Navan Global Review – Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

Welcome to my Navan Global Review.

If you are here because you were thinking about joining Navan Global, and you want to know if this platform is legit or not, you have come to the right place. 

Many are also wondering if you can make money with Navan Global.

This Navan Global review will tell you all you need to know about this CBD company.

Once you are done reading, you can decide if joining Navan Global is the right move.

Navan Global Review – Quick Summary

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?
  • Company Name: Navan Global
  • Cost to Join: 299.95 USD to 999.95 USD
  • Model of Business: Multi-Level Marketing
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

Navan Global is an MLM company in the CBD niche. 

There are some interesting things to like about this platform when compared with other multi-level marketing companies, but I still don’t recommend joining this platform.

The money you will pay to join this platform is on the high side, and its compensation plan has issues that will make it difficult to make money. 

In the end, Navan Global is a typical MLM, and a lot of people will lose money instead of making profits.

I strongly advise you to stay away from this platform. 

There are better ways to make money online that don’t involve recruiting, contacting friends and family, or selling overpriced CBD products.

The CEO of Navan Global Has A Interesting Past

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

According to Navan Global was registered on June 1st, 2018 which means it’s still relatively new in the MLM space.

Interestingly, you will not find any information about the company’s founder or CEO on the site’s about us page. 

However, after diligent research, I was able to find out that an individual by the name of Trey Knight is the founder and CEO.

Trey Knight has an interesting past in relation to multi-level marketing.

In 2011 Trey Knight joined a company called Limu.

It’s unclear when or why Knight left Limu, but shortly after leaving he joined Fortune High-Tech Marketing.

Trey Knight was a major participant in the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, which the Federal Trade Commission went after because of consumer complaints that the business was operating as a pyramid scheme.

Fortune Hi-Tech was closed in 2013 by the FTC and eventually, Trey Knight became a defendant in a civil lawsuit against the company.

The FTC shut down Fortune Hi-Tec Marketing in 2013 after the feds determined the company operated as a pyramid scheme.

Next up Knight served as President of Sozo Global which lasted until Sozo Global collapsed in 2016.

The company was sold off to Youngevity later that year.

Trey Knight Becomes Navian Global CEO

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

There is a gap between early 2016 to late 2019 in Trey knight’s MLM career, which fast-forwards us to Navan Global’s launch.

Further research reveals an October 2019 press release citing Trey Knight as Navan Global’s founder and CEO.

Knight is only referenced as founder and CEO of Navan Global in an April 2020 company blog post.

Why executive information isn’t readily provided on Navan Global’s website is unclear.

You may be asking, Why is this important?

It’s important because if you are going to invest your money and your valuable time, you want to make sure that the CEO of the company is an individual that can be trusted.

I will leave it up to you if you feel that Trey Knight is a CEO that can be trusted with your hard-earned money in light of his past MLM history.

How Do You Earn With Navan Global

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

There are two ways to earn on this platform.

Selling products offered by Navan Global to customers is the first way to earn.  

Recruiting people into your downline is the second way to earn. 

You will receive commissions for every personal sale and for any sale your people in your downline make.

In keeping with my preference of not trying to dissect complicated MLM compensation plans, there is a link below that will take you to a PDF that outlines the entire Navian Compensation Plan.

Navian Rewards Plan

The cost of the CBD they offer is another red flag. 

CBD products offered by this platform are generic, yet, the price is about 30% higher than competitors. As a result, retail sales will be very difficult.

For example, Navan Global’s CBD Tincture retails for $95 in a 750 mg bottle.

When you Google CDB oils you see Literally the first result from the paragraph search above is for Georgetown Hemp, which sells the same product with the same spiel for $69.99.

With a product as widely available as CBD oil, you can’t afford to not be competitive. Well, at least you can’t in the retail market.

Registration Cost

Navan Global has three different signup packages; they include:

  •    Starter Packs, which cost 299.95 USD
  •    Business Builder Pack that goes for 499.95 USD
  •    Ultimate Builder, which costs 999.95 USD.

The more money you pay, the more products you get. That’s not all; running an MLM business also comes with other additional costs.

Navan Global Products

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

Navan Global specializes only in CBD products. They have different CBD products, such as creams, lotions, tinctures, gummies, and bath bombs. 

They also have several CBD combos for different problems (energy, sleeping, anti-aging, etc.).

The price of the products they offer is a problem. 

The CBD market is huge. There is nowhere you would go to and not see CBD products. 

How do they expect you to sell something at a higher price when you can get similar products at a lesser price, especially on sites like Amazon? 

Personally, I do not think the retail opportunity will be good.

Pros and Cons of Navan Global


Navan Global is new. MLM companies usually stay hot for some years before they die.

No auto-shipment. This is when distributors are forced to purchase products every month.

No distributor is forced to buy products on this platform.


Expensive products. The products they are offering are too expensive. 

How many people are willing to pay this high for CBD products when they can get them for cheaper elsewhere. 

