Prosperity of Life – Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Many of you want to know about Prosperity of Life – Is It A Scam? Can you make money by joining this program?

In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the Prosperity of Life Network.

We’ll look at its owners, employees, training programs, and other important details.

This information will then be used to determine the following:

Is Prosperity of Life Network a legitimate MLM company or is it just another typical pyramid scheme?

Prosperity of Life Brief Summary

  • Name: Prosperity of Life (also known as Polaris Global Marketing)
  • Owners: Shane and Rachel Krider.
  • Joining Fees: $2,438 – $20,900
  • Our rating: 7 out of 10
  • Would We Recommend It: It depends on your finances and what your goals are…

There is a lot of information taught at Prosperity of Life that is outstanding when it comes to the truth of human psychology.

A look at Prosperity Of Life’s website reveals that it’s involved in the personal development niche.

It’s an organization offering live events and online courses to individuals looking to succeed in their careers and personal lives.

There are some aspects of spirituality included in the course curriculum, but the primary focus is on personal development.

Prosperity Of Life runs on a networking marketing business model.

This means that people are enrolled as affiliates, who are then paid commissions by bringing in others to purchase their seminars and online courses.

Let Me Be Brutally Honest Here

For example, this powerful statement comes from The Prosperity of Life Network website:

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

The obvious truth of this statement can be seen in the sorry state of human relationships today.

When you look at the mainstream media today, the victimhood mentality is actually celebrated while those to reject it are vilified.

How sick and twisted is that?

Therefore, the fact that Prosperity Of Life aggressively rejects the victimhood mentality is absolutely wonderful.

My point is there is much one can learn from the information presented at Prosperity of Life.

My issues with Prosperity Of Life are the following:

  • The multi-level business model is terribly flawed and always has been flawed as a way for the average person to make enough money to replace their job.
  • The Prosperity of Life seminars and products are very expensive compared to other personal development seminars held by other “gurus.”

Prosperity of Life – A Brief History

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Prosperity of Life Network was formerly known as a company called Polaris Global.

Polaris Global was founded by Shane and Rachel Krider.

Back in 2009, Shane Krider was one of the founders of a company called Liberty League International.

Liberty League, according to former members, was a pyramid scheme that milked its clients out of over 5 million dollars.

Liberty League International was actually sued with a class-action lawsuit by former members and affiliates.

The lawsuit accused Liberty League International of making over $5M in an unethical manner.

Restitution was ordered by the court and the Krider’s moved on to create another business in the personal development niche.

After Liberty League International was dissolved, Shane Krider re-branded the company and called it Polaris Global.

They changed the organization’s name to Polaris Global Marketing and Polaris Media Group.

With Polaris Global as its foundation, Shane and Rachel Krider started Prosperity Of Life.

Shane Krider is now at the helm of Prosperity of Life Network today.

They continued their business of selling personal development courses and seminars using the multi-level marketing model.

The third person running Prosperity of Life is Gregory Strom.

Strom is the director and producer of the Prosperity Of Life education media products.

Gregory Strom is a successful media creator who has produced over 1,000 television feature films, music videos, and commercials worldwide.

Prosperity Of Life Course Offerings

Product #1 – Master of Destinies, otherwise called M1.

This course is composed of 9 parts over a 12-month period.

Some of the modules in this course are called Departure, Know For Yourself, Decision, and Action.

Also, there is great content from 3 previously recorded Prosperity Of Life first-year live events.

The regular price is $2,855, however, if you become a Prosperity Of Life Associate the cost is $2,285.

Product #2 – M7

The Beyond Freedom Evolution 12-month course is their second product.

Included in this course is content that’s recorded from the following live events:

  • Foundation Live 2012,
  • Influence Live 2014, and
  • Sovereignty Live 2021 along with 6 documentary films.

The regular price for this course is $5,740.

If you become a Prosperity Of Life Member the cost is $4,590.

Product #3 – M7 Fast Track

This is a combination of the M1 & M7 courses purchased at the same time at a discounted price.

