Plenty Bread Review – Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

Plenty Bread Review - Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

Welcome to my Plenty Bread Review. Many of you are wondering can you make money with Plenty Bread?

If you want to know more about this platform that claims to be the #1 Influencer Network, we’ve got you covered.

This Plenty Bread review will tell you all you need to know about this platform as well as how they operate.

Once you are done reading, you can tell if Plenty Bread is a scam or a legit platform.

Lately, a lot of platforms have emerged to defraud people during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of these platforms claim to be the best or number one influencer network on the planet.

I can honestly tell you that when a platform begins by saying that they are “the #1 influencer network”, 99% of the time they turn out to be SCAMS.

Be very careful in your search for online money-making opportunities, so you don’t fall victim to any of these scam platforms.

After reading this review article, you can tell if Plenty Bread is legit or another scam site to stay away from.

Plenty Bread Review – What Exactly Is Plenty Bread?

Plenty Bread Review - Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

If you visit their website, they will tell you that you can earn as much as $500 on a daily basis.

They claim to be “the number one influencer network on the globe.”

The site also claims to identify and transform friends with lots of engagement into a brand member community that can drive insight, engagement, and sales.

If they claim to be the best social media influencer network on the planet, how come we are just hearing of them.

I have been online for a very long time, and if they are the best and have been in operation for a long time, I would have known.

They also promise you can make plenty of cash, about $500 USD daily.

Sounds awfully good, doesn’t it?

Plenty Bread Review – Is Plenty Bread A Legit Platform Or A Scam?

No one wants to be a victim of any scam platform on the internet.

So how can you tell in an opportunity is a scam?

One of the visible signs is promising big money to members with little or no effort, and Plenty Bread is guilty of this.

Let’s do a little math, multiply the supposed $500 USD per day by 365 to know how much you will make in a year……that’s $182,500 yearly.

How many jobs do you know of that can pay you this amount without you doing anything?

No skills required, no academic qualification, just registration.

This offer is too good to be true; that is why you need to question the legitimacy of any platform with such offers.

You won’t blame anyone who falls for such an offer.

Imagine a job that easy, you can do from home, does not require any qualification or skills, and promises an annual salary of $182,500 dollars.

Wow! I would definitely want to make that kind of money.

If you come across such an opportunity, you will want to jump on it immediately so you don’t lose out because a lot of unemployed folks (even the employed ones earning lower than that amount) will want to or must have applied already.

That is what Plenty Bread promises. Once you register, you can earn that huge amount yearly.

Based on past experience and knowledge, I don’t think something like this will ever move me.

I am pretty confident that it is a scam and a complete waste of time.

However, I don’t want us to act on my word only, let’s do some digging to point out some of the red flags.

I am sure these red flags will change your mind.

False Information On The Date Founded

If you look at the screenshot below, Plenty Bread mentioned that the platform was created in Amsterdam in March 2015.

Plenty Bread Review - Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

However, when you check the origin of the platform on, I discovered it was registered on the 4th of April, 2020.

Plenty Bread Review - Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

As of when I wrote this review, Plenty Bread has only been in existence for barely five months.

That’s a huge-fat lie. A big red flag and turn-off for me.

Another lie I discovered is that they claim they were listed on Forbes as the number 1 Influencer Earning Network in 2016.

To confirm this false statement, go and search for this on Forbes and see if you will find anything on Plenty Bread.

All they are trying to do is to make you see them as a credible platform with a lot of reputation; this is only a tactic to lure you into joining or registering.

You are better off with legit reward platforms like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards.

Although you will not be making as high as $500 dollars daily, these legit platforms are credible, and they are not lying about their founding date.

You will definitely receive payment; this I am very sure of.

Even though the money is not a lot, you can use it to handle small expenses or still, save it to start an internet business.

Regardless of your reasons to earn from home, just know you can earner online if you have the right information, tools, and resources.

It is better you direct your time and effort to a legit platform that will pay you.

No Information About The Founder Or Creator and No Testimonials

Plenty Bread promises to pay you $182,500, that’s amazing. But you know nothing about the person offering such an amount for the job.

That’s ridiculous.

If you check the site, you will not find any information about the owner of this platform or the people that run it.

This is another big red flag for me, and this feature is very common with most scam sites.

They like to conceal their identities so it will be difficult to trace them.

Also, what I found really odd is the fact that PlentyBread has zero testimonials. I scoured every page on their website and couldn’t find a single testimonial.

Most scam websites like to have a few fake testimonials on hand to make the site look legit. For whatever reason, PlentyBread decided to skip the fake testimonials.

These red flags are a big turn-off for me. I feel this platform is a scam, I won’t join, and I don’t recommend it either.

PlentyBread reminds me of other scam websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Do you think Plenty Bread is legit after reading this review?

PlentyBread Has Zero Social Media Influence

For PlentyBread to claim to be the #1 Influencer Network in the world, it has no social media presence whatsoever.

The social media icons on their site is all a gimmick; these are merely links to the respective social networking sites’ homepage.

Plenty Bread Review - Big Money Or Crumbs In Your Wallet?

If you click on these icons, the links would take you to the homepage of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest only, not PlentyBread’s social media page.

This is another flat-out LIE promoted by PlentyBread.

If PlentyBread was actually rated the # 1 influencer network and was actually around for 5 years, they would at least have a Facebook page.

They don’t have one because PlentyBread is not a legit platform.

As a matter of fact, what I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

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