OneOpinion Surveys – Will Your Opinion Make You Money?

OneOpinion Surveys – Will Your Opinion Make You Money?

If you’re reading this review right now, it’s because you are thinking of signing up for OneOpinion Surveys.

Can you make good money with OneOpinion Surveys?

You’re trying to figure out whether you can actually make some money from this survey website or not.

In order to help you decide if OneOpinion is a survey site you should use, I’m going to do a brief review of OneOpinion, and then you can decide for yourself.

OneOpinion Surveys Is A Legit Survey Website

OneOpinion Surveys – Will Your Opinion Make You Money?

OneOpinion Surveys is currently owned by Dynata and was founded in 2011.

At the time of this writing OneOpinion conducts surveys that are requested by the world’s leading market research companies.

OneOpinion is a survey website mainly for the German, Canadian, and the U S market. 

Signing up for OneOpinion is a quick and easy process.

Simply fill out the registration form and follow the instructions sent to you in the confirmation email. 

Once you confirm your registration, you are allowed to start taking surveys.

Up to this point, OneOpinion is your basic survey website and is not much different than other legit survey websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Demographics Are A Big Factor In The Number of Surveys You Recieve

You need to be aware of the fact that there are limitations to the number of surveys you will are allowed to receive.

All survey websites provide surveys based on demographics which is derived from any personal information you entered when you registered.

Many underestimate the role Demographics play with regard to qualifying for surveys.

For example, If you are a 35-year-old married male with children and a full-time job, how many surveys would you qualify for with OneOpinion?

According to your demographics, you would qualify for about 2 out of 5 surveys, which is about a 40% acceptance rate.

Therefore, 60% of the surveys you wouldn’t qualify for.

Can You Make Money With OneOpinion

Unfortunately, you can’t participate in every single survey from OneOpinion because each survey is looking for a specific demographic.

OneOpinion works off a points system – for every 1000 points you make you will earn $1 dollar.

When you have collected at least 25,000 points you can redeem them for $25.

Since 1000 points equal $1 dollar – the only way that you can actually take out your money is when you hit 25,000 points.

At OneOpinion, each survey pays on average between $1 dollar and $5 dollars.

The average time it takes to complete a survey is between 10 minutes to half an hour.

There are two ways to redeem your money.

You can redeem them as gift cards from retailers like Amazon and Target.

The other way is you can create a PayPal account and they’ll pay you through PayPal.

OneOpinion Cons

One of the major complaints is the disqualification of surveys.

Due to your personal demographics, you aren’t accepted for many of the surveys you apply for.

OneOpinion Pros

  • the webpage is design is functional and easy on the eye.
  • The website is updated frequently and offers insight into the people who run OneOpinion with staff member profiles.
  • OneOpinion rewards are practical with the Visa debit card or money into your PayPal account.
  • You get your survey points immediately – eliminating the long wait that other survey sites have.
  • In OneOpinion, they take legitimacy seriously, which makes them trustworthy.
  • Even if you are screened out of a particular survey, OneOpinion will still give you 50 points for disqualification.
  • There are 0 fees for participating in if the product testing program; any free products you receive at home are actually free.
  • OneOpinion has customer support for its members. 

The Problem With Survey Websites

OneOpinion Surveys – Will Your Opinion Make You Money?

Here’s the problem with survey websites like OneOpinion.

You don’t earn a lot of money.

Online surveys were never designed to make you a millionaire.

You cannot have high earning expectations with survey websites.

The money you make with survey websites can help you earn enough dollars to enjoy a dinner at your favorite restaurant or to buy that outfit you’ve had your eye on.

Never consider filling online surveys as a substitute for your full-time job.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of survey websites and most of them will only pay you literally pennies on the dollar.

Think about how much time you’re spending versus how much money you’re actually making.

If you’re investing five, six, seven hours a day, filling out surveys, you might only make $10 to $12 dollars a week.

On a good month, you’re making close to $50 a month.

It’s not that much money.

Think about this:

For the amount of time you’re investing in completing surveys, you really should be making way more than $50 to $60 dollars a month.

What is $50 extra going to do for you every single month?

Not much.

That’s not life-changing income.

You can’t buy that many things with $50.

With $50 dollars a month, you can’t pay off your mortgage, travel the world, or become wealthy.

You Have To Make A Decision

There’s no doubt that the money you make from completing surveys is not life-changing income.

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to generate five, six, seven figures a month online, instead of $50 dollars a month? 

My point is this: Which would you rather have – an online business generating four and five figures a month, or spending countless hours on survey websites barely making over $100 dollars a month?

Regardless of what you’ve heard on online, all right. This is not a lottery ticket. Okay. So if you’re here to invest $1 and hopefully become a millionaire, there is no such thing, unfortunately. 

If you are willing to work hard and take daily action inside of your business, you can make a life-changing income with affiliate marketing.

The very platform that I’ve used to create this blog, Wealthy Affiliate, will show you step by step, how to make money online properly.

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping ordinary people create massive incomes for over 15 years.

That’s important because there’s so much crap on the internet today, that many people do not know who to trust.

The wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you can create a FREE account to try key features of the platform to see how it functions.

How can you go wrong with this?

The Bottom Line

Look – here’s the bottom line:

OneOpinion is a legitimate survey site. Yes, you can make some money if you’re interested in making like $40 to $50 dollars a month. 

However, if you want to make FIVE TIMES theater MORE every DAY, then you need to create you own online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

However, YOU have to make the decision that you want to create your own online business.

YOU have to have a burning desire to elevate your financial circumstances because NO ONE is going to do it for you.

How bad do you really want to create an online income?

Well, if you’re sick and tired of literally making pennies on the dollar, then all you have to do is click on the link right below.

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4 thoughts on “OneOpinion Surveys – Will Your Opinion Make You Money?”

  1. Thanks for delivering the honest amount of money that you can make on survey websites. I have looked at making money from surveys once or twice but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. It takes so many surveys to make even just a dollar. I do like your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate. I have used them to learn how to create my own website. It was easy and fun. It does take some time and effort. 

    • Hey Melinda!

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post…

      Yes, it does take time and effort to build your own online business…If you stick with it and don’t give up, the results will be well worth it…

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best possible place to be to make that happen!

      Talk Soon,


  2. I have not yet come across a survey site where you can really make more than a few cents. 

    The time that it takes to fill in the survey, is just not worth the dollar or two that you get for your efforts. 

    And many of them end up not accepting your survey.

    I’ve made the decision not to waste my time with survey sites. 

    I do think that Wealthy Affiliate is a far more realistic way of earning passive income.

    • Hey LineCowley!

      I agree with you 100%!

      Survey websites were never intended to allow someone to make a full-time living.

      However, you CAN learn how to make a full-time living with Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is something that I appreciate and I know you do too!

      Thanks for taking the time to read!

      Talk Soon,



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