Prosperity of Life – Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Many of you want to know about Prosperity of Life – Is It A Scam?

In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the Prosperity of Life Network.

We’ll look at its, owners, employees, training programs, and other important details.

Can you really make money with Prosperity of Life or will this program suck your wallet dry?

This information will then be used to determine whether the following:

Is Prosperity of Life Network is legitimate MLM or is it’s just another useless pyramid scheme.

Prosperity of Life Brief Summary

  • Name: Prosperity of Life (also known as Polaris Global Marketing)
  • Owners: Shane and Rachel Krider.
  • Joining Fees: $39.95
  • Our rating: 5/100
  • Would We Recommend It: Not at All

A cursory glance at the Prosperity of Life Network’s activities reveals that it’s involved in the personal development niche.

It’s an organization offering live events and online courses to individuals looking to succeed in their careers and personal lives.

This is an organization that caters to the personal development niche.

Prosperity Of Life runs on a networking marketing business model.

meaning that people are enrolled as affiliates, who are then paid commissions by bringing in others to purchase their expensive seminars and online courses.

Let Me Be Brutally Honest Here

There is a lot of information taught at Prosperity of Life that is really good when it comes to the truth of human psychology.

For example, this powerful statement comes from the The Prosperity of Life Network website:

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

The obvious truth of this statement can be seen in the sorry state of human relationships today.

My point is there is much one can learn from the information presented at Prosperity of Life.

My problem is:

  • The multi-level business model is terribly flawed and always has been flawed as a way for the average person to make enough money to replace their job.
  • The Prosperity of Life seminars are ridiculously overpriced compared to other personal development seminars held by Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • Shane Krider modeled Prosperity of Life after an earlier Pyramid scheme he was involved with.

Prosperity of Life – A Brief History

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

Prosperity of Life Network was formerly known as a company called Polaris Global.

Polaris Global was founded by Shane and Rachel Krider.

Back in 2009, Shane Krider was one of the founders of a company called Liberty League International, a disgraced pyramid scheme that milked its clients out of over 5 million dollars.

Liberty League International was actually sued with a class-action lawsuit by former members and affiliates.

The lawsuit accused Liberty League International of making over $5M by conning simple-minded, middle-class people who were lured into joining the organization to attend their seminars and courses.

After Liberty League International was dissolved, Shane Krider re-branded the company and called it Polaris Global.

Krider is now at the helm of Prosperity of Life Network today.

Back in 2006, Brent Payne and his partner Krider were sentenced by a court ruling to pay around $115,000 in penalties, victim restitution, and other legal fees on account of running a pyramid scheme that targeted gullible individuals.

However, the owners were unwilling to give up their old ways and refused to learn their lesson.

They simply changed the organization’s name to Polaris Global Marketing and Polaris Media Group and continued their business of selling worthless courses and seminars with a pyramid scheme model.

Krider’s nefarious schemes continued under the guise of the Polaris Media Group, which offered the seminars and courses developed while it was still Liberty League International.

The company still makes money off of unsuspecting people through Prosperity of Life Network, even recently holding a $16,000 conference in Macau.

Yes…you read correctly: A sixteen thousand dollar conference!

Products Offered by The Prosperity of Life Network

Prosperity of Life has 3 different categories of products, which are all sold as Personal Development Courses.

Prosperity of Life promises to restore your confidence by teaching you self-help techniques via their Master of Destinies Coaching program.

They advertise heavily to people stuck in unhealthy relationships, addiction, and poverty, who are led to believe that their programs can solve all their woes.

The following 2 courses are the organization’s highest-selling courses:

  • Master of Destinies – A Home Study Program
  • 17 Day Personal Prosperity System – A Home Study Program

Prosperity of Life Fees

A joining fee of $39.95 is required to sign up as a consultant and student of Prosperity of Life.

Members are then required to pay a monthly fee of $49.95 for maintaining a replicated Prosperity of Life site. Access to their training portal is another $33. On top of this, the lead manager service costs $29.95.

The figures I’ve just quoted are on a monthly basis.

That’s a lot of money to have to spend right at the beginning when you first sign up!

Compensation Plan at Prosperity of Life

Here’s how people make money as a Director or Coach at Prosperity of Life.

