Message Money Machine – Just How Bad Is It?

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

If you’ve come across this program called Message Money Machine you’re wondering what exactly is it and is it a legit way to make money online.

Over the course of this post I’m going to give you some information about this particular program so you can make an informed decision to invest your time and money.

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Clickbank Does it Again

OK…Let’s ditch the formalities. This is a bad Clickbank product that’s more fake than a pair of silicone breasts!

The above screenshot is of a FAKE newsroom and a staged FAKE news report. When I first saw this my immediate reaction was “Do people actually fall for this crap?”

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

The screenshot above is supposed to be a picture of the owner of Message Money Machine, Len Case. I’m happy to report the “owner” is fake.

The reason behind this is these scammers don’t want to be traced back and held accountable for their fraudulent activity. At the bottom of the video you see this little gem:

“Disclaimer – Note that for privacy purposes, Len Case is an abbreviated pen name.”

Message Money Machine Overview

Program Name: Message Money Machine

Website URL:

Price: $37 + Upsells

Owner: “Len Case”: Not the owners real name but a pen name.

Recommended? Absolutely Not

Shenanigans! Let’s Get Right To The Shenanigans

I usually don’t start product reviews this way, but I just couldn’t resist! This “program” is so full of shenanigans and malarkey that it’s fruitier than a box of Lucky Charms.

Below is a screenshot of a “testimonial” from the Message Money Machine video. In this clip, she’s telling us how she had zero experience using computers. She just “found this system” and now she’s banking $50,000 a month with very little work.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

This “testimonial” was bought on Fiverr. I suppose $25 bucks is a fair price for a fake testimonial. She didn’t even have the presence of mind to change her shirt!

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

More Fake Reviews

Below is another screenshot from their sales video of somebody saying how much success he’s had with Message Money Machine. Notice how people can look you right in the camera and LIE rather convincingly.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

Here is the same dude below. Another fake “testimonial” bought to you from Fiverr. At least this guy had the decency to wear a different shirt when making a fake testimonial.

Although I’m not sure why this guy’s fake testimonial was only $10 when the woman above was $25. I guess she must have kids to feed.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

But wait! The Shenanigans don’t stop. Below is ANOTHER screenshot of a fake “testimonial” from the sales video. More smiles, lies, and deception.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

Courtesy of Fiverr another paid FAKE “testimonial”. What kind of people are these who have no problem flat out lying like this to mislead unsuspecting individuals without any remorse? People today can do this because THEY DON’T CARE.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

These scammers expect you to buy based on a bunch of lies and just take their word for it. They really think you are too stupid to see through their shenanigans.

Blarney, Malarkey and TomFoolerry

When you hear how easy it’s supposed to be to make money in the sales video I’m thinking the people who came up with this scam must have been smoking one too many joints and started hallucinating. Here’s a list of the so-called benefits of this app:

  • You don’t need to set up a website
  • You don’t need to worry about traffic
  • Message Money Machine profits from some unknown $300 billion dollar industry
  • The app puts you in some mysterious payment network
  • All you do is send messages – you don’t need a list
  • You send messages sharing other people’s viral videos and create magical links that deposit money into your bank account
  • Hundreds of “companies” supposedly pay for these weird services

Really… Are you kidding me?

This is one of the most ridiculous so-called business opportunities I’ve come across in a while. There’s no way you’re going to make $920.55 a day sharing people’s viral videos.

Contrary to what you’re promised, after you pay your $37 you’re not going to get any app. You will just get some lame members’ area that will build a lousy one-page site with some viral videos on it from YouTube.

Message Money Machine is similar to other programs I’ve reviewed that are full of hype and deception and short on results:

Does “Easy Money” Really Exist?

Any system that promises “easy money” or “big money with little effort”, or “thousands of dollars in your first couple of weeks” is flat-out LYING to you! You can’t make money online doing virtually nothing.

The internet has NEVER worked that way and it never will. Making money online takes a tremendous amount of work and an investment of time.

These scammers are so bold that they actually claim you can start to see results IN LESS THAN 4 MINUTES! That’s the biggest crock of LIES I’ve ever heard of! Can you believe that people still fall for these SCAMS?

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

Believing that you can make up to $1,000 every day in just minutes by just sending random messages is so ridiculous that it defys logic.

If you use plain common sense anyone can see right through this garbage. If this “opportunity” was LEGIT imagine the tens of thousands of people would take advantage of this.

Where’s The App?

For those unfortunate souls who are gullible enough to buy into this you’ll find out the hard way that there is no neat little “app” connected to this scam as the liars mention in the video.

After paying the initial access fee of $37 all you get access to is some low grade crappy affiliate marketing training. When I say low-grade training, I mean LOW. This training is garbage. This training is so bad that it will make you run from your laptop.

There is no Message Money Machine app…There never was!

What’s Wrong With Clickbank?

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

I’ve never understood why Clickbank continues to promote this crap on their platform. They promote it by not holding these scammers to a higher standard.

The Clickbank brand is world renown; they don’t have to host programs like this on their platform, but they quietly sit on the sidelines and allow this to go on.

It’s allowing garbage like this to exist that prevents me from actively promoting Clickbank products.

There are A FEW and I really mean A FEW good products on Clickbank, but the vast majority of them are trash. The owners of Clickbank really need to clean up their act.

My Obvious Conclusio

This is a SCAM, pure and simple. It’s so bad, Message Money Machine gets my Moist Cow Dung Award for outstanding unethical practices.

There are other aspects to this so-called program I could take the time to point out but I won’t do it.

If it isn’t clear to anyone reading this that Message Money Machine is a SCAM then you really need to find another way to make money for yourself and your family. Stay away from internet marketing. You will FAIL trying to make money online. I guarantee it.

Message Money Machine - Just How Bad Is It?

An Honest, Ethical Alternative

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Talk soon,


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  1. Hi Howard. I totally agree with you concerning Click Bank. What’s happening with them? Why do the continue promoting this type of sites? I know they don’t promote it directly, but by allowing them on their platform they are promoting it.

    I’m glad you pointed out the fake testimonials. And the false news room. After reading your post it will be easier for me to distinguish scams from here on. Thank you very much!

  2. This is a helpful review. I can say you have done well to have posted this here.

    Reviewing  information about this online program will really go a long way as to help make an informed decision if it worth investing your time and money on. What a bloody fake one. This has really revealed one should do a thorough research on a particular program before venturing into it. Thanks for this eye- opening review.

  3. Thanks for exposing another shady online business that lure people into scams platform and wipe off their money within the twinkle of an eye. I haven’t heard about message money machine but the name itself sounds as if its a scam. i would advice all readers to run away from get rich schemes and focus fully on building online empire.

  4. Wow, nice investigation work to find the Fivrr videos. It’s really disappointing reading this, I just cannot help but think about all the people who are being ripped off!

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