Can Niche PLR Articles Make You More Money?

Can Niche PLR Articles Make You More Money?

Many websites and blog owners routinely use Niche PLR Articles as they endeavor to make money online.

However, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to using such content.

Some marketers have strong opinions and dislike when it comes to using PLR content.

This post is for website owners and bloggers who are unfamiliar with PLR or aren’t sure if using PLR is a good idea for them.

Overall, what you choose to do with your online business is “your business”.

However, by reading this post you can make an informed, intelligent decision and eventually conclude what is right for you. 

What will also help you is to review the benefits of the platform I use that has helped me improve my writing skills.

Niche PLR Articles – Why Some Website Owners Use Them

The main reason why some website and blog owners use PLR material is it can save a tremendous amount of time.

Writing content from scratch for your website is a tedious and time-consuming activity.

Some days it can be downright difficult.

Also, if you are not good at writing, then the prospect of writing articles can seem overwhelming.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m for anything legitimate that can help me write more blog posts faster.

Instead of having to spend hours thinking of keyword-related content to write about in your related niche, purchasing “new” PLR articles to have at your disposal saves on your greatest asset: time.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using PLR content.

Niche PLR ArticlesAdvantages of Using PLR Material

  • PLR Articles with private label rights allow for multiple content uses. They can be used as content for your blog or website.
  • Turn them into ebooks. Create short give-away reports to use with list building and email marketing.
  • You could also use them as email messages for your autoresponder service and never struggle to write emails again.

Many agree that the BIGGEST advantage of using PLR articles is that PLR content enables you to scale your business…QUICKLY.

In internet marketing, there are many ways to drive traffic to your site.

Blog posts, reports, SEO articles, press releases, and eBooks get consistent visitors, or “traffic.”

However, all of the above methods need CONTENT.

According to some accomplished bloggers and website owners, there are advantages to using PLR material:

Time Savings. Niche PLR Articles give you a ready-made outline from which to work.

Instead of the time-consuming process of coming up with an idea and creating from scratch, you instantly have a foundation for an article or blog post.

Cost-Efficient. When you compare the cost of hiring a writer, PLR content is very affordable, especially for new people starting out.

The money just isn’t there to outsource in the initial stages of your business.

Flexibility. With Niche PLR Articles, you’re able to change the content to fit your needs.

It’s called Private Label Rights because buying it gives you the license to change the content.

Complete freedom to edit. Not only can you change PLR content by adding, deleting, rearranging, and revising the content.

However, you must change it by completely rewriting it so that the search engines see it as unique.

Ownership claim. Because you’re creating an entirely new piece of content after you rewrite it, you can put your name on it and claim it as the owner.

Here are Additional Resources For Your Consideration

Niche PLR Articles – The Disadvantages Of Using PLR Material

Hundreds of others can purchase the same content you just bought. When you buy PLR through PLR suppliers, it’s true that they limit the number of licenses sold.

However, straight out the box, you’re still buying content that hundreds, maybe even thousands of others own.

Revising and making it unique by rewriting it is crucial. Many people who purchased the same PLR content as you have are too lazy to do a thorough rewrite of the content.

They submit the article without making radical changes. If you care about the future of your online business, you must submit content that’s unique.

PLR content usually is dry and generic. PLR content most of the time is dry, dull, plain, uninspiring, and poorly written content.

Most PLR content is generic, meaning that there are no specific details in the content – you have to add the necessary additions to make it unique.

Restrictions. There may be restrictions on the use of the PLR articles you purchase, depending on the license that’s offered.

For example, you may not be able to offer the content for free through your newsletter or by signing up on an email list. Be sure to read the license carefully so you are clear on the proper use of the material.

PLR articles are NOT unique. This is the most obvious disadvantage from my viewpoint. It may be “new” in the sense that the PLR membership site just released it, but it’s not original content.

 Niche PLR Articles – Don’t Be a Lazy Bum

Can Niche PLR Articles Make You More Money?