The regular price for this course is $7,820; if you become a distributor the price is $6,250

Product #4 – M2 Sovereignty Live Event

The Sovereignty Live Event is a 5-day live event on the prosperity mindset and wealth creation.

Prosperity Of Life claims that this course will teach you everything the middle class fails to understand about money. 

Some of the topics include:

  • Making Money Work for You
  • How Money is Created
  • Unlearning The Myths Of The Middle Class
  • History of Money
  • Prosperity Consciousness
  • Why and How to Take the Leap

The regular price for this seminar is $9,950, however, if you become a distributor the price is $7,950.

Product #5 – M3 Influence Live.

From my understanding, this is the top-of-the-line product from Prosperity Of Life.

Included with Influence Live is an 8-day advanced personal development course along with a coaching seminar.

When you read the topics covered in this course, it dives deep into the human psyche.

The event covers topics including:

  • Epi Genetics
  • Change Your Story Change Your Role
  • Intention and Attention
  • Vibration
  • Perceptions & Attraction
  • The Field Of Infinite Potential
  • Delineation and Confront.

The regular price is a whopping $16,190.

If you become a Prosperity Of Life distributor the price drops to $12,950!

The Costs Goes Even Higher

You need to keep in mind that the price for these POS live events is for 2 people to attend.

The costs of travel and accommodations are NOT included in these seminar prices.

Usually, Prosperity Of Life Seminars are held in glamourous locations which adds to the very pricey accommodation and travel costs.

The travel costs to attend one of these seminars can range from $4,000 to $6,000 dollars for 2 people!

For example, if you and a wife or partner attend the basic M1 Masters Of Destinies event and you were not a POL associate, your cost to attend would range from $8,000 to $10,000.

The costs can go higher depending on the time of the year and location!

Prosperity of Life Monthly Fees

A joining fee of $39.95 is required to sign up as a consultant and student of Prosperity of Life.

Members are then required to pay a monthly fee of $49.95 for maintaining a replicated Prosperity of Life site.

Access to their training portal is another $33. On top of this, the lead manager service costs $29.95.

The figures I’ve just quoted are on a monthly basis.

Although the start-up costs are not expensive, the biggest expense is in purchasing one or more of the products and in attending any of the seminars.

Why Would You Want To Buy These Expensive Products?

If you’re thinking what I’ve been thinking that the Prosperity Of Life products are insanely expensive, then you’d be correct!

These are some of the most expensive products I’ve ever seen in personal development.

However, if you look at it from the perspective of an entrepreneur, many are associated with Prosperity Of Life like the fact that the products are so expensive.

It all comes down to profits.

The fact of the matter is there are relatively few money-making opportunities available where you can make high ticket commissions like in Prosperity of Life.

Frankly, many entrepreneurs would rather sell a business model with the opportunity to make $1000 or more per sale than only $25 to $100 per sale.

Here’s the honest truth:

It requires the same amount of work ethic to make the smaller commissions as it does the larger commissions.

Therefore, depending on the business, you’re dealing with the same amount of work ethic for different amounts of income.

Should You Spend $27,000 To Upgrade To The M8 Program?

Should an individual who wants to go all in with Prosperity Of Life spend $27,000 to buy ALL of their programs?

Frankly, I wouldn’t do it, but if you feel it’s a fit for you then I can’t tell you what to do with your money.

The way it works is as a Prosperity Of Life distributor, you promote the massive M8 upgrade to your new members usually within 3-4 weeks after joining.

What I don’t like is the admins at Prosperity Of Life may make you feel that upgrading to M8 will catapult your success.

They make the argument and if you don’t upgrade to M8 it’s possible you will not be as successful as you can be.

Actually, this is not true.

Unfortunately, there are distributors who’ve spent part of their hard-earned savings or have maxed out their credit cards and piled up huge debt to get to M8 and haven’t made one dime.

These same people have also spent thousands of dollars in paid advertising without making a profit.

So my issue here is investing a whopping $27,000 and failing to make any money at all!

