Auto Blog Blueprint X Review: Another Failed Platform Bites the Dust

In this Auto Blog Blueprint X review I will get straight to the facts. This is not a well known program, but enough people know about it that I felt it would be a great idea to write a review on it.

I also wanted to compare it with my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

Auto Blog Blueprint X claims you can make money online by building dozens of blogs which you can scale up to 60, 70, 80 or more blogs thus creating your own empire.

Review of Autoblog Blueprint X

Owner: Mike Johnson

Website:  – RECENT UPDATE: As of April 2018 the website is unavailable

Type of Business: Mass blog production

Price: $27 – You must purchase you own online tools

Training & Support: Some training – few support options

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Here are some claims of what Autoblog Blueprint X can do made by the owner Mike Johnson, of whom I know very little about:

  • Create Ultra Profitable Affiliate Landing Pages
  • Build Auto Blogs with Instant Authority
  • Use Simple Link Silos to Boost Rank and Traffic More than Ever
  • Use Social Power to Drive More Sales and Increase Monthly Profit
  • Use Simple Link Silos to Boost Rank and Traffic More than Ever
  • Find Profitable Niches Faster than Every Before

Immediately my thought was: Does this program really work?

Anyone who is in the internet marketing industry knows the reward that having an active, content rich blog can bring, both to your brand and to your wallet.

Enter Mike Johnson and his Auto blog Blueprint X!

Created by Mike Johnson, Auto Blog Blueprint X is a system that teaches you how to shortcut your way to making endless blogs to help you save time – supposedly.

The problem is SEO has changed tremendously since the inception of Auto Blog Blueprint X.

Tools and Training Videos Anyone?

Auto Blog Blueprint X was created as a step-by-step module course teaching you how to build niche blogs and websites.

It’s important to note that ABX does not come with or provide ANY tools to help you build your business. This is very troubling to me because if you are a “newbie”, what on earth are you supposed to do?

How are you going to figure out the right way to build your business without the proper tools?

A quality program would provide free tools that would make building you business less stressful. For example, regardless of your chosen “niche” your blog or website is heavily dependent on keywords.

A really good platform would provide a keyword research tool for its members to use as they build their sites.

In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate comes with all of the tools you need right within the platform so you can focus on building your business. One of the outstanding tools provided is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

What I Like About Autoblog Blueprint X

One of the points I like about Auto Blog Blueprint X is the fact that the training is outlined in a step-by-step manner which makes it easier to follow. The training modules have some good value in them.

Below is an overview of each Module.

Module #1

  • The System
  • Step 1 – Niche research
  • Step 2 – Instant Authority domains
  • Step 3 –Web hosting
  • Step 4 – Blog install

Module #2

  • SEO plan of action
  • Step 5 – Base settings
  • Step 6 – Base plugins
  • Step 7 – Themes
  • Step 8 – Essential pages

Module #3

  • Step 9 – Establishing authority
  • Step 10 – Landing pages
  • Step 11 –Site structure and silos
  • Step 12 – the content plan
  • Step 13 – Traffic and promotion

Another point I like about ABX is the navigation is fairly easy and the website layout is simplified, modern and organized.

Each of the modules come with a step-by-step checklist which allows you to easily keep track of what you’ve learned. If you didn’t finish a module, you can pick up where you left off.

What I Don’t Like About Autoblog Blueprint X

There are some red flags about this program that you should seriously concern yourself with if you are interested in Auto Blog Blueprint X.

Some of the training is outdated at best and some terminology is used that webmasters today would totally ignore.

The whole concept behind Autoblog Blueprint X is – Throw a large number of blogs against the wall and see which ones stick! In the meantime try to make them all look legit.

Building a online business in this manner shows a shortsighted and narrow-minded view.

This manner of building blogs is absolutely about one thing and one thing only-how much money can we milk from unsuspecting newbies.

Forget about making a great blog with meaningful content that people can actually use.

In online circles this type of practice is known as using “black hat methods” to rank blogs and make money.

Get Out Your Credit Cards

There are extra expenditures associated with Auto Blog Blueprint X. I’m not talking about $20 – $30 here and there.

