ORU Marketplace Review – Can You Make Big Money With This?

ORU Marketplace Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Welcome to my ORU Marketplace Review. The big question is: Can you make money with ORU Marketplace?

You have come to the right place if you want to know about this company and the business opportunity it offers.

This ORU Marketplace review will tell you everything you need to know about this company, and then you can decide after reading if you should join or not.

ORU Marketplace Review – What Is ORU?

ORU stands for “One Race United.”

The website describes the ORU Marketplace as an incorporated business and intellectual property owned by Azteya LTD and its affiliates.

The headquarters of Azteya limited is in George Town Grand Cayman.

The only thing you will find on Azteya LTD website is a login page with no content.

However, it looks as though Azteya LTD is a shell firm.

Nick VandenBrekel is the brain behind the company.

VandenBrekel, who is a military veteran and seasoned serial entrepreneur, technology, and financial services innovator, calls himself the “architect.”

He has more than 38 years of experience in science, technology, business, and finance.

Nick is responsible and has contributed tremendously to technological advances in the financial, banking, communication, software, hardware, and medical industries.

Nick mentioned he is from the Netherlands in his bio, but his corporate records say he is from Florida, USA.

When you look closely it seems as though the company was operating from the United States.

That’s all the information I have on this company, let’s go through the products/services offered in the next section.

Products Offered By ORU Marketplace

ORU Marketplace Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Here is a list of what the company says it offers its members:

  1. ORU PAY is a global software payment platform that uses the Visa Black Card.
  3. Discounts on your prescriptions are from ORU HEALTHRx
  4. ORU SOCIAL is your internal social network between members.
  5. The opportunity for you to invest in the shares of the company is through ORU Quantum.
  6. ORUTRAVEL is a discount travel platform.

The company does not have any retail products or services besides promoting affiliate membership.

The absence of any viable retail products is a HUGE problem and will get you in trouble with government regulators.

Getting this membership gives you access to a Visa prepaid card, travel discount portal, social network, advertising platform, and discount prescription service.

ORU Marketplace Denies That It’s A MLM Pyramid Scheme

Most network marketing firms tend to reward affiliates when they bring new customers and business builders.

The same goes for the ORU marketplace. There is no link or relationship between their compensation plans and retail sales.

All commissions earned on the platform comes from the recruitment of affiliates and continual payment of affiliate fees.

This is called a pyramid scheme in MLM, and ORU Marketplace claims it is not a pyramid scheme.

Although they deny operating as a pyramid scheme, the company makes use of an MLM compensation plan.

Therefore, we can say ORU Marketplace is a Multi-Level Marketing company.

The front end of the ORU Marketplace’s pyramid shows an entrance into an MLM cryptocurrency niche.

ORU only exists in the ORU Marketplace, and it is not publicly traded.

Therefore, if anything should happen to this company (shut down by regulators or crashes), ORU points become worthless.

With all of the obvious facts available, it would seem that ORU is just a Ponzi scheme.

The platform itself dictates the price ORU Marketplace affiliates can purchase and sell points.

ORU Marketplace is similar to other network marketing companies I’ve recently reviewed such as:

ORU Marketplace Is Not Government Compliant

Is this the type of online business government regulators would want to shut down?

Yes, it certainly would be because this business is focused on unregistered securities.

ORU depends on its affiliates for a continuous source of revenue.

Affiliates can use the points offered to invest and cash out later in the future at a higher rate the company sets.

The company offer affiliates on the platform unregistered securities.

Affiliates invest in ORU points, the platform then raises the value of ORU points, giving room for members to cash out their investment.

ORU affiliates see this as a way to earn passively; however, the company randomly changes the points value as they please.

For ORU Marketplace to carry out operations as a legal company in the United States, it would have to register its securities offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

So far, the company or the founder is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

No matter how they make their offers attractive, this platform is not operating legally in the United States.

If you want to join this business opportunity, you are likely to make money as long as new members are willing to invest.

And as long as investments from new affiliates are used to pay existing affiliates, ORU Marketplace is operating as a Ponzi scheme.

ORU points, as well as the membership fee commissions completely rely on the continuous recruitment of new affiliates on the platform.

Once there is no new recruitment, and affiliates fail to renew their monthly subscriptions, existing affiliates will not be able to trade their ORU points; thus, no cash-out.

Registration Cost And Commissions

IT will cost you $30,94 to become an affiliate on the platform.

After registration, affiliates pay a monthly fee of $5.95.

Members receive commissions when they sponsor new affiliates that will purchase membership fees.

Members on the platform earn $10 anytime they sponsor someone. They are also paid a residual commission of $1.

The platform uses a binary compensation plan to pay residual commissions, about 10 levels deep.

ORU Marketplace pays a residual commission on the monthly fees sponsored by its members (directly or indirectly).

My Verdict Of ORU Marketplace

ORU Marketplace, which was launched in January 2017, was intended to be a social media network but took a different model of business.

The company denies being an MLM; meanwhile, it has multi-pay levels, which makes ORU Marketplace an MLM company.

I don’t have any problem with their membership plans, but the fact they don’t have any retail sales is a big problem for me.

Another thing that makes this platform more dangerous is the securities it offers, ORU points, which are not publicly tradeable.

What ORU is selling their affiliates are unregistered securities.

Members on the platform invest in ORU points, and this can attract SEC officials.

Therefore, with new investments from unsuspecting affiliates literally being used to pay existing affiliate returns, ORU Marketplace thus functions as one big happy Ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are always 100% SCAMS.

I will not advise any to venture into this business opportunity at all!

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