On the other hand, there are great success stories of distributors who have upgraded to M8 and have made 6-figures or more per year.

Therefore, what it really comes down to is this:

Don’t spend that kind of money unless you can afford to spend it and are willing to lose it!

Compensation Plan At Prosperity of Life

I’m not going to get into a detailed description of POL’s compensation plan, so here are the basics:

Here’s how people make money as a Director or Coach at Prosperity of Life.

Directors and coaches are paid between $500 – $8000 for each seminar ticket or online course they sell to their students.

Regarding residual income, members are assured of a residual check whenever their customers or referrals make repeat purchases.

The website claims that members can earn over $8000 monthly from residual income.

Are You Willing To Spend Additional Money On Advertising?

Making money with Prosperity Of Life is NOT as easy as some may lead you to believe.

First of all, you have to place “work from home” ads on platforms like Google, Linkedin, Facebook, and others in order to generate interest.

Personally, I have a HUGE problem with these so-called “work from home” ads.

People actually believe these ads are for hourly work-from-home jobs that they’ll get paid with a weekly paycheck.

Once they found out the ad was really for a multi-level marketing opportunity, they were not happy about it!

I feel these types of marketing tactics are deceptive and dishonest and I won’t ever use them in any of my marketing campaigns.

Although Prosperity Of Life will provide examples of work-from-home ads you can copy and rewrite to your own liking.

Unfortunately, they don’t teach you how to write ad copy that will get you the best results.

Lack of copywriting skills is one of the reasons why a number of members fail to make money with the platform.

At this point, if you’re proficient enough where you’ve generated a lead, YOU have to call the prospect using a preplanned scripted interview.

The purpose behind this is to “qualify” prospects for the Prosperity Of Life opportunity.

Are You Comfortable Spending Huge Amounts Of Time On The Phone?

One issue I have is that Prosperity Of Life does not have comprehensive training on how to generate prospects and marketing.

The hard reality is it’s challenging to find prospects.

Once people find out the ad they answered is not for an actual salaried work-from-home job, they terminate the conversation.

Therefore, in order to make the business work, you will spend a tremendous amount of time on the phone with people who aren’t interested in joining a “direct marketing” company.

If you’re interested in this type of business, then you’ll have to deal with a ton of telephone rejection.

Telephone rejection can be demoralizing because you’ll quickly learn that people have no problem breaking their promises.

You will spend hours on the phone leaving voicemails due to a huge amount of no-shows on follow-up calls.

To make matters more challenging, even if you do reach some of these prospects, most of them will never buy.

When you do the math it’s necessary to phone 100 leads in order to find 1 person who is a solid “yes.”

You also have to deal with the reality that most prospects you call and have a conversation with won’t buy right away.

According to experienced Prosperity Of Life associates, it can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months for an interested person to join Prosperity Of Life and purchase a package of their choice.

As challenging as this seems, apparently, this works because many Prosperity Of Life members are having success.

The bottom line is you have to continue to spend money on advertising month after month as you funnel people through the POL system.

But Wait…There’s More

At the point where you believe you have a qualified prospect, they have to go through a Follow Up Call.

The follow-up call is set up to answer the prospect’s questions and to explain in more detail the Prosperity Of Life system.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of “interested prospects” never show up for this call.

But for the small percentage that do this is where you, the prospect, and your “upline” (the person who brought you into the PLO business) have a 3-Way Call.

These 3-way calls are lengthy, usually from 20 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the topics discussed.

Amazingly, even after some prospects get this far, it could still take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months or more before the prospect FINALLY decides to buy and join Prosperity Of Life!

Eventually, you’ll also be supporting your team members by doing 3-way calls for them and their prospects.

There’s one little fact to keep in mind: eventually, YOU will have to do 3 Way Calls with the associates you have enrolled in the business!

When you think about all of the work that’s involved, you can understand why the commissions are very lucrative.

Are There Other Self-Help Alternatives?

Although the prices of the courses from Prosperity of Life are insanely expensive, their courses and among the highest quality in the personal development field.