Oh No…You’re looking at anywhere from $800 – $1,200 to get the tools you need to make this work BEFORE you see one red cent in profit!

Since ABX has no tools associated with it, you’ll have to pay for all the necessary tools out of your own pocket. These are the tools recommended in the modules and they are not cheap:

  • – $10-$300 – depending on how many domains you buy, this could go much higher
  • Samurai – $147
  • Google Ads – $200 or more a month depending on the campaigns you run
  • Moz Pro Analytics – $99-$599 (Monthly)
  • Freelance article writers – $50-$500.  Depending on how much outsourcing you do, this could cost much more.

This program can actually work – the problem is most people starting out don’t have this kind of money. They just don’t. I know I didn’t.

Lack of money is one of the most crucial reasons as to why many people fail this or any other online program. Most people are looking for a way out and aren’t coming to the table with a large savings account.

Another aspect of this program I do not like is when buying domain names for your blogs, you are encouraged to purchase used domains from places like

Mike Johnsons reasoning behind this is these expired domains already have SEO behind them so it will be easier to get your blog ranked in the search engines.

The way to build a sustainable online business is to focus on one blog or website and get the content on it ranked well and building consistent income, than move on to another if you choose to.

Using Mike’s platform you are expected to buy multiple domains instead of focusing on a few quality ones, and that can get very expensive.

Resource: My #1 Recommendation for Building A Online Business

Lack of Video Tutorials

Another fact I don’t like about Autoblog Blueprint X is the lessons consists of full articles and very few videos.

In all 13 lessons, videos are only included in 3 of those lessons. So the rest of the information you have to read!

If there are 13 lessons and only 3 videos, how on earth are you supposed to be shown what to do? Most of the lessons are VERY technical which can be a difficult and discouraging task if you have no idea what you’re doing.

The logic is very simple: If you can’t understand what you’re supposed to do, how are you supposed to do it?

Auto Blog Blueprint X is NOT EASY to set up and it is one of the very reasons as to why we need a proper community you can go to get quick help and ask questions when you’re stuck.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have a video with every lesson. What I would do is actually follow along with the video step-by-step and complete another part of my business.

I cannot stress enough how important video tutorials are when it comes to setting up your business.

But Wait… There Is a Community…Or Maybe Not

Does Autoblog Blueprint X have a helpful community?

Not really. What they have is a Facebook group that’s difficult to join. In order to join you may have to wait 2-3 days just to get an answer.

One thing I noticed is the Facebook group for Autoblog Blueprint X is NOT  as open and inclusive as the community in my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

The community in Wealthy Affiliate is inclusive and very responsive to all WA members. The two features that have helped me out the most when I got stuck on technical issues were SiteSupport and LiveChat.

One thing a cannot emphasize enough is that both of these features are quick to answer your questions. The most I’ve had to wait for a reply in SiteSupport was 5-6 hours, and that’s the exception.

With LiveChat you get immediate answers from seasoned marketers to help you get unstuck. Both are wonderful features definitely not found in Autoblog Blueprint X.

Check Out Success Stories of My #1 Recommendation; Wealthy Affiliate

Autoblog Blueprint X In Comparison With Wealthy Affiliate:

Let me be clear about this: Autoblog Blueprint X can make you some money. My issue is  the large amounts of money that you will be spending for additional necessary tools.

Also there is a risk of not knowing if your websites will get pimp-slapped by Google’s new update. If there’s a possibility of getting slapped by Google, trust me – you WILL get slapped!

I give Autoblog Blueprint X a very low rating  because of the lack of tools within the platform, no helpful community and lackluster support. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this.

If you’re interested in a program that teaches you how to build a money-making blog that Google loves and one that you will be proud to call your own, check out my #1 recommended program here instead.

UPDATE September 2018 – What Happened? 

I’ve made an addition to this post because apparently there’s something wrong with Autoblog Blueprint X.  When I try to visit the site or the affiliate area in JVZoo, this is the message I get:

OK…So I go to the WHOIS Lookup website and see this:

Well…It looks like Autoblog Blueprint X is temporarily down or the site has been permanently deleted! This is really bad.

Oh well…Another one bites the dust!..

This is why you MUST stick with a platform that has a track record of proven success like Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Talk Soon,


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