Rain Money Review – Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

I hope that this Rain Money Review gives you some insight as to what this platform is really about.

Rain Money is a website that offers cash incentives to promote them and for doing tasks. 

Also, they claim you can earn money in the following ways:

  • signing up 
  • referring friends 
  • creating YouTube videos 
  • sending Tweets, 
  • making Facebook posts
  • making Instagram posts.

But the questions we need to answer are: 

  • Do they pay? 
  • And how much money do you need to collect before they pay you?
  • What other requirements do you need to fulfill before getting paid?

Rain Money Review: Will You Make Money With This?

  • Product Name: Rain Money
  • Website: RainMoney.co
  • Website Claim: Make $150 Per Day!
  • Product Type: Get-Paid-To Site 
  • Owner: Have no idea!
  • Price: Free to sign up
  • Recommended: Absolutely Not!

Rain Money Review – How Rain Money Actually Works

RainMoney claims you can make money for doing each of the following:

  • Refer Friends – $12
  • Signup – $25
  • Post a YouTube video promoting RainMoney – $50
  • Tweet about them. You can submit one tweet every 48 Hours. $10
  • Make a Facebook Post about RainMoney – $10 one every 48 hours
  • Complete offers on the task wall for $30 each. To do this will cost you money
  • Create an Instagram post for $10 every 48 hours

Do they pay the money you’re promised?

RainMoney could care less about you and there is a high probability they aren’t going to pay you.

Also, the payout claims they make are impractical and mathematically impossible.

How much money do you need to collect before they pay you?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can instantly get your hands on the money once you create your account.

In order to cash out any of the money you’ve been credited through you need to have:

  • at minimum referred 5 people to RainMoney.co
  • must have completed at least 5 tasks
  • have at least $200 credited to you
  • at least 20 clicks on your unique referral link

Some people will quit RainMoney.co once they find out they can’t get their $25 signup bonus immediately.

So You Think You Can Make This Work

The people who think they can make this work are the ones who get scammed!

These arethe ones the scammers dream about every night in their twisted little minds.

The people who keep using RainMoney.co are the ones hoping to hit that “Request Payment” button.

Nonetheless, they do it hoping to get hundreds of dollars deposited in their bank account.

However, what they don’t know is that RainMoney.co will ban their account the moment they request a payment.

They will use as an excuse that they tried to play the system by getting fake referrals and clicks.

The warning looks like this:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

The fact is they will not pay you.

Not one red cent.

Furthermore, “Cashing Out” is just another lie designed to entice you into thinking RainMoney.co is a legit website.

People get excited at the fake earnings they see adding up in their virtual wallets.

Similarly, they start referring friends by sharing their links on social media.

The fake money keeps growing as you assume you have a high cash-out threshold.

Meanwhile, you start clicking on some of the tasks which require your personal information.

This is where the real shenanigans take place!

Rain Money Is A SCAM

It’s safe to say that Rain money is a scam. 

First of all, they claim to have been in business since 2013, which is shown by the image from the About Us page:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Secondly, when you check the FACTS on the WHOIS website, you’ll se they’ve only been in business since August 2019! WHAT?!

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

OK…What do we have so far:

  • a no-named owner
  • a blatant Lie on the website about me page
  • business is regestered for ONLY 1 year

Therefore, what seems to be apparent is this website was set up to be a “hit and run.”

Here’s the plan: Register the website for only a year.

The Hit: “Suck out as much money as we can from it. There are plenty of clueless victims we can exploit…”

Then Run: “Let the domain name expire at the end of the year after we’ve become increasingly exposed.”

This is how classic online “Hit and Run” works, my friends!

Furthermore, Rain Money says they actually partner with major brands that pay them to run sponsorship ads on the rainmoney.co website.

Also, look at the neat little logo strip of reputable business they have on the first page of their website:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Nice…Real nice.

OK…Where are the ads!?

I don’t see ANY ads from ANY of these sponsors on the Rain Money website.

I looked on every page of this website and didn’t see ONE actual ad!

That’s because there are no ads whatsoever on the website.

This is another FAKE claim to try to make this website look legitimate.

Also, by pasting logos of reputable brands on this website, it makes you think you are definitely going to get paid.

Sorry. Not true.

Rain Money Review – More FAKE Testimonials

Out of the gate, this shows me this “business” can’t be trusted. 

