Profit 365 Review: Can You Make Money With This?

Profit 365 Review: Can You Make Money With This?

In this Profit 365 Review, I’m going to show you yet again why some online products fail and others make money.

Profit 365 is a digital product on the ClickBank platform.

Regarding ClickBank, I can tell you that they have some really good digital products on their platform.

However, most of the products on their platform are mediocre to low quality.

Profit 365 is another questionable product.

The owners of this “make money online” platform are Andrea Fulton and Jamie Lewis.

Profit 365 Is No Longer Available

Although this product went live on the 11th of February, 2019, as of the writing of this post, Profit 365 is no longer available.

I want to share with you my review of this “system” that claimed to help you make money online.

The sales page gives you a list of possible ways you can make a lot of money, the main focus of this product was email marketing.

Profit 365 claimed that you can make money just by letting other people know (using email marketing) about the product by giving them your affiliate link.

Therefore, the goal is to send as many people as possible to your sales page.

When someone clicks on the affiliate link, you get an opportunity to earn some money (that is, commissions) from ClickBank.

This sounds good and doesn’t look like hard work at all.

Unfortunately, this fell into the category of Too Good To Be True!

What Was Profit 365?

Profit 365 Review: Can You Make Money With This?

The modules of the training were essentially a number of generic tutorials.

These “tutorials” supposedly guided you on how you can use ClickBank to earn money online.

Likewise, the training tried to give you different methods of using solo ads and marketing through email, to bring people to selected squeeze pages.

The purpose of this is to be able to turn targeted leads into commissions.

For about 150 minutes, you were watching 15 tutorials.

In these video tutorials, Andrea and Jamie gave you some unclear ideas about how to create your own squeeze pages.

They recommend you create squeeze pages by using ClickFunnels and Youtube.

All in all, this training was generic and outdated.

Profit 365 Review – Is The Training Worthwhile? 

The problem with Profit 365 was the training promised so much but actually showed you nothing.

From the start, it was outdated and was recorded about 3 years prior to its release on Clickbank (there were timestamps that showed you just that).

There was no training about how to build a responsive website. None.

Also, there was no relevant training that could help you create engaging landing pages and master email marketing.

Therefore, Profit 365 showed you nothing in its course that you couldn’t find on YouTube for free.

The Training Showed Nothing

Profit 365 endeavored to show anyone unfortunate enough to buy this “course” the following:

  •    Building a responsive website
  •    How to set up your own autoresponders
  •    Building a complete squeeze page from scratch
  •    How to build a lead magnet
  •    How to create thank you pages when people sign up
  •    The correct way to buy solo ads to get the word out.
  •    How to scale your business.
  •    Which products to promote (and not to promote).
  •    How to find products to promote (and that will likely sell).
  •    How to do ANYTHING!

The parts that Jamie Lewis taught in the training were a complete waste of time.

He was rambling on regarding some vague strategies for using Youtube.

Jamie also talked about how with just a click you can send emails to an email list.

You will be unable to try out anything shared on the sales page because there were no explanations given.


Profit 365 tried to motivate you to take action and plan your day but was no practical guide that shows you exactly what to do.

There was a point where Jamie advised that you should get a website custom-made from Pakistan at the cost of $150!

Are you kidding me!?

What exactly are you supposed to do with that website? Again, there was no explanation provided!

Profit 365 Review – The Training Was Obsolete

The WordPress Page has a date stamp with 2016 which tells you that the training was somewhat outdated from the start.

The world of online marketing is rapidly changing so, you need to have fresh and updated information to stay current with what’s working.

Although there are strategies in the online marketing space that may be useful for several years, many aspects change or need to be updated or improved.

However, there were some aspects of Profit 365 that were relevant.

After you purchase Profit 365, you get a number of website templates that promote a number of products from the Clickbank Marketplace.

You insert your affiliate links so that you earn commission payments from your promotions.

Among the database of resources were email swipes created by Jamie that you could have used to promote further products via an email sequence.

Jamie Lewis’ sales videos can be entertaining, and he does actually put out pretty good training.

Profit 365 is built around methods that could work…the problem is Jamie gives the impression that by using his system, it’s EASY to make money online.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

However, in my opinion, he presented way too much hype and not enough facts in his videos.

You CAN NOT buy an “automated” system, just sign up, do very little work, and become rich.

Millions of other people along with myself wish internet marketing did work that way, but it doesn’t!

MOBE & Empower Network

How can you continue to refer to marketing companies that are no longer in existence in training that you expect people to take action on?

Andrea mentioned Empower and MOBE (multi-level marketing companies), which were closed down in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

They were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

It boggles my mind why Jamie and Andrea were referring to these failed companies in their training. A HUGE red flag here!

This just tells you that the training is obsolete and misleading.

Misleading Sales Page & Hype

Profit 365 Review: Can You Make Money With This?

You must have seen sales pages that keep showing you all the money they have made in commission, but how they made it will never be explained.

That’s what you were getting from these guys too – Jamie in the sales video keeps saying this is just so easy.

He kept repeating basically all you have to do is share your affiliate link and people will swipe their cards to buy.

How did they expect just anybody to do this, without a thorough explanation and practical guide about how to do it?

Why Solo Ads Are Incredibly Dangerous for New Marketers

Solo ads are used to buy traffic to help build your list and to make sales.

Buying solo ads is a known strategy used to build a targeted list of prospective customers that you can sell to at any time.

Nonetheless, you need to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to using solo ads.

I have found the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

For example, if you are a new business owner, using solo ads can be very expensive and extremely risky.

If you are not an expert and understand every bit of your funnel sequence, you will get into problems.

To make solo ads work for you, you have to have a strategic plan of nurturing your leads with emails over a long period of time.

As a newbie, if you can’t do that, solo ads won’t work for you.

Profit 356 completely and conveniently omitted this point.

Even if you made a few sales with Profit 365, it will never cover the expensive costs of doing solo ads.

If you aren’t experienced enough to nurture the relationship with prospective buyers on your email list, then you are going to lose a lot of money.

When you use solo ads, many people won’t even bother to open your emails.

As a result, you will experience a low “click-through rate” (CTR). This means very few people will “click” to open your email messages.

You can easily “lose the shirt off your back” by spending money on solo ads!

Stay away from solo ads until you’ve gained considerable experience as an online marketer!

Was Profit 365 A Scam?

It’s a fact that Profit 365 did NOT make you the money claimed on the sales video.

Profit 365 was not a SCAM because you did get some basic training, however, it was not a platform that I would’ve recommended.

The training you did receive was outdated, inconsistent, and not thorough.

Similarly, Profit 365 was a Clickbank product, so the payments were handled by Clickbank.

With all Clickbank products, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

From my experience dealing with Clickbank, they are happy to give out refunds within 60 days and won’t even question it.

Nonetheless, what Jamie Lewis was doing in Profit 365 sales video was quite misleading.

The reason I say this is because Jamie Lewis has been around internet marketing and making money online space for quite some time.

He’s built up a large following of affiliates who can sell his products every time he rolls out a new one, like Profit 365.

That’s the reason he’s constantly showing snapshots of his Clickbank commissions on his cell phone.

Those commissions he’s showing you may not be from Profit 365. We don’t know where those commissions came from.

However, I don’t doubt those commissions are real. They’re commissions he’s earned from the sale of other Clickbank products.

However, it was totally misleading for potential customers to think they were going to get those same results if they purchased Profit 365.

Profit 365 is similar to other so-called make-money-online products I’ve reviewed such as:

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