You cannot take PLR articles “as is” and submit them on your website or blog. If you do, the search engines will eat you alive!

You will be penalized so hard you’ll need a lawyer to get you website rankings back to any respectable level.

This is where sheer laziness and inexperience with PLR can kill your online business.

Even the so-called bad PLR content can be re-modified into really good content provided that you make the effort to rewrite it.

Just slapping a bunch of affiliate links in the PLR content, which is what lazy and inexperienced people do, and calling it a day will NEVER improve you website rankings or increase sales.

When you take the path of least resistance when it comes to PLR, you’ve FAILED before you’ve had an opportunity to establish your brand or your business.

When Using Niche PLR Articles Modifying and Rewriting PLR is the Key

You must modify the content if you want to make it shine and stand out above all the other content out there relating to your niche.

It takes some work to do this, but if you want your website or blog to rank well, rewriting PLR content is an absolute MUST.

If you are going to choose PLR to help scale up your business, choose your PLR from reputable sources.

The source I recommend is The PLR Store.

I’ve personally used PLR from The PLR Store, re-modified it to make it unique, and used the rewritten material with great success.

Always stay away from PLR that wasn’t written by native English writers. Some foreign-born people try to pass PLR material off as though a native English-speaking person wrote it.

In many cases PLR content is written by people whose second language is English, and if you take the time to read some of their sample material, you can quickly tell the writer was foreign-born.

If the English is very good in the PLR content, then you have a valuable resource you can use to scale up you online business.

Using PLR In Review

  • Stay away from PLR that is poorly written and the English don’t flow naturally. It was written by a non-English speaking individual.
  • ALWAYS modify ANY PLR content regardless if it’s free or purchased
  • The key to successfully using PLR here is simply modification and lots of it.
  • Take the PLR material apart, restructure the sentences and paragraphs and add your own niche-related information and personal writing style to make the content unique.
  • DO NOT just add affiliate links, change the title, put your name on it, and think that this is all that is needed to make the material unique. DON’T FOOL YOURSELF.

Creating information products, websites, and blog content is a huge opportunity to bring in sales and revenue that could last for years to come.

The conclusion of the matter is to modify the content and get the content from reputable sources.

Do whatever it takes to rewrite the content to make it unique and make it fit into your particular niche.

Also, join a platform that has in-house tools that can help make you a better writer, since good content is critical for SEO.

Make it flow nicely and most importantly, add your voice to it so that your content promotes your brand which in turn will lead to BIG Online Profits!

You Can Do This!

Talk Soon,


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6 thoughts on “Can Niche PLR Articles Make You More Money?”

  1. I personally don’t like PLR articles. 

    I partnered with someone in the past to build a toy niche site and he bought a PLR bundle to help us start easily. 

    The articles are short and very generic and need a lot of editing. I personally prefer to write my own articles and use my own words than spending the same amount of time trying to edit a PLR article.

    But I heard a lot of stories of people who have success with PLR articles, though.

    • Hey Julai,

      Great observations on your part, all of which are true.

      PLR articles are a tricky proposition if you don’t edit them correctly.

      Google will annihilate you if you don’t edit PLR content and make them unique!

      Thanks for reading.

      Talk Soon,


  2. Thanks for your post. 

    When I was new to internet marketing, Niche PLR articles were all the rave. 

    Unfortunately, that was before google slapped people because their content wasn’t original. 

    The thing with these types of articles is that you need to re-write them so that they become original content. Otherwise, Google will penalize you. 

  3. Hello there, Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece of information. 

    I am very glad at this opportunity of coming across this informative article. 

    It’s a great privilege that the Wealthy Affiliate program gave to us. 

    Niche PLR articles are really good in my opinion. 

    One has to choose the right niche and get very good ideas from this. I am planning to start my articles and I have the right niche

    • You are welcome, Oviss…

      Thank You for taking the time to read this post.

      I wish you all the best in your own online business…

      Talk Soon,



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