MyLot Review – Can You Make Money With This?

MyLot Review - Can You Make Money With This?

Welcome to this MyLot Review.

There are platforms that can pay you when you post what you think and have people interact with them. 

For those of us familiar with forums, this may sound like a dream come true. Are these platforms worth your time? That’s totally up to you.

MyLot, however, differs from most of the get-paid-to platforms we have come across where people earn by taking surveys, watching videos, participating in focus groups, and so on. 

MyLot is different in the sense that it is designed primarily to incite conversations and networking. 

According to the site, “MyLot pays you for your valuable contributions to our community and for completing Offers by our advertisers.” 

When you complete the available offers, the site earns through its affiliate link with the advertisers.

MyLot Review – How Does It Work

MyLot Review - Can You Make Money With This?

MyLot is an online platform that connects members to a community of people with mutual interests. 

Members on the platform get to talk about different topics, provide different answers to various topics, or post questions of interest. 

Also, members receive rewards on this online forum for staying active. 

What really happens on this platform is that you will earn a commission when someone likes or respond to a comment you post.

The minimum payout on the platform is $5 dollars, which can be withdrawn instantly through PayPal. 

To increase your earning potential on this platform, it is vital you become an active member. 

The money you will make on this platform is dependent on if you participated in a popular discussion and how other members react to your posts.

You earn more money when a lot of people like and respond to your comments and posts. 

Thus, it’s advisable you post topics that are engaging and fun at the same time. 

Doing so will facilitate favorable responses from members of the community.

Earning Potential From MyLot 

MyLot Review - Can You Make Money With This?

You may be interested in knowing how much you can earn on this forum. 

This question has no easy answer, but one thing is sure, you will not make more than a couple of dozen bucks each month even if you put a lot of effort into posting on the platform. 

The money you will make on is dependent on how much you will make on advertising revenue. 

The unfortunate thing is that there is no particular fee per message you post or response you get. 

However, the amount ranges from a few cents per post, which sounds very little. 

The amount can add up quickly, provided you increase your participation on the platform, which is not compulsory. 

You can refer people and make money from their participation on the platform. 

I have come across many complaints from people reporting not to earn any penny even after starting multiple discussions. 

That is not how it’s supposed to work. 

Even though your post looks interesting, it is pointless if there is no engagement. 

What will matter on this platform are likes, interactions, comments, and responses. 

Even if your post gets some attention, there is still no guarantee it will gain traction and create a discussion.

It just means your post will be eligible for rewards, but there is no guarantee of receiving the reward.

If you receive any earnings, it will be displayed in the top right corner. 

Requesting your earnings is not an issue; you will receive payments on the 15th of every month to your PayPal account. 

Withdrawals are automatic, as long as you have made the minimum amount.

Pros of MyLot

  • Make money while socializing. A lot of long-term users have testified to making friends from different parts of the world on this platform while making little cash. You will not be asked to do anything out of the ordinary if you are an ardent networker. 
  • Receive earnings via PayPal. This is one of the easiest and most convenient channels to receive your payments. 
  • Low payout threshold. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 dollars, which is low compared to most reward websites; payments are made automatically to your PayPal as long as you have earned at least $5.

Cons of MyLot

  • Low payout threshold. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 dollars, which is low compared to most reward websites; payments are made automatically to your PayPal as long as you have earned at least $5.
  • Earning criteria are quite murky. Engaging other members on the platform with your post is not enough. You will have to be eligible, which is dependent on some moderators or someone else’s personal taste.
  • Based on reviews from users, earning a decent amount of money is not an easy task. Regardless, long-term users have better earning potential since they have lots of loyal followers.
  • Conversations on this forum are usually dull to some extent, with a lot of meaningless fluff. 

MyLot Is Not A Scam 

MyLot Review - Can You Make Money With This?

If you feel you can make a decent amount of money on this platform, think again. 

Although MyLot is not a scam, you are going to make very little money from this platform.

The money you make from survey/GPT sites like MyLot will NEVER be enough to change your financial future.

Even with other legit survey sites like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards, you are NEVER going to make a life-changing income.

Survey websites are designed to pay out very little money – period.

You are literally making pennies on the dollar participating with survey/GPT websites.

At best, survey websites are a side hustle for small cash.

MyLot is similar to other survey/GPT websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

There Is A Better Alternative

Is there a better alternative to learning how to make money online?

There is a platform that can show you how you can build your own online business so you can create a truly life-changing income.

It will show you how to leverage the power of the internet and build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

The platform that I use has helped tens of thousands of people just like YOU to successfully learn how to make money online.

You will get the help you need step by step with everything necessary so you can set up your business just the way you want it.

Also, you will get unlimited support 24/7 as well as mentoring to make sure you are doing things right.

I strongly suggest that you stop relying on time-sucking survey websites that will only get you pennies on the dollar and build your own online business.

The moment you come to understand that you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue, the sooner you can start making real progress toward financial freedom.

What Are You Going To Do?

The choice is yours, my friend.

Before you decide that this is not the right time or you’re “too tired” or you have “other commitments, consider these words:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The above words from the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn are a fact of life.

If you don’t do something now, then when will you do something?

How bad do your finances have to get before you say “I’ve had enough!”

Make no mistake – As difficult as COVID-19 is, in the near future, there will be another “crisis situation.”

Don’t let another “crisis situation” catch you and your loved ones off guard financially.

Talk Soon,


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1 thought on “MyLot Review – Can You Make Money With This?”

  1. I have been a member for a good while there on myLot, but no longer am I going to participate in writing, because myLot love to censor posts, delete them and take the money you’ve earned on those posts.

    For example, I just wrote a post last week, The topic and question was a Traveling question about where someone would go if they had the choice to travel somewhere.

    I interacted with others on my post, then all of a sudden logged in, the post was gone and so was the money earned.

    I will never forgive them!


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