Rain Money is a carbon copy of other questionable websites such as: s 

This is another “business opportunity” that makes use of FAKE testimonials.

Let’s look at one of the 3 testimonials on the website:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Let’s focus on this one in particular. This is from the Rain Money site. She’s “Christina” here:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Wait A Minute! It’s the same woman from a similar website called Cash OG: She’s changed her name to “Ambria.”

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Here is the same stock photo with the same name on a website called Paid 4Clout:

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Here is the classic description of a SCAM:

Use fake testimonials and make outrageous claims of making lots of money for doing little work.

Furthermore, they do not make it clear how much money you need to collect before they pay you.

Also, they don’t tell you when they payout and what other requirements you must meet before you can earn cash.

Rain Money Review – Do Payouts Actually Happen?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when they payout, if they payout at all!

Here is the dilemma:

They only make money when people complete offers.

If all most people do is refer friends and create posts, then that means one thing:

They have a tremendous amount of money going out but very little coming in.

Remember, they CLAIM to have advertising revenue.

Revenue from large corporations like Burger King, Target, Mcdonald’s, etc, etc.

Also, as I stated before when you look through the website, you see no advertising from any major corporation!

HUGE Red Flags here, people!

However, there’s more to this!

As you refer more friends by sharing your link on social Medea, you keep going as you see a high cash-out threshold.

You start clicking on some of the tasks which require your personal information.

You keep doing these tasks because you want to get paid.

Meanwhile, they accuse you of some bogus wrongdoing on your part so they can ban your account.

Once your account is banned, there goes your so-called “payout”!

Also, here’s another thing you need to be aware of:

Many of these links are designed to steal your personal information, and in some cases install Malware.

Are you beginning to catch on to these dangerous shenanigans?

The Only Person Making Money Is The Owner Who Remains Unidentified.

 They remain unidentified because he/she/or they are selling your personal Information.

Rain Money Review – Watch Out For The Scammers!

Rain Money Review - Big Flood Of Cash To Your Wallet?

Selling your information to third parties is an enormous business.

There is tremendous profit for scam artists and hackerson the dark web.

Sites like these have been known to sell your information to very questionable third parties.

Similarly, these online thieves have been known to install Malware or Ransomware.

They can also steal your personal information and collect your passwords.

The end result is unsuspecting people who have had their information stolen online.

Also, along with identity theft, people have had their bank accounts, credit card accounts, and PayPal accounts hacked.

You DO NOT want to go down this road.

It could take months, even years to repair the damage these vile creatures inflict on your life and reputation.

Look…Just AVOID these tips of programs! If you want to really learn how to make money online, do it with an honest, reputable platform like Wealth Affiliate!

How I Make Money Online The Honest Way

When I was a beginner, Wealthy Affiliate was a tremendous resource for me.

This platform helped me to overcome my fear and reluctance of anything WordPress.

Wealthy Affiliate also taught me how to build an affiliate marketing business that will last well into the future.

Learning how to make money online has never been easier thanks to wealthy Affiliate.

The only way you’ll know is to try it for yourself.

You won’t have any regrets.

What can you possibly lose by giving it a try?

You can get a FREE membership that won’t cost you one red cent.

No debit or credit card is required.

You can either be a FREE member for life or upgrade to the Premium membership if you are really serious about building your business.

I’ll end this post as I’ve ended many of my posts:

The choice is yours, my friend!

You Can Do This!

Talk Soon,


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  1. Hello Howard,  

    This review is really informative and detailed; I’m glad I came across it. 

    I just started Using Wealthy affiliate, hoping to complete the training soon.

    Certainly, I would be very cautious with programs like Rain Money because it seems that this platform is a scam.

    Thanks once again. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello igbunumiracle,

      There should be no question as to whether you should stay away from programs like Rain Money.

      If a platform is using FAKE testimonials, then they’re flat-out LYING to you.

      Stay away from ANYTHING that uses fake testimonials!

      Talk Soon,


  2. Thanks for this! 

    I have yet to see an article by you that says, “Absolutely yes!” I think you do a great job of sticking to your format and answering any questions that might linger. 

    I love the metaphorical humor you utilized at the beginning of this post. 

    Above all, I respect your honesty and view you as a legitimate, educated source of open dialogue. Very well-done!

    • Hello besthebest#128!

      Your comments are well thought out and direct. 

      Thank You for taking the time to read my post.

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,



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