KickEX Review – Can You Make Big Money With This?

KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Welcome to this KickEX Review. KickEx is a Multi-Level Marketing company that claims to make money operating in the crypto niche.

This brief review will give you the basic facts about KickEx so you can decide if you should get involved with this cryptocurrency MLM.

Who Is Running KickEx?

On the bottom of the website page under “About,” you’ll find a tab that says “Team.”

When you click on it you see the following:

KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?
KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

There is little information available about the people who make up the “Kick Ecosystem Team.”

You will not find any biographical information about the owners or the people running this platform.

When the information about the owner or the people running a business is missing, that’s a major red flag.

However, when I did a reverse image search on the images above, they all showed 0 results.

That means the pictures of the Kick Team Members above are of real people, and not fake people from stock images that you find on many of these websites.

Therefore, these “Team Members” are real people associated with the KickEx platform, which is a good sign the company is legitimate., which is the domain name, was privately registered on the 24th of May, 2019.

The platform describes itself on its official page on Facebook as a “Financial service in Moscow, Russia.”

Initially, it seems as though a fair amount of traffic going to this website was from Russia and Algeria, which is another cause for concern, as both countries have weak laws regulating cryptocurrency MLMs.

However, it appears that attempts are being made to expand into other countries and markets.

It appears that the platform belongs to the “KICK Ecosystem” owned and created by CEO Anti A. Danilevski.

We have no idea why this information is missing from the company’s website.

Before Danilevski became involved in cryptocurrency, he was in the video game niche.

Danilevski, in 2015, became an angel investor in Whirl, an online company. In June 2017, he became a Whirl Board Director.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, Whirl is a “socially driven, pay it forward crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain, designed to help individual projects, through mutual scalable support.”

Based on my research, Danilevski has no prior multi-level marketing experience.

Are There Any Products

KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

There is no retail product or service aside from promoting KickEX affiliate membership.

This is another red flag: when an MLM has no discernable retail product to sell to the general public, that’s a sure warning sign.

Purchasing the membership gives you access to an internal crypto exchange.

Registration Cost And Compensation Plan

Becoming a member of this platform costs nothing; it is free.

However, don’t let the fact that signing up is free makes this business legitimate.

Regarding compensation, affiliates will receive commissions when their downlines pay for the exchange trading fees.

The platform uses a uni-level compensation plan structure to pay commissions to members.

In a uni-level compensation plan, an affiliate is placed at the top of the team, and every affiliate they recruit personally is placed directly under them (level 1).

Affiliates recruited by level 1 are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate.

Also, affiliates recruited by level 2 are placed on level 3, and this will continue to grow (no limits to the number of levels).

The platform, however, caps the payable level at level 10.

KickEx pays commissions as a percentage of trading fees gotten across the 10 levels. See the percentage paid below:

  • Get 15% from level 1
  • You Get 10% from level 2
  • 7% from level 3
  • Get 6% from level 4
  • Get 4% from level 5
  • You Get 3% from level 6
  • Get 2% from level 7
  • 1% from level 8
  • Get 0.5% from level 9 and level 10

Is KickEX Legit?

At this point, I cannot say that KickEx is a scam.

Although I can’t say KickEX is a scam platform, there are some red flags about this business opportunity.

Although they use the MLM business model, they don’t have any retail products or services to offer to the general public.

The majority of governmental jurisdictions have MLM laws that require them to offer a retail product or service.

When a multi-level marketing company fails to have retail products that can be sold to the public, they are considered a Ponzi scheme.

Also, here is another point to keep in mind:

Look at the image below from the “Partners” tab under “About:”

KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Many websites will show an “Our Partners” section in order to add some legitimacy to the platform.

In many cases, these “partners” aren’t associated with the company at all.

When unsuspecting, gullible people see some recognizable corporate names, they say to themselves “Ahh…This company must be legitimate because they’re associated with Forbes,”

This is one of the oldest tricks in online marketing, so don’t assume when you see these so-called “partners” that the platform is honest and legitimate.

The only way to really know is to do the work of researching the company for yourself before you commit your hard-earned money.

The Issue With KickEx

KickEX Review - Can You Make Big Money With This?

Surprisingly, the platform’s MLM approach is legit.

Members sign up, make use of the exchange, and receive commissions on exchange trading fees.

Your activities on the exchange have no link with the commissions generated; it is only based on the trading fees collected.

The issue with this platform is what their compensation plan is connected to.

They started in 2019 as KickICO, an ecosystem that offers people access to purchase tokens of fresh, innovative projects in their early stages.

KICK token was launched by KickICO; however, the token collapsed.

The token had a value of 24.9 cents towards the end of 2017 (early investors made money).

The value fell all through 2018 and 2019; as of December 2019, the token had a value of $0.000062.

The value happened to increase over the past weeks to $0.000082, and this leads us to KickEx, which is likely the reason for the rise in value.

According to the website, members will be paid commissions in KICK tokens.

The recent spike in value will have to do with affiliates purchasing KICK tokens to withdraw referral commissions.

The issue here is that you are buying into a platform with a community of people who are desperate to cash out.

Is The Token Worthless?

The value of the KICK token is insignificant, and affiliates are lured into using the KICK token all in the name of getting referral commissions.

The main reason they have a setup like this is to create artificial demand.

To cut the story short, investing with this platform is more like helping early investors get rid of their Kick tokens; if you are okay with it, you can sign up.

The value of the KICK token is very low, and it is worthless at the end of the day.

Even if the platform is not a scam, I don’t think it is a worthy investment opportunity.

KickEX is similar to other cryptocurrency websites I’ve reviewed such as:

Why Do People Continually Fall For Crypto MLM Ponzi Schemes?

It’s very simple: most people want to make a “return on investment” without putting in the work.

The mindset of most people is to through a bunch of money against the wall and see what sticks.

The inherent laziness of most people, regardless of the country you live in, is the very thing online scammers prey upon.

Understand this: scammers know how people think and they use psychology to steal as much money as they can from your bank account or credit card.

Scammers are great at appealing to human emotions to get you to part with your money.

The ONLY way around this is to recognize that YOU are going to have to participate in your own financial rescue.

You have to learn to leverage the power of the internet and affiliate marketing and build your own profitable online business.

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