Rewards1 Review – Can You Make Money With This?

Rewards1 Review - Can You Make Money With This?

Today we are going to have a Rewards1 Review to find out what this company is about and if you can make money with it.

If you are searching for easy ways to earn income without any skills or experience, then Rewards1 may be the site you are looking for.

Before I proceed further through my review, I’ll be clear regarding my point of view on ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites in general.

It’s simple – I am not a huge fan of these sites.

It is not that all of them are scams; it’s because the payout isn’t much for the effort and time you put into these types of websites.

The company is better than most ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites I’ve reviewed in recent times.

They’ve been in this GPT area since 2002. This makes them one among many long-running ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites.

Nonetheless, they have advantages and disadvantages like the rest and in my review, I’ll highlight these.

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Now, let’s get started with the review.

Rewards1 Review – Pennies On The Dollar Or Real Money?

Rewards1 Review - Can You Make Money With This?

As previously mentioned, the company is another ‘Get-Paid-To’ site where people complete surveys and offers for money.

Many advertisers or businesses pay the company to find desirable candidates (that’s YOU) for taking part in numerous offers and surveys.

Once finished, the company gives you a portion of the payment for your engagement.

What a nice win-win scenario.

The site launched in 2002. This makes it one among many long-running ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites out there.

Like other online sites, the enrollment process is relatively intuitive. This also is not any different from the other sites.

You have 3 fields to fill out and complete which include your username, email address, and your password.

Once you have entered this information in the provided fields, simply click ‘Join Now.’

You’ll have to check your email for account activation. Once you have done it, you’ll be able to access their site.

Now, you’ll have access and you can start to earn.

Rewards1 is similar to other low-paying survey sites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

There Are Various Ways To Earn Money With Rewards1

You have several choices to earn money in this system and this includes finishing polls, surveys, offers, and referring people.

The company pays you a share of the offers you finish from any of the website’s various sponsors.

The more offers and surveys you complete, you’ll have more chances to make an income.

With that said, for many surveys, you’ll have to qualify to be able to participate.

There’s a 20% eligibility rate for these surveys, meaning you’ll only be eligible for 1 out 5 surveys that you attempt.

Yes, this is slightly irritating, especially when you spend a huge amount of time attempting to be eligible for these surveys.

Unfortunately, you won’t be paid while attempting to become eligible for these surveys.

The company uses a point-based system through which you’ll be rewarded specific points after completing these tasks.

Their point-based system is one-on-one. Each point equals $0.01. Thus, for each point you receive, you’ll get $0.01.

For 100 cents you get $1.

Nonetheless, these points that you get can be made better based on the rank you hold within their structure.

Making Money On Survey Sites Depends On Your Demographics

These ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites regularly change the ways by which you make money.

Therefore, it isn’t unusual for a certain offer to be there for a month and it disappears the next month.

‘Get-Paid-To’ sites always keep a track of these offers and their members’ earnings. They tend to remove offers that do not work well for their communities.

In addition, many surveys and offers you are able to access depending on your global location.

Big countries such as the US will receive more surveys when compared to smaller countries like Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, or others.

This is something you should be aware of when you are reading this.

By contrast, the underlying principle of earning points is essentially the same irrespective of your joining or you reading this review at any time.

When I enrolled with them, it was very easy for me to start earning money doing:

  • Daily polls
  • Offer Partners
  • Completing offers
  • Survey Partners
  • Referrals
  • Daily Surveys
  • Winning Games

Gift Cards Are Available As Well

You have numerous ways by which you’ll be able to cash in points.

One is by using gift cards. As it suggests, you’ll exchange points for obtaining gift cards of the same value.

You can also select to cash in points for cash through PayPal or through custom rewards where you’ll be able to shop with online vendors using the points you’ve accumulated.

To request payments in exchange for points, your lower limit to cash out is 500.

The website takes anywhere from 1-5 days for processing and sends your money.

Still, if you’re an Elite or above member, you will receive these payments immediately.

Would I Recommend Rewards1?

When you consider ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites, Rewards1 is likely a better one that I have reviewed, chiefly because their payout percentage is a lot higher than the others.

Based on that, I’d recommend this site as an option for making money considering ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites.

Generally, I’m not a huge fan of ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites, as I really do not like all the time you’ll be spending and all the effort you’ll be taking for making money when you have better ways to earn money.

Anyhow, to a greater degree, this is a legal money-earning opportunity.

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