Here is another fact: You cannot find high-level personal development courses like Prosperity Of Life for free on the internet or YouTube.

You will find tons of brief personal development videos, some of which have annoying music playing in the background to prevent getting accused of copyright infringement.

On the other hand, there are outstanding courses you can purchase between $200-$500 (if you catch a sale, sometimes less) from Tony Robbins, the late Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy, and a host of others, that can help you just as much as Prosperity Of Life.

You can even go to and download the mp3 version of outstanding personal development books you can listen to while driving or working (depending on the type of work you do).

On Audible, you can download the audio version of personal development books typically for $15 dollars and under.

Therefore, there are alternatives to personal development.

Will it be as high quality as the material in Prosperity Of Life? No, it won’t.

However, it’s just a fact of life that many of us aren’t comfortable or willing to spend thousands of dollars, especially in tough economic conditions.

For example, I’ve personally been using a product from a company called NeuroGym.

NeuroGym has made a tremendous difference in my finances and it costs much less than Prosperity Of Life.

Changing my money mindset and attracting more of it has been possible using NeuroGym.

Click on the banner below for more information.

Prosperity Of Life Is A Legit Business

You can go to the review website Trustpilot, type in Prosperity Of Life, and read the outstanding reviews from people who’ve embraced POL and have found tremendous financial success.

Apparently, Prosperity Of Life has helped thousands of people to achieve their dream of financial independence.

Although I was not one of those who were willing to invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time without knowing if I would succeed, there are many people who were more than willing to do so and have achieved massive financial success.

I found the risk was too much for me to deal with.

Personally, the manner of selling the Prosperity Of Life opportunity was something I was not willing to do.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

I didn’t want to get involved in anything that resembled multi-level marketing.

Frankly, I wanted digital real estate that I could set up, regularly maintain, and allow to drive income to my bank account.

I wanted an online business without prospecting, hours of telephone calls, and dealing with constant rejection.

I found a way to create my own online business that I control without the pressure of direct sales or getting involved with MLM.

Is Prosperity Of Life Right For You?

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Some critics have argued that POL is patterned after its prototype The Liberty League, which was a Pyramid scheme.

Critics argue that if your business is patterned, or set up similarly, to a previous Pyramid scheme, then common sense would tell you that the current business could possibly be a Pyramid scheme as well.

The only way Prosperity of Life members can make money is by recruiting more people into the Prosperity of Life business model and the expensive events.

There is no training for members to earn money by selling retail products to the public.

In other words, if Prosperity Of Life sold courses to the general public in a retail manner, then it couldn’t be compared to a Pyramid scheme.

One of the criteria, according to the Federal Trade Commission, of a possible Pyramid scheme is when a multi-level marketing company’s primary means of revenue is from sign-up fees from new distributors and monthly recurring fees from current distributors.

Nonetheless, the material in Prosperity Of Life is high quality and effective in helping individuals to transform their lives.

When you search Trustpilot reviews of Prosperity Of Life, you’ll see many favorable and appreciative comments.

It’s obvious that Prosperity Of Life has helped thousands to achieve their financial and business dreams.

It’s also obvious that these same individuals were willing to risk thousands of dollars without the guarantee of success.

Personally, I was not one of those people willing to spend $3,000 to $4,000 dollars or more with the possibility of not succeeding with Prosperity Of Life.

I made the personal decision that the initial financial risk was too costly for me and my family.

Instead, I found an alternative path to achieve my financial goals, a path that involved far less financial, mental, and emotional risk.

Promises, Promises…

Today, many have been promised the opportunity to earn a life-changing income with the likes of Profit Point Autonomy, Dagcoin – Success Factory, Four Corners Alliance Group, and The Secret Society Of Millionaires

It is a fact that the majority of people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on these and similar platforms have never earned a single dime.

Here’s my final recommendation: Learn how to leverage the power of the internet and create your own online business so you can be in control of your financial future.

The Platform I Used To Learn How To Make Money Online

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