Omega Pro Review – Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Omega Pro Review - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

I have heard about a company called Omega Pro and decided to do an Omega Pro Review.

Is it possible to make money with OmegaPro?

I had to really do my due diligence to know what this company is all about.

Omega Pro makes the claim that it can give you a 200% return on investment as an affiliate.

200 percent!

Who wouldn’t want a 200% return on investment?

OmegaPro claims it can make money for you from trading in the Forex markets.

You are interested in knowing how true it is so you can invest as well or if it’s a scam you should stay away from.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Omega Pro, including the company info, its products, compensation plan, and so on.

From what you will learn, you can tell if Omega Pro is a scam or a legit business opportunity.

You will also learn of a totally LEGIT platform where you can actually learn how to make money online the proper way.

Make sure you read this article completely.

Omega Pro Review – About The Company

  • Website URL: – Presently the URL displays an “Error 1020” message
  • Regulations: No License
  • Founded: 2019
  • Deposit Methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Wire
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Number of Assets: N/A
  • Minimum Deposit: Unknown
  • Free Demo Account: No
  • Types of Assets: Forex
  • Do I Recommend: Under NO Circumstances!

OmegaPro Update June 2022

There are a number of reasons why these types of MLMs collapse.

First of all, with OmegaPro there was no evidence of that the company was engaging in legal trading activity.

Second, there was no evidence of OmegaPro Forex using external revenue from retail sales of any kind to pay affiliate withdrawals.

Third, the only verifiable source of revenue for OmegaPro is the money collected from new recruits..

Here is a fact: When a MLM uses the money from new people joining the company to pay returns makes a Ponzi scheme.

What happens with ALL MLM Ponzi schemes is that once the money from new people joining the business dries up, the business will eventually collapse.

Therefore, the above senario will starve OmegaPro Forex of consistent revenue, eventually causing a total collapse.

You Need To Be Wary About These Types Of So-Called Opportunities

There is no information on the company owners or people in charge of this company on their website.

Usually when someone launches a business opportunity or company and withholds information about the founder or management, it’s a SCAM.

If they want to be transparent like other MLMs, such information should be made available.

On checking the website’s domain info (, I discovered that the domain name was privately registered on the 9th of November, 2018.

It provided a corporate address in the UK, but it belongs to Prime Secretarial, which is a virtual address company.

Usually, when this happens the address is a rented office space or a rented address – another sign of a scam!

When you start to see a company set up in this way, don’t get involved!

No Retail Products Are Offered By Omega Pro

Omega Pro does not offer any retail products or services to customers.

No retail products whatsoever.

The only way to earn is by promoting the affiliate membership; this membership grants you access to begin trading once you register.

You get to grow your assets when you trade, and you can withdraw money when you make profits. This is what you will find when you visit their website.

This is another danger signal!

Whenever a network marketing operation depends on new member sign-ups for continued revenue, that is the makings of a Pyramid scheme.

If there are no retail products for sale, that is a HUGE red flag.

Compensation Plan Depends Heavily On New Sign-Ups

Members on this platform fund their trading account as an investment and are promised ROI of 200% after sixteen months.

The investment packages offered by Omega Pro include:

  • Start-Up – $100
  • Basic Trader – $500
  • Light Trader – $1000
  • Pro Trader – $3000
  • Advance Trader – $5000
  • Tycoon Trader – $8000
  • Premium Trader – $10,000
  • Master Trader – $15,000

You receive ROI of 60% in commissions.

To receive the promised ROI of 120% over the duration of 12 months, you must reinvest 30% of the funds.

The remaining 10% must be utilized to buy some type of virtual lottery tickets.

Members receive 5% commissions on invested funds paid by members they personally sponsor.

Omega Pro + Virtual Lottery Tickets = Bad Idea!

Omega Pro makes use of a binary compensation plan structure to pay residual commissions.

The binary structure consists of two positions (right leg and left leg), which can be filled indirectly or directly by members of your team.

You receive an 8% commission on the weaker leg at the end of the week when the company sums up all the investment volume.

What’s left is rolled over to the next day of payment. The package you purchase will determine the caps in the binary.

About 3% of all the company’s investment is taken and added to three 1% pools. You must meet the following requirements to qualify for these pools:

  • Pool 1 – Make $16,000 each month in weaker team volume and $24,000 monthly in stronger team volume.
  • Pool 2 – Make $60,000 each month in weaker team volume and $90,000 monthly in stronger binary team volume.
  • Pool 3 – Make $400,000 each month in weaker team volume and $600,000 monthly in stronger binary team volume.

Virtual lottery tickets are purchased with 10% of all ROI payments and commissions earned from Omega Pro.

Also, you can become a member of this platform free of charge; however, you will only receive 150 USD in residual commissions.

To enjoy the complete deal, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $29 and other payments between 100 – 15,000 dollars.

However, after what we’ve uncovered so far, why on earth would any reasonable person get involved with this?

 Omega Pro Is Not Was Not Government Compliant

Omega Pro Review - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is Omega Pro a scam or a legit business opportunity?

Before we answer this question, let’s go through some of our findings.

First, no one knows who owns or runs the company, and they want you to invest your hard-earned cash, about $15,000, all in the name of getting 200% ROI.

Who does that?

That’s more like giving someone you nothing about your money and expecting returns.

Similarly, another red flag is that the company talks about trading, but it does not show any proof about the type of trade; thus, there is no information about how they generate external ROI.

Omega Pro will not be compliant in countries that have government securities divisions.

From the look of things, Omega Pro is a full-blown Ponzi scheme since the company is not transparent about its management, and there is no proof of trading.

I strongly advise against joining this company to make money.

Omega Pro reminds me of other SCAM mm

Omega Pro Was A Cryptocurrency Scam

Omega Pro Review - Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Omega Pro was nothing but a typical Multi-Level Marketing cryptocurrency scam.

The company claimed to generate external ROI by trading cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, and stocks.

There was no proof of trading revenue used to pay members.

Also, there was no indication on the company’s website that authorized them to operate a passive investment scheme in any jurisdiction or location they were operating in.

Best case scenario, the company was guilty of securities fraud.

They did a little trading with investments, and recycle funds from new members.

Worst case scenario, Omega Pro is guilty of securities fraud and operates as a Ponzi scheme.

Similarly, you also have gaming violations, following the virtual lottery that was offered by the company.

Well, if they were legit, then there was no need for making it compulsory for members to reinvest their proceeds and participate in the virtual lottery.

It Was All About The Money…It’s Always Been About The Money

What the true owners of this company are trying to do is to keep a lot of money in the system as long as they can.

A scheme or operation like this is no different from a full-blown Ponzi scheme.

Just like any Ponzi scheme, the rate of new investment will fall once there is no fresh affiliate recruitment.

As a result, the company will eventually collapse since there is no ROI revenue.

However, the mandatory 30% reinvestment, as well as the 10% virtual lottery seen in Omega Pro, may prolong the collapse from happening.

Still, it is inevitable as withdrawals by members will surpass new investments.

Therefore, no matter how attractive a Ponzi scheme is, most investors will lose their money in the end.

The owners of these platforms and people who invest earlier will steal most investments from fresh recruits.

In the end, nobody will benefit from this opportunity.

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