MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

Are MindMover Surveys worth your time?

You may have come across a particular company called MindMover. The question is Are Mind Mover Surveys worth your time.

Mind Mover is a GPT or get-paid-to survey website.

I’m going to review MindMover to see if this is a website that can help make money online.

MindMover Surveys – What Is MindMover?

MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

Lem me establish this fact that MindMover is not a Scam.

It’s a completely legitimate survey site.

MindMover, a UK-based GPT (Get-Paid-To) website, is a consumer-driven insights company.

What MindMover does is work for other companies to gather consumer opinions about goods and services.

They find information for them from a consumer point of view so companies and brands can grow and improve.

For example, information gathered from websites like MindMover helps them to make products better.

Companies get feedback regarding how to design new products, how to define existing and upcoming markets, consumer research, etc.

So they ask for your opinion and they will relay this information back to the companies that requested it.

MindMover Surveys – How Does MindMover Work?

Companies will create their products and consumer-driven merchandise based on your feedback.

Using MindMover seems to be very easy.

You create an account and MindMover will send your surveys.

The problem is they don’t send that many surveys.

Make no mistake, they will send your surveys.

You probably won’t get as many as your need.

You might get a survey once a week or once a month, which isn’t much at all.

Every time your complete a survey, which might take about 45 minutes, you’ll get paid one pound.

Therein lies the biggest problem I have with GPT or get-paid-to websites like Mind Mover:

You spend an INCREDIBLE amount of time taking surveys just to make pennies for the work your put in.

Every week or every month your might be able to earn a one pound 50 which is very, very little money.

The only way that you can withdraw that money is when your hit a threshold of 10 pounds.

Now that’s going to take a while.

For some of you, It might take months.

Although you’re making REAL money, it could take you months and months to hit the threshold of 10 pounds.

The lack of enough surveys and the amount of time wasted makes sites like MindMover difficult to promote, in my opinion.

There aren’t enough surveys available on the MindMover site alone that will allow a person to earn a full-time income.

Be Honest With Yourself

The MindMover website says “The cash value of the reward for completing a survey can vary from 50p to £10.”

However, ask yourself this question and really be honest with yourself:

Are 10 pounds really going to change your life?

If your get 10 pounds every four or five or six months, it’s very little money overall.

If you’re clever, what your could probably do is find a few different good survey companies that you’re like.

You could join 10 good survey companies and fill out surveys every single day and slowly your money will amass.

However, the reality is that every survey company, even if they send you a survey every day or once every week or once a month, only pays you roughly $1 per survey or around 0.77 Pound.

Note: 1 United States Dollar equals 0.77 Pound sterling.

Let’s say it takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete.

Most survey sites have a preregistration process which would take 10 or 15 minutes.

So roughly it’s going to take you about one hour to complete a survey.

Therefore, if you really think about it even if you were fortunate enough to fill out three or four surveys a day, that’s literally only about $3 to $4 that you can earn daily.

Keep in mind you’re investing three, four, or five hours of your time.

That’s a MASSIVE amount of time versus how much money you’re making.

If you do the math, three times 31 days is $93 that’s rounded up to a nice $100.

You’re earning $100 every single month, filling out surveys for three to four hours a day.

MindMover Surveys – Massive Amounts Of Time Wasted

MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

Think about how much time you’re spending versus how much money you’re making.

Ask yourself this honest truth: How is your life going to change if your earn an extra $100 per month?

It’s not.

Is $100 a month a game-changer?

I’m pretty sure it’s not.

What can you do with $100 a month? 

You can’t retire with it.

Can’t travel the world.

Certainly, you’re not going to become a millionaire.

Can’t start a business with that money.

You pay a couple of bills off and buy a few items of food.

But think about how much time you’ve invested.

You invested three to four hours a day to earn under $100 a month.

That’s very little return on investment.

Let’s add up the hours.

Let’s say it’s four hours or even three hours.

Three times 31.

You’ve just invested 93 hours.

Divide that by four.

That’s 23 hours per week.

Do you realize that’s like a part-time job?

If you had an extra three or four hours a day, you could literally be investing that into something that would pay your 100 to 200 times what a survey website could pay you.

MindMover Surveys – Not A Great Way To Make Money Online

MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

Although websites like MindMover are completely legitimate and send your surveys, overall you’ll make very little money.

Fortunately, Mind Mover never advertise that your’re going to become rich on them.

Nonetheless, it’s not a great way to make money online.

Think about this:

If your have three or four hours extra a day, even if your had one hour a day, your may as well invest that in a skill that will pay your for the rest of your life.

The internet is truly a powerful place.

When you understand leverage and understand marketing, you can create as much or as little money as you want.

The potential is there to earn $100 / 76.63 Pound extra a month or earn 20 or $30,000 extra a month.

How much money you make totally depends on you.

It depends on how much time you want to invest in your own business.

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MindMover Surveys: Is The Money You Make Worth Your Time?

In order to build a profitable online business, you have to take action on a daily basis.

You do have to invest time and energy, not into completing surveys, but into building a profitable affiliate marketing business.

If you’re willing to do that, it can literally change your life.

In this MindMover review we’ve established this fact:

You ARE NOT going to become financially independent completing surveys.

If you’re just here to fill out surveys, then Mind Movers is what you need.

But if you want to learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business that provides a substantial income, you need to look at Wealthy Affiliate.

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Take the time to do this for yourself so you can create the type of life that gives you time, money, and freedom.

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