Kosmoh Review – Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Welcome to my Kosmoh Review; this post will introduce you to one of the latest MLM companies in the cryptocurrency niche.

If you landed here because you want to know more about Kosmoh or you are looking for answers so you can decide if this business opportunity is legit or suitable for you, then you are in good hands.

This Kosmoh review will introduce you to the company, its products, compensation plans, and other information you will find useful.

Make sure you read the entire post carefully so you don’t miss out on any important information. Once you are done reading, you will know if Kosmoh is a scam or a legit platform.

Kosmoh Review – What Is This Company About?

Kosmoh is an MLM company based out of Wyoming, USA, that specializes in cryptocurrency.

On the company’s site, they happen to have an executive team.

Is this MLM crypto company really transparent about the owners?

Do they really carry out their operations from the United States?

From what I discovered, Amit Jaiswal owns Kosmoh. Amit Jaiswal has promoted Ponzi schemes like GainBitcoin, a $300 million Ponzi scheme.

He also created a company known as AsiaDigiCoin that used altcoin, which did not make any sense during its operations.

Well, I could not confirm Kosmoh relationship with Jaiswal.

The domain name, “kosmoh.com,” was privately registered on the 3rd of December, 2019.

From what I have gathered so far, the company appears to be a scam.

Kosmoh Review – The Kosmoh Wall of Lies

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Above is a screenshot of the so-called “executive team” at Kosmoh.

Pay particular attention to “Tyler Weah.”

As you can clearly see from the screenshot below, he is a Fiverr actor!

“Tyler Weah” didn’t even bother to change outfits or take the picture with a different background.

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Another member o the “executive team” Jim Ashe, had a mustache and beard photoshopped on his fake picture.

The real photo is on the left, the FAKE one is on the right.

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Here is another member of the so-called “executive team”, Peter Isner.

The real picture is on the left, the FAKE photoshopped one is on the right:

Thanks to our old friend www.tineye.com, noticed how often this photo has been bought, paid for, and used:

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Below is another “member” of the so-called executive team, Peter Isner.

The FAKE photoshopped picture is on the right.

Wanna see how often this picture has been used?

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

According to www.tineye.com, this photo has really been around the block – over 228 times:

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Well, as you can see the Executive team at Kosmoh are all FAKE, all frauds.

I’m 100% sure if we searched the other 4 members, we would come up with the same results: FAKE!

Kosmoh Review And Kosmoh Update, July 18th, 2020

Update July 18th, 2020 – As of the time of this update, Kosmoh has deleted its YouTube channel and Fivver actor marketing videos.

Also, Kosmoh’s website is now 403…It’s no longer working!

When you type in the URL www.kosmoh.com you get the following:

Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

Kosmoh Review – Products Offered and Compensation Plan

Besides promoting its affiliate membership, this company does not have any retail products or services to offer.

Similar companies, which I have reviewed, include Praetorian Group International and Circle of Finance.

Since there is no product or service to talk about, let’s head straight to the Kosmoh compensation plan in the next section.

Compensation Plan

Kosmoh promises members 0.3% – 0.7% daily return when they invest between #$300 to $50,000. They have different packages members and opt into:

  • Starter – 300 dollars
  • Trader – 500 dollars
  • Pro-Trader – 1200 dollars
  • Explorer – 3000 dollars
  • Pro-Explorer – 7000 dollars
  • Advance – 15,000 dollars
  • Mentor – 50,000 dollars

Returns on investment are capped at 400$. Not surprisingly, if you want to continue making money on the platform, you will have to reinvest.

Kosmoh will pay commissions when members sponsor new affiliates who will invest.

Residual Commissions and Affiliate Bonus

Residual commissions are paid through a uni-level compensation plan in Kosmoh tokens.

In a uni-level compensation plan, an affiliate is placed at the top of the team, and every affiliate they recruit personally is directly placed under them.

These new recruits from level 1 Affiliates personally sponsored by level 1 affiliates are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate in the uni-level team.

Level 3 affiliates are recruited by affiliates on level 2, and that’s how the uni-level team continues to grow in levels.

Kosomoh, caps the levels at 20, which is the highest attainable level in the uni-level compensation structure.

A percentage of the money invested across the levels is paid to affiliates.

Also, there is a cap for daily residual commissions depending on the investment package you purchased when joining.

For example, if you purchase the package for 15,000 dollars, your commissions will be capped to 15,000 USD per day.

If you want to earn beyond level 12, you must meet all the requirements of a Manager, irrespective of your previous investment.

Affiliate Bonus

It appears that the Kosmoh affiliate bonus is more of a reinvestment bonus.

Affiliate bonuses are paid using the same uni-level plan structure described above.

For every affiliate you recruit personally, you will earn 50% as an affiliate bonus, provided the new recruits activate their account with the affiliate membership pack of 50 dollars for a lifetime.

What Is the Registration Cost

You will have to invest between $300 – $50,000 for Kosmoh affiliate membership.

All investments are made in cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and Ethereum. See packages and prices below:

  • Starter – $300
  • Trader – $500
  • Pro-Trader – $1200
  • Explorer – $3000
  • Pro-Explorer – $7000
  • Advance – $15,000
  • Mentor – $50,000

As you can see, the pricing gets pretty steep.

That’s understandable when you realize that Kosmoh relies heavily on new recruits’ money to keep the scheme afloat.

At this point, it’s not looking good for Kosmoh.

Along with this, there are absolutely no retail products that are available to be sold to the public.

This is something that is extremely concerning to the Federal Trade Commission.

Kosmoh is similar to a number of websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Kosmoh Was A Straight-Up Ponzi Scheme

Is the Kosmoh business opportunity a scam?

From what the company is saying, all external revenues are generated by trading in cryptocurrencies.

The Kosmoh Application is built with the knowledge and expertise of traders and is coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence, delivering the first of its kind trading ecosystem.

Do not fall for the false testimonials you see, most or all of them are photoshopped images and the videos were created by hired actors from freelancing websites.

I do not believe that this company is into any form of trade, there is every indication that they generate their income from money gotten from new recruits.

Thus, Kosmoh is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Do not forget they do not have any retail product or service to offer.

I am pretty sure you value your time, effort, and money, so I do not recommend joining this platform for any reason.

As I mentioned earlier, Kosmoh’s website is no longer available, which means that this fraudulent Ponzi scheme imploded on itself far sooner than anyone expected.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s GREAT news!

Here’s more great news:

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Kosmoh Review - Big Money Opportunity or Crypto Shenanigans?

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