PTCShare – Can You Make Money With This Or Big Time Waster?

PTCShare - Can You Make Money With This Or Big Time Waster?

You’re here because you want to know about PTCShare – Scam or Legit. You also want to know if you can make money with PTCShare.

PTCShare is a website that allows you to earn by executing simple tasks like viewing ads.

If the reason you are here is that you want to know more about PTCShare, then this review is for you.

Read this post completely as you will learn everything you need to know about this website, how you can earn, and other useful information.

PTCShare Is A Paid To Click Website

PTCShare is a Paid To Click website where you can make money by completing tasks, playing games, and watching ads.

In as much as this platform is legit and people receive payment after completing tasks, I see it as a waste of time.

The amount of money you will make performing or completing a task is less than a penny.

They offer limited opportunities, and I doubt if you can make up to 10 USD from this website.

What Is PTCShare About

PTCShare - Can You Make Money With This Or Big Time Waster?

PTCShare is a website that pays users after they execute tasks like filling out forms, surveys, watching ads, playing games, and so on.

The site also pays users when they refer people to the website, and you can pay money if you want to run ads on the site (we will discuss this later).

The site’s domain was registered in January of last year (2019). And as of the 18th of March 2020, the platform already has about 15,959 active members.

And the site claimed it had paid its members $387,817 ever since it was launched.

The highest money earned per day is between $3-$9 USD, but do not be misled.

The site has a paid option that allows users to earn more after executing some tasks.

I don’t think users earning above $5 USD on this site are using free accounts.

What is BAP?

BAP means Bonus AD Points, and it is used to rank members on PTC share.

You get more bonuses if you get more BAP, increasing your earning potential.

The way you earn BAP is through activity, or you can pay to get higher BAP.

I won’t advise anybody to spend their cash on this site until they have tested the free mode and received payment.

How to Earn With PTCShare

You can earn on this site through:

1. Paid offers: This earning method requires you to fill out forms, play games, sign up for newsletters, and so on, for third-party sites.

All the options here are third-party options, meaning there are not offered by PTCShare.

Therefore, the money you will make will differ, and you can make less money compared to other paid offer sites with paid offers.

2. Paid surveys: You earn by completing surveys.

Surveys offered are third-party options. You need to complete surveys by selecting them from other websites.

Know that some users have experienced problems loading surveys.

3. Paid ads: This method is the primary way to earn with PTCShare, and the ads you view on this platform are found in-house ads – ads paid for by users so other members on PTCShare can view them.

You will need BAP to be able to view these ads.

You are given 40 free Baps daily to view ads, and each ad will cost you $5 BAP.

If you have utilized all your available BAP and you want to watch more ads so you can earn, you will have to purchase BAP.

Having more BAP increases your rank on the platform; as a result, you will earn more from viewing ads.

Additional Ways To Earn With PTCShare

4. Click grid: This method involves playing a game where you will select a grid, which will give you a chance to earn.

You will receive 20 chances per day to win prizes ranging from $10 USD to $100,000 USD in BAP.

The total grids available are 100.

You can also use BAP to open grids when you exhaust your 20 chances.

This is quite similar to PTC platforms like Ojooo Wad and Optimalbux.

5. Referral program: The last way to make money on this platform is by referring more people to this platform.

You have a unique link you can share, and you will be credit once this link is used by someone to sign up.

Also, you will receive 7% on any cash paid by your referrals.

Associates receive 3% commissions on all cash your referral makes by taking surveys, watching ads, and completing tasks on the platform.

Pennies On The Dollar

PTCShare - Can You Make Money With This Or Big Time Waster?

If you plan to become a member of PTCShare, don’t expect to earn a significant amount of money.

The amount you will earn for their offers, surveys, and ads will be very low.

The rewards you will get will range from $0.0005 to $1. You will mostly see $1 rewards on the paid offers.

If you upgrade to this, you will get priority in receiving ads when somebody buys an ad campaign bundle.

The rewards for the ads will range from $0.01 to $0.49 each. This upgrade will last seven days.

For the mega upgrade, it will cost $19.99. It’s almost the same as the mini upgrade.

The difference is, that the rewards for the ads will range from $0.50 and up instead.

This upgrade will also last seven days.

As of the moment, these upgrade options can be paid via your earning balance.

Is PTCShare Legit Or A Scam?

PTCShare is not a scam.

From what I have discovered, members on the platform are paid for watching ads and doing other activities on the site.

No one on the platform has complained about not receiving payments.

Everything on the platform looks secure, but I don’t know if this security extends to 3rd-party offers and surveys.

What I feel is the problem is that you earn peanuts; the money is very little.

Even though PTCShare is a legit platform, I feel you can use your time for other productive activities that will earn much more money.

However, if you really find it necessary to spend valuable time on survey websites, you may also want to check out legit sites like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding Ways, and ySense.

There are so many ways you can make huge cash online; this is where you should direct your focus.

Wasting your time watching ads and completing surveys will always pay you pennies on the dollar.

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