KashTree Review – Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

KashTree Review

I welcome you to my KashTree Review.

I am sure you stumbled upon this opportunity on your quest to earn online. According to KashTree, you claim you can make about $500 dollars in a day when you join!

How true is this and how is this possible? Will you get paid? Is joining this platform a waste of time?

You will find all the answers to your question once you are done reading this brief KashTree Review.

I will tell you all you need to know about this platform, how KashTree works, and if you can earn real cash when you register.

I will also point out some red flags about this platform, with this, you can tell if KashTree is legit or a scam platform to stay away from.

KashTree Review – What Is KashTree About?

KashTree Review
  • Company Name: KashTree
  • Website URL: KashTree.com
  • Owner: the actual owner is unknown
  • Launched In: August 2019
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended: Absolutely NOT!

KashTree is a GPT site that claims to offer you opportunities to make money online by completing some simple online tasks like taking surveys, downloading apps, playing games, etc.

You get a referral link once you are signed in which you can share on your social networks.

Supposedly, you get a commission if someone joins KashTree, through your affiliate link.

The platform describes itself as “a #1 influencer network” that pays users when they share their referral links on social platforms and websites.

You will be surprised when you discover the real truth about them.

Survey Sites That Claim To Be The #1 Influencer Are A Scam

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

The Better Business Bureau has been warning consumers about survey or GPT websites that claim to be “the #1 Social Media Influencer site.”

100% of these “influencer” sites are data harvesting scams.

The following is a quote from the BBB website with a warning as follows:
“BBB warns consumers that potential scammers can set themselves up publicly as online marketing companies or influencer platforms in many variations. They have been known to solicit consumers to sign up for their programs to share links, refer friends, create videos, complete surveys, or download apps and games to review, with the promise of being paid for doing so.

I have reviewed hundreds of these “#1 Influencer” websites, and every last one of them was SCAMS.

The Testimonials on KashTree Are Fake

No doubt KashTree has some so-called testimonials on its website, but you can be sure that all of them are fake and copy-pasted clones from other sites that I’ve reviewed such as:

It has 3 or 4 Youtube videos promoting it, but the people promoting it are KashTree members and making videos for completing their tasks. 

Promoting KashTree and making positive Youtube videos is one of the tasks in  KashTree, which the members are told they are getting paid for.

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

For example, look at the middle testimonial, “Ambria N.” Is her testimonial real?

Her testimonial is absolutely FAKE, and so are the other two shown above. Look at the many times below this image has been used on other websites.

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?
KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

KashTree Makes You Think You Are Earning Money – But You’re Not

You can also earn by sharing your referral link on social media, per referral you get $10 and if someone visits through your link you get $2, also you get $25 as a sign-up bonus.

KashTree offers you $30 per task, which is not possible for any Legit GPT site, in reality, any legit GPT site will offer you some cents to complete different tasks and $1 – $2 for completing a survey.

Then why KashTree is offering so much money just as a sign-up bonus? 

It’s because KashTree does not pay anyone!

More Shenanigans And TomFoolery!

 No doubt, it will seem you are earning money when you sign up and when someone clicks on your referral links, which you will see in your dashboard or account.

The platform also promises to pay you an extra $50 when you record and upload a testimonial video on YouTube.

This amount supposedly will reflect on your KashTree account.

They also tell you that another way to make money on the platform is by performing simple tasks.

Supposedly, they claim if you participate in the online surveys they offer, you can earn about $30.

You will also receive $30 when you enter your email, create a password, and confirm your credit card information.

None of these things add up. Imagine receiving $30 for providing sensitive information.

There is no doubt that with so many people unemployed due to COVID-19, millions of people would be jumping on this opportunity if it was legit.

KashTree is not legit and all of the above ways of making money through their various offers are a flat-out LIE.

It appears like you are making money when on the platform, and your dashboard will reflect that you are making money.

However, I can tell you that you will never see a dime of that money.

Payment Proofs Are A Lie

You will NEVER see the money you’ve been promised!

The platform claims they have been in existence since 2015.

This is a flat-out lie and can be proved.

Below is a screenshot from WHOIS.com. Look at the “Registered On” date:

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

The platform’s domain name (kashtree.com) was registered on the 11th of August 2019.

However, they say they have been in operation since 2015, but their domain registration says otherwise.

It’s safe to conclude that KashTree blatantly lied about how long it’s been in existence!

Also, the payment proofs they present are a lie as well.

For example, look at this screenshot of one of the payment proofs:

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

The date of payment is February $20,2019!

That’s impossible when KashTree.com didn’t come into existence until August 11th, 2019!

Here’s another so-called payment proof below. This person claimed to be paid on June 7th, 2019.

KashTree Review - Will Big Money Grow On This Tree?

Again, how on earth could KashTree.com pay this person on June 7th, 2019 when KashTree wasn’t in existence until August 11th, 2019?

This is more proof that KashTree.com is an absolutely fraudulent website and a total SCAM.

Online Surveys Are The Worst Way To Make Money Online

Just so you know, you cannot become wealthy on the internet through online surveys.

There is no doubt that filling out online surveys is the worst way to endeavor to make money online.

If you manage not to get scammed, you are actually making pennies on the dollar for hours upon hours of work.

If you are looking for serious income, then you need to start a legit online business.

But the problem is that the internet is filled up with tons of scams!

Thus, finding the right one as well as the right information to get started may be a problem.

Is KashTree Legit?

I can say without any doubt that KashTree.com is a scam.

If you go through the content of their website and compare the text you find there with platforms like Viral Bucks and Kids Have Money.

Both of these are also 100% scams, you will notice that the content is similar!

All the texts on the sites are the same, word for word, copy, and paste. It’s as though the same person or group of people keep churning out the same type of websites over and over again.

If you have time, compare KashTree.com to legit survey sites like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards.

However, the method that I’ve used and tens of thousands of others have used has provided financial rewards far beyond anything a mere survey site could offer.

The platform I’m referring to is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn How To Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to earn legitimate, consistent money, you need to commit to a program that will teach you the correct way to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help ordinary people with zero internet marketing experience learn the correct way to make money online.

Unlike the unknown owners of KashTree, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are completely transparent and accessible.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

Understand this point: Making Money Online is much like any other business, which requires patience, hard work, and persistence.

The reason people fail to make money online is because of their wrong mindset. 

The people who try to make money online and fail do so because they do not want to work hard, or they want to put in little or no effort to get the results.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich scheme. You have to put in the hard work and do so consistently.

However, the rewards are far greater than you can imagine.

Tens of thousands of people who haveused Wealthy Affiliate are making more money in one month than most people make in an entire year!

The above is not a promise of income, but a statement of what is possible with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Before you decide that this is not the right time or you’re “too tired” or you have “other commitments”, consider these words:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The above words, from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, are a fact of life.

I’m fully convinced I’ve made the right decision by building my business with Wealthy Affiliate…

What are you going to do?

Talk soon,


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