Capped commissions. The amount of money you will make will depend on your rank on the platform. 

If you sell less than a dollar than the ranks above you, no will not receive extra payment.

The CBD market is saturated. You will find CBD products everywhere. 

There are lots of CBD stores on the internet, and most people prefer shopping for CBD online.

Thus, selling your products will be quite challenging.

Navan Global is similar to other MLMs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Navan Global Legit?

I do not think Navan Global is a scam. The company is legit, and they offer real products. 

Their compensation plan is also standard, with no major red flags to point out.

The issue with this platform is that it will be very difficult to succeed. The market is saturated already with CBD products, and selling one at a higher price would be difficult.

Also, recruitment would be more difficult than making retail sales. 

The only way you will increase your chance of making money from this platform is if you have a strong network marketing infrastructure. If you don’t, you are going to lose.

Making money through Navan Global will be difficult. 

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Is Navan Global a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal, but not all MLM companies are pyramid schemes. 

However, I do not think Navan Global operates as a pyramid scheme.

How to know if an MLM company is a pyramid scheme:

1) No product or service to offer and recruitment is the only way to earn.

2) There are no products or services, but most sales come from distributors and not retail customers.

Navan Global does not fall into the first category since they have products for retail sale. 

Most MLM companies make it compulsory for distributors to purchase products monthly, but Navan Global does not, so it does not fall into the second category.

However, some distributors do purchase products so they can be promoted to a higher rank. 

Another thing to do before you join an MLM is to ask the person recruiting you how much sales are from retail and how much are product purchases. 

If retail sales are less than 50%, then it could be a pyramid scheme.

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?
Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

Success With Navan Global Will Be Difficult

Navan Global Review - Will This MLM Make You Big Money?

99% of people who join MLMs end up losing their funds instead of making profits.

This is something nobody will tell you when they want you to register under them.

There are lots of reasons for this, but the two major ones are:

1) Overpriced offer

2) Difficult recruitment

Navan Global sells its CBD oil for $99 dollars, which is sold at $60 dollars in other places. 

This will be an issue here.

There are so many CBD products in the market, and selling one that is about 30% more expensive than others would be difficult.

Getting others to join will not be an easy task as well.

To be successful on any MLM, you will have to recruit hundreds of people to register under you. 

Are you good at recruiting people to join a platform?

How many people can you even recruit?

Rocky Times Are Ahead For Network Marketing

Making money through MLMs is very difficult, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most MLM organizations are accustomed to holding in-person recruiting or “opportunity” meetings in order to bring new people on board.

That’s going to be nearly impossible for the foreseeable future.

There’s only so much you can do on Zoom or Skype when it comes to recruiting.

Then you have to consider the economic situation of the people you’re trying to recruit.

From my perspective, there are rocky times ahead for the MLM industry!

This is why I enjoy affiliate marketing; you won’t have to deal with any of these frustrating situations because you’re building a digital business.

With affiliate marketing, your entire business is run from the comfort of your home.

You manage your business from your laptop or desktop computer.

No “opportunity” meetings, Zoom meetings, recruiting calls, monthly auto-ship commitments, none of that you have to deal with in affiliate marketing.

Consider 12 facts about multi-level marketing you need to know before making a decision to join ANY MLM.

12 Startling Facts About Multi-Level Marketing You Need To Know

  1. According to FTC, 99% of all MLM participants lose money 
  2. The chances of profiting by starting your own small business are 38% more than by joining an MLM 
  3. The profitability rate of running an online business is 10% – 20% higher than the profitability rate of joining an MLM
  4. According to AARP Foundation, 47% of MLM participants lose money and 27% make no money whatsoever
  5. Among the 26% who actually earn a profit, 53% of them earn less than $5000 a year
  6. 39% of MLM participants quit because pitching products and services to friends and family jeopardized their relationships
  7. At least 50% of MLM reps quit within 1 year after joining an MLM and 95% quit within 10 years
  8. 75% of those who have joined and left an MLM state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  9. A 2018 poll of 1049 MLM reps across various companies found that most of them make less than 70 cents an hour, 
  10. 20% of them never made a sale
  11. 60% of them had earned less than $500 in sales over the past five years
  12. 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvement

Multi-Level Marketing Is A Difficult Business Model

Multi-level marketing was a difficult business model before COVID-19, and it is even more difficult now.

Companies that employ the MLM business model are selling false hope to inexperienced individuals.

These naive individuals have been told that anyone with enough desire can become a successful entrepreneur and get rich quickly.

Unfortunately, this is simply not true.

Many people are persuaded to believe that if they follow the company line, they too can become financially successful.

Don’t fall for the multi-level marketing propaganda.

If you want to make money online, then you need to create your own online business.

It’s as simple as that.

The reason why most people don’t is that they’re unsure of the right way to do it.

Wealthy Affiliate was created to help ordinary people like you and me build an online business without any experience whatsoever.

It’s the best platform I’ve ever seen to help a complete newbie understand how to build a digital business and make money online.

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Talk Soon,


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