Mirror Trading International Review

Mirror Trading International Review

This review will tell you all you need to about Mirror Trading International, a Forex company that offers investors Bitcoin returns.

Once you are done reading this brief review, you will be able to tell if investing in this platform is the right thing to do.

Mirror Trading International Review – Quick Summary

Mirror Trading International is an MLM Forex company.

They are not registered with relevant authorities; thus, they operate illegally.

Also, there is no evidence about their source of revenue, and they operate as a pyramid scheme.

I do not recommend this opportunity; avoid it at all costs.

About Mirror Trading International

Mirror Trading International Review

Mirror Trading International is an MLM company in the Forex niche.

The platform pays members returns in bitcoin; they claim they can help you earn passively without you lifting a pin.

You can earn on this platform by investing money to receive returns in Bitcoin and by recruiting people to join, where you will be paid a certain percentage of the body your recruits invest.

There are a lot of red flags with this platform, and I will mention a few here.

Mirror Trading International is operating illegally and is acting against security laws because they are not registered to offer passive investment opportunities.

As a result, promoting this platform can land you in trouble.

They are not registered because they have no evidence or proof of generating revenue, which they use to pay members.

Also, the platform has no retail product or service to offer aside membership recruitment.

Thus, Mirror Trading International operates as a pyramid scheme.

Is This Platform A Pyramid Scheme?

Absolutely. However, not all MLMS operate as a pyramid scheme.

Mirror Trading International has no service or product to offer. The only thing they promote on this platform is membership recruitment.

Pyramid schemes are not sustainable (they will collapse eventually), are illegal in almost all countries.

Mirror Trading International is no different than other multi-level marketing scams I’ve reviewed such as:

Is This Platform A Ponzi Scheme?

Mirror Trading International is a Ponzi scheme. Why?

They mislead investors about their revenue sources.

The company claims to pay returns to members; thus, they need to be registered since they are offering securities.

Unfortunately, they are not registered with relevant authorities, and the returns they are offering is not earned from trading Forex.

Recruitment and investment from members is the only source of revenue, making this platform nothing more but a Ponzi scheme.

They will not be plenty of money to go round once recruitment and new investments slow down, causing the platform to collapse.

When this happens, a lot of people will lose their money.

What Is The Cost to Join

$100 is the minimum investment amount on Mirror Trading International.

Investing more money increases your returns, and you get to earn more from the compensation plan.

To get full access to the compensation plan, you will have to invest $10,000.

Compensation Plans

Here is a list of the available compensation plans on this platform.

Recruitment commissions

You earn a 10% commission from personal recruits when they invest.

Residual commissions

This is the money you make from your downline.

The platforms pay using a binary structure plan.

The money you make and how far you will earn is dependent on the number of people you recruit, the people your recruits recruit, as well as the money they invest. See earnings below:

  • Earn 10 levels down when you invest $200 – $999
  • Earn 20 levels down when you invest $1000 – $4999
  • Earn 30 levels down when you invest $5000 – $9999
  • Unlimited earnings across all levels when you invest at least $10,000

The platform keeps 20% of the company’s revenue, and you receive commissions based on the number of people recruited as well as the money they invest from the 20%.

Pros and Cons

Mirror Trading International Review


There is nothing likable about this platform.


  • No products or services to offer.
  • Mirror Trading International operates as a pyramid scheme since there is nothing to offer aside affiliate recruitment.
  • Not registered with relevant authorities to offer securities. Any company that offers a passive investment opportunity needs to be registered with relevant authorities in that country.
  • Mirror Trading International is operating illegally and breaking security laws since they are not registered.
  • It is a Ponzi scheme.
  • Any company offering securities that are not registered has no evidence to show that they generate revenue outside affiliate recruitment.
  • Mirror Trading International is not saying the truth about where they get revenue.
  • There is no form of trading going on; recruitment and investment from recruits are how they generate money to pay existing investors, which makes this platform a Ponzi scheme.

My verdict – Is Mirror Trading International Legit or a scam?

Mirror Trading International Review

There is nothing legit about this platform.

Everything about Mirror Trading International is a scam.

The company has no product or service to offer, and they operate as a pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

The platform will collapse eventually, and a lot of investors will lose their money.

Expect this to happen when recruitment and new investment slows down.

Do not invest with Mirror Trading International if you don’t want to lose your money.

Isn’t It About Time For A Change?

As a matter of fact, what I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

The moment you come to understand that you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue, the sooner you can start making real progress toward financial freedom.

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