Is No Cost Income Stream: A Scam or Good Platform for Newbies?

Is No Cost Income Stream a scam? I’ll start out by saying this is a good program, especially for people with absolutely no experience in internet marketing. However, there are some drawbacks.

“No Cost Income Stream” is a platform created by Eric Holmlund and partners Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman.

No Cost Income Stream is an affiliate marketing training course that promises users they don’t have to spend money to set up their online business.

Yes…They claim that you don’t have to spend any money to build your affiliate marketing business.

Founders Eric Holdmund, Paul Counts & Jeff Wellman

Overall, it’s a good program that especially geared to “newbies”, however, they contradict themselves with the title “No Cost Income Stream.”

  • Product Name: No Cost Income Stream
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Product Owner: Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, Paul Counts
  • Advertised Price: $47
  • Discount Price: $17
  • Upsells: $97 + $97 Recurring Fee
  • Website:
  • Recommended: Yes for “Newbies”, No for experienced marketers
  • Rating: 60/100

Keep in mind as we go through this post that the owners of No Cost Income Stream stated that you don’t have to spend any money to build your affiliate marketing business.

No Cost Income Stream 2.0, which is the latest version, comes with a price tag of $47; at one point they did offer a discount price of $17

Wait a minute. Didn’t the owners say that this is “No Cost Income Stream?”

Does “No Cost Income Stream” Live Up to It’s Name

The sales video promises to help you start a no expense Internet-based business. That was the main lure of this platform. So there’s an apparent contradiction from the start

In the video Eric Holmlund mentions how a payment would be required to scale up your email marketing business. He makes it clear this is necessary to sustain it for the long term.

On the second video, he emphasized the need to use paid promotions and tools to scale your business. The owners make it clear that their goal is the following regard every one that signs up for their program:

  • No domain registration costs
  • No website hosting costs required
  • All the software and other free tools you’ll need will be provided absolutely free
  • Detailed training on how to promote other people’s products for affiliate commissions without spending money.
  • How to launch your own products without spending a dime

We’ve established that No Cost Income Stream charges $47 for it’s basic membership.

Then there are a number of upsells you have to wade through, once you’ve spent the near fifty bucks and enter the No Cost Income Stream members’ area. Those also cost, so that’s contradiction number 2.

No Cost Income Stream tries to get you to sign up for their expensive coaching upsell. This program has a number of upsells customers are unaware of until they purchase the program.

How “Newbies” Benefit the Most From No Cost Income Stream

Below is a sample from the sales video:

The No Cost Income Stream training system is built solely for the most entry level of beginners, so this program will be of little use to experienced marketers.

The very title of the program – “No Cost Income Stream” can be very misleading to people experiencing financial hardship who are currently looking at online marketing as a way to generate additional revenue.

Average everyday folks who’re struggling financially and are desperate to find an alternative source of income online could be misled into thinking they can make money online without ANY outlay of funds.

My opinion is the misleading name they chose for their product is sending the wrong message to already financially disadvantaged folks by using unnecessary hype.

This is quite different from the business builder I’ve been using to create a sustainable affiliate marketing business with no surprises.

A Platform For People Skeptical About Internet Marketing

There are some really good aspects to No Cost Income Stream. In the training area much effort was expended to show inexperienced newbies how to perform the most basic online marketing activities.

If you still have reservations about “this internet marketing thing” this platform is for you. The owners went out of their way to make this program as “newbie friendly” and “no-cost” as possible.

For example, in trying to keep with the name of the course, “No Cost income Stream”, no effort was spared to find FREE tools to start your online business. There is an impressive compilation of free tools such as:

  • Google Hangouts (an absolutely free webinar hosting site).
  • (a free eBook cover designing software)
  • (a free screen recording software)
  • (Wix is available for free for as long as you want, but if you require professional features like your own domain name or priority support, you must pay for these services.)
  • (a free Autoresponder service)
  • (a free download page creation tool)
  • (a free HTML editor. You have to learn how to use, which some “newbies” find it hard to do – myself included!)

These resources were provided to help students set up their online business. The threesome did a great job assembling this information in one place for newbies to access.

There are lessons in the videos showing students other aspects of setting up your online business. The videos are as follows

  • How to launch their own simple, digital products
  • How to select profitable niches
  • Product Creation: How to create a digital product in your niche
  • The basics of writing sales copies
  • How to sell your products to your audience after creating them.
  • How to recruit affiliates to promote your products.
  • How to successfully Freelance and a list of freelance sites

Every single one of the videos is very high quality and the training is very detailed and informative, especially for newbies (there’s a ton of information for newbies to benefit from).

Even experienced marketers could learn a thing or two that they didn’t know before.

If you’re an experienced internet marketer, you’re probably already using the many of the 16 traffic-driving methods taught in the videos.

They’re probably a few of these methods you’re either not familiar with or not using. They’re all legit, viable and SEO-independent methods.

The owners did a meticulous job walking his audience through all the training videos.

While there are plenty of videos to watch, most of the information on them is available elsewhere for next to nothing if not free if you really look.

What I Didn’t Like

I really don’t like upsells because they hit you up for additional monies you weren’t prepared to pay and they make it seem you need the “one time offer” upsell to “make the system work faster and better.”

The upsell that’s offered really is a decent offer, but it would have been better, in my opinion, if they had waited at least a few weeks or months before offering it.

The video delivery is mediocre at best. When downloading the videos you see numbers and letters instead of complete titles. The download page itself isn’t very good and needs some upgrading.

The “bonuses” are nothing to write home about. They’re not going to make your online business any better. They seem to be another marketers product they purchased the rights to and added to the main product.

The “bonuses” are not worth the time and won’t help your business at all.

Who This Product Is For

No Cost Income Streams mediocre website design is not bad for a total beginner who is really skeptical about internet marketing and doesn’t want to waste a single dime on learning how to make money online.

The owners packed a lot of value into the training for their newbie audience to benefit from. The product has a lot of potential to make its newbie users money, with minimum expense and a lot of hard work.

Don’t be fooled by the misleading name of the product, “No Cost Income Stream. The owners violated this “No Cost” promise by charging $37 for the product at the very onset and sneaking a number of upsells disguised as bonuses at the end of their pitch.

Considering the name of the product and the grandiose claims of helping people make money online without spending a dime and the sneaky upsells, they packed a lot of value into the training for their newbie audience to benefit from.

As with many of these type of make money online programs, the product has a lot of potential to make its newbie users money, but it will come at some expense and a lot of hard work.

My rating of No Cost Income Stream: 60/100

Is No Cost Income Stream a scam? My answer is NO! Would I recommend this program: Yes, but barely – ONLY to people who weren’t sold on my #1 choice to learn how to make money online. 

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