects of the company.

However, I have to take a different path in this review because of some interesting developments.

Saivian Was A Ponzi Scheme From The Start

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

Saivian was an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing cash-back company.

That means Saivian promised to pay its members 20% back for all of their everyday purchases from retail establishments like Starbucks, Target, Walmart, and other outlets.

However, thats not going to happen.

Saivian ceased business operations In August of 2017.

They shut down their USA operations because it was labeled as a Ponzi scheme.

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

Heres the above paragraph in larger print:

October 2017 Update: As we recently informed our members, Saivian International Ltd. has determined that, in light of rampant fraud perpetrated against our company and members in Asia, we have no choice but to cease all operations. To compensate legitimate active members as of July 31, 2017 who spent more on membership than they received in benefits including passes and compensation, at our discretion, we have voluntarily decided to offer refunds. Those refunds are available to members who receive the designated email that has already begun to be sent out. Please check your email from our third party processor that is handling all payments and complete their online confidential identification form. This will ensure timely refunds to the qualifying members.

It Takes Three Years…

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

Yup…Three Years is about right.

Three years seems to be the average amount of time it takes the Securities and Exchange Commission to catch up with SCAMMERS.

Eric J. Dalius launched the Saivian Ponzi scheme in 2015.

Unknown to many, Eric J. Dalius had a prior conviction for wire and mail fraud, which is why Dalius stayed in the shadows for the first year of Saivian’s operation.

Therefore, John Sheehan was presented to investors as the company’s President, although he had no actual control over Saivian or involvement with management decisions.

Suddenly, without any explanation, in October of 2016 Dalius came out of the shadows to replace Sheehan as Saivian’s President.

Saivian was a total bust in the United States.

However, Saivian caught on in China.

A Scammer Knows No Boundaries

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

After Chinese regulators caught on that Saivian was a Ponzi scheme, In mid 2017 Chinese authorities made several arrests.

However, Dalius and other key Saivian executives managed to avoid arrest escaped arrest because their travel to China was limited to company business.

Once the Chinese crackdown of Saivian was in full effect, Dalius stayed put in the US.

In October of 2017 Saivian completely collapsed because of losing its primary source of new investment.

Nonetheless, Dalius swindled tens of millions of dollars from gullible Chinese investors and was living the good life.

To highlight how the mind of a scammer is cold and heartless, barely two months after Saivian collapsed, Dalius was out shopping for a new home.

Instead of laying low and flying under the radar, Dalius had to make a showing of his newfound riches.

Dalius used Saivian investor funds that he stole to purchase a $16.5 million dollar mansion in Miami earlier this year.

Dalius forked over $16.5 million for a 12,000-square-foot luxury home created by home developer Felix Cohen.

Wait a minute…This is not your typical mansion bought with stolen money.

Two years later, developer Felix Cohen completed the home which has seven bedrooms, two living rooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a wine cellar, library, fitness room, 2,500-square-foot roof garden, private elevator, massage room, steam room, pool and a infinity Jacuzzi that can hold up to 15 people!

Notice the real estate brokers description of the home:

“The home’s design blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living and renders the perfect blend of nature, modernity, and privacy on the open Bay while staying close to the thriving heartbeat of South Beach.”

Dalius was able to accomplish this, not with honest hard work and integrity, but through massive layers of fraud and deception

Even during this brief interview below, Dalius knew full well there were activities going on with Saivian that were unethical.

Scammers Are Ruthlessly Deceptive

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

On October 3rd the law finally caught up with Dalius, following the filing of a civil complaint by the SEC.

The SEC describes Saivian as a “multi-million dollar Ponzi and pyramid scheme”.

However, the SEC uncovered numerous “shell companies” used by Dalius it order to shield himself from the fraud and deception he created.

  • Professional Realty Enterprises, INC., this is the Pennsylvania corporation through which the Saivian website was registered
  • Realty Share Network LLC, a Delaware LLC used to open a bank account Dalius was the authorized signatory for, to launder investor funds through
  • Savings Network APP LLC; this is another Delaware LLC owned by Professional Realty Enterprises used to open bank accounts to launder money through
  • Savings Network APP Limited; this is a Hong Kong company that was used to contract out the Saivian Cashback app
  • Saivian International Limited; this is a LLC regestered in Hong Kong LLC owned by Dalius which was used to manage Saivian’s investor database
  • Saivian INT Limited, a UK corporation owned by Dalius
  •  Saivian LLC – this is a Delaware LLC (Limited Liability Company) owned by Professional Realty Enterprises.Dalius created Saivian LLC in order to open bank accounts that would allow him to launder money

The sole purpose of all the above “shell companies” was to hide or dilute the fraudulent transactions of Eric Dalius and Saivian.

You can see from the above that the mind of a scammer is not only ruthlessly deceptive, they also involve others in their tangled web of fraud.

It’s all about them, and ONLY them.

There Is Nothing Good About Saivian

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

In general, I do not have anything good to tell you about Saivian…

Eric Dalius is a serial scammer who used most of Saivian’s victim’s money to fund a outrageously lavish style of life for himself and his family.

70% of the $10.7 million in revenue that was deposited in Saivian’s domestic bank accounts by hapless Savian associates was used for his own benefit.

Dalius also converted more than $165 million of Bitcoin deposits received from investors for his personal benefit.

The good news is that since Saivian, Dalius, or any of his shell companies were not legally registered to offer securities, the SEC is alleging securities fraud.

Officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission have sued Dalius and the Saivian defendants for violations of the Securities Act and Securities and Exchange Act.

Although it has taken too long for the SEC to catch up with these diseased scammers, nonetheless the long arm of the law has caught up with them!

Saivian is similar to other scam network marketing companies I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Scammers Never Stop Until They’re Caught

Saivian Review - Ponzi Scam Revealed

Saivian is a SCAM and a Ponzi scheme.

What’s really sad about all of this is you would think that these scammers would learn their lesson.

You would think that they come to grips with the fact that what they’ve done is despicable and abhorrent.

Apparently, scammers don’t think that way.

As soon as one SCAM is dissolved, there is someone else waiting in the wings to carry on the SCAM.

Apparently, after Saivian was dissolved, plans were in the works for another company, SaiviWorld, to take its place.

Below is part of the official announcement from another questionable character, Troy Dooley:

Saivian International, Ltd., has determined to cease international operations. However, SaiviWORLD PTE LTD of Singapore has agreed to welcome the honest and dedicated members of Saivian International. The president of SaiviWORLD is Ryan Evans who is respected throughout Greater Asia for his candor and unceasing efforts to support the interests of Members throughout Greater Asia. Ryan announces, “The official launch of SaiviWORLD will be celebrated November 7-8, 2017, in Singapore. In the meantime, during our pre-launch of the NEW SaiviWORLD, watch for continuing information about the benefits associated with your NEW SaiviWORLD Membership.

To all 58 people who have liked SaiviWORLD’s Facebook page, do your research and know what kind of company you’re giving your money too.

Once A Scammer…

Scammers never stop. They find that the money you can make taking advantage of unsuspecting people is too much to pass up.

Screw the government regulators, they say.

Scammers actively look for loopholes they can take advantage of so they can get more of what matters to them – your money!

As long as people continue to be LAZY and want high returns on their money for very little work, there will always be guys like Eric Dalius hanging around to take some of that money off your hands.

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