Bonuses and Profit-Sharing

Directors and coaches are paid between $500 – $8000 for each seminar ticket or online course they sell to their students.

Leveraged Income

The website page for this section does not contain any useful information.

It’s mostly just fluff material and filled with third-rate advertising.

Residual Income

Members are assured of a residual check whenever their customers or referrals make repeat purchases.

The website claims that members can earn over $8000 from residual income.

The Pros Of Prosperity of Life

One thing I like is some of the actual information taught in the courses is very good.

Prosperity of Life has great personal development courses that are taught to help individuals take their life or business to the next level.

The Cons Of Prosperity of Life (Insanely High Prices Is One of Them!)

The same personal development information Prosperity of Life is selling I can get from my favorite personal development motivator, the late Jim Rohn, for much, much less and its just as effective.

Prosperity of Life’s online events and seminars are way too overpriced for the value they offer.

Their 17-Day Personal Prosperity System will set you back by $1495.

That’s right…$1,495!

The Master of Destinies M1 program is $2855. The Master of Destinies M2 costs around $9940.

On the other hand, their Master of Destinies M3 program will set you back by $16,190.

That’s not a typo error: Over sixteen thousand dollars!

There’s a slight respite if you make it to their Master of Destinies M7, which costs $5740 while their Master of Destinies M7 Fast Track program costs $7820.

Ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree?

Even the most expensive affiliate/training program that’s worth its salt would be priced hundreds of dollars less than that.

Are There Other Self-Help Alternatives?

The prices of the courses from Prosperity of Life are just insanely high.

Even their website is filled with nothing but the latest self-development buzzwords, fluff, and platitudes – which, by the way, you can easily get from any $9.99 personal development book from Amazon.

You can even go to and download the mp3 version of the book and listen with headphones or in your car.

If you’re really looking to develop yourself as a well-rounded individual, we recommend booking an appointment with a therapist nearby.

A therapist has an actual license and the training needed to help individuals find success and happiness in their lives, unlike Prosperity of Life, whose materials are just recycled self-help babble.

Personally, I read self-help books from reputable clinical professionals by downloading them on my iPad from the Kindle App.

Below are authors in the self-help field I particularly like because they are either psychiatrists or licensed medical professionals; so you get self-help from someone trained to study the mind.

  • Dr. Joseph Murphy, PhD., D.D.
  • Maxwell Maltz, Md, FICS
  • Matthew McKay, PhD
  • David Schwartz, PhD
  • Dr. Shad Helmstetter
  • Guy Winch, PhD.

Given that the Prosperity of Life is nothing but a rebranded version of Liberty League International, which was sued for wrongdoing, we strongly advise you to stay away from this.

There’s nothing valuable they can offer that you can’t get from the sources mentioned above.

Prosperity of Life – Is It A Scam?

Prosperity of Life - Is This A Great Experience or a Scam?

The Prosperity of Life Network is patterned after The Liberty League, which was a Pyramid scheme.

If your business is patterned, or set up similarly, from a previous Pyramid scheme, then common sense would tell you that the current business is a Pyramid scheme as well.

The only way Prosperity of Life members can make money is by recruiting more people into the Prosperity of Life business model and the expensive events.

There is no training for members to earn money by selling retail products to the public.

Given the owners’ devious history and the organization’s business model, we’re surprised that it’s still active and hasn’t been taken down yet by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

Without a doubt, Prosperity of Life is quite similar to the a known pyramid scheme called Liberty League that way run by Shane Krider in 2009.

Promises, Promises…

Today, many gullible people are promised to earn a life changing income with Prosperity of Life just as they were with Liberty League.

It is a fact that the majority of people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Prosperity of Life products, did not earn a single dime.

What I thoroughly dislike about Shane Krider is that he has always made it sound so easy to earn large sums of money from Prosperity of Life Network.

Here’s my final recommendation: Do not, for a second, believe any of the things they pitch to you from Prosperity of Life.

You can find better resources online that will help you more than any of the insanely expensive courses and seminars offered by the Prosperity of Life Network.

I do not recommend that you get involved with The Prosperity of Life Network!

As a matter of fact, Prosperity Of Life is similar to other scam programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

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