Kannaway – Big Money MLM Or A Scam To Avoid?

Kannaway – Big Money MLM Or A Scam To Avoid?

This article will introduce you to Kannaway, their products, what they offer, and so on.

So if you are here because you want to know if Kannaway is legit or not, ensure you read this post completely.

You also want to know can you make money with Kannaway.

Once you are done reading, you can now tell if it is legit or if this platform is a scam.

Kannaway – Legit or Scam? Quick Overview

  • Name of Company: Kannaway 
  • Website URL: kannaway.com
  • Type of Products: Healthy & Wellness Hemp Oil MLM
  • Price To Join MLM: $54.98 per year
  • Founders:  Christopher Hussey and Jeff Rogers

Kannaway Sells CBD Infused Products

Kannaway – Big Money MLM Or A Scam To Avoid?

Kannaway is an MLM company based in California founded in 2014; they offer hemp extract products infused with CBD.

As an MLM company, they encourage recruiting individuals to join the platform and building strong downlines.

You may be familiar with some CBD (cannabidiol) companies, but Kannaway is completely different from the regular ones you know.

They don’t operate like their competitors that sell products directly to customers; this company has a Multi-Level Marketing strategy.

Distributors on the platforms are referred to as Brand Ambassadors; the company does not see them as “business partners” or mere “distributors.”

Their mission, as stated on their official site, is to help distributors succeed by distributing their products (CBD-infused).

Their core products are hemp extracts infused with CBD, and they offer different specialized product lines.

Other products offered by Kannaway include edibles, vaporizers, and skincare products.

They also offer pet products infused with CBD, apparel and other interesting items.

Kannaway was awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau® (BBB); this award, however, does not mean everything about this company is perfect.

The Compensation Plan Is…Complicated

Many of my colleagues in their blog posts actually take time to break down the compensation plan on their blogs as if people are actually going to read that crap.

I’ve never understood why on earth are network marketing compensation plans so freaking complicated!

If you want to see the entire Kannaway Compensation Plan, Click Here.

To be completely honest with you, complicated network marketing compensation plans are a major reason I’ll never get involved with recruiting for any MLM.

Below are all of the ways you earn with Kannaway, and each “bonus” has its own detailed explanation.

It would send my blood pressure through the roof to try and explain the details of EACH of these commissions!

Look at all of the different ways you get paid below:

  • Direct Sales Commissions
  • Direct Sales Bonus (DBS)
  • FastStart 3000 Bonus
  • FastStart 9000 Bonus
  • 3 FastStart value packs:
    • Junior Executive Value Pack
    • Senior Executive Value Pack
    • Total Product Experience Value Pack
  • DSB Check Match
  • Team Override Commissions (downline commissions)
  • Rank Infinity Bonus
  • Coded Infinity Bonus
  • Lifestyle Bonus
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Minimum Income Guarantee Bonus

Below is a video that explains the Kannaway Compensation Plan. This video can explain it much better than I ever could.

Kannaway Is Not Without Some Controversy

Kannaway was accused in 2014 of trademark infringement by Cannavest (now called CV Sciences, Inc.) – this company also sells CBD oil.

In 2015, Medical Marijuana (the firm that also owns Kannaway) accused Steward Environmental, a laboratory-based in Colorado, of posting wrong info about the level of toxic solvents in the products offered by the company.

Two years ago, Brand ambassadors in Belgian were penalized by local authorities for selling cannabis oil in the country.

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, a Belgian newspaper, Kannaway ambassadors took advantage of severely ill patients and also practiced illegal pyramid schemes.

Is Kannaway a Pyramid Scheme?

Kannaway is a legit MLM company and not a pyramid scheme.

They have many products infused with CBD for sale, and their brand ambassadors can choose to direct their focus to sell these products.

However, Kannaway has some business areas that are quite similar to a pyramid scheme.

Aside from selling products, the company encourages its ambassadors to recruit members to be part of their downline or team.

Ambassadors on the platform are paid commissions anytime a downline or team member sells Kannaway products.

Kannaway is a legit business opportunity, but it looks more like a pyramid scheme when ambassadors are more focused on recruiting members instead of selling products.

Having a balance between actual retail sales and sales resulting from members’ auto-ship orders is critical.

The sad news about MLMs is that only some of their products will sell or perform well in the market.

This is because the market is already filled with similar health and wellness products at competitive prices.

As a result, you will end up having to recruit people and build a downline so you can earn as many commissions as possible.

Kannaway is similar to other network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

Success Is Not Easy With Network Marketing

Although MLMs are one of the most popular marketing models, that does not mean anyone who joins an MLM company will make millions of dollars.

Frankly, you make not make a profit at all.

Please observe these sobering statistics on Multi-Level Marketing:

The truth is only a tiny fraction of people who join MLMs actually make money from it, and a lot of people are deceived into investing their precious time and money in this business model.

If you look at the market right now, it is filled with competitors and saturated with lots of CBD-infused products; thus, selling Kannaway products could be a difficult task.

In the end, you will be left with selling the products you buy to your friends/family and recruiting new members (family, friends, or neighbors).

Even after recruiting people, your success on this MLM platform is not certain as most of the people you recruit may lack the required skills to secure a successful sale.

Cost to Become a Member on Kannaway

Kannaway offers prospects an opportunity to own a business without spending a fortune as capital.

The annual brand ambassador fee on this platform costs $54.98.

Registration also comes with some added benefits.

Distributors on the platform start as brand ambassadors.

They climb the ranks gradually to directors, senior directors, executive directors, and other higher ranks when they make a certain amount of money and recruit a given number of members on the platform.

The Double Crown Ambassador Elite is the highest rank on the platform.

Regardless of your rank on the platform, you will still pay 54.98 USD for the Annual Brand Ambassador Business Fee.

Some people may register on the platform because they were compelled to, and they agreed to prevent you from disturbing their peace.

Others may sign up because they were drawn to the possibilities of making easy money on the platform, but they can’t continue any longer after having a true feel of this business opportunity.

Also, Kannaway did not publish its income disclosure statements.

Where Are The Income Disclosure Statements?

Why are Income Disclosure Statements important?

Income Disclosure Statements allow the general public to see how many people are making money and how much they’re making.

I’ve always had a rule never to endorse an MLM that won’t show their Income Disclosure Statements.

Nonetheless, what the Income Disclosure Statement would show you is the success rate in Kannaway is rare.

This is absolutely true for 98% of network marketing companies in existence today.

Most MLMs may be legit, but their business model/strategy is flawed (there is no guarantee for success).

So I won’t advise you to be a part of any company that employs Multi-Level Marketing as a core business strategy.

Therefore, in my opinion, what is the best strategy for moving forward in 2020?

The best strategy is to build your own affiliate marketing business through Wealthy Affiliate.

Build A Online Business That You Actually Control

Control. Everybody wants to have control.

Here’s a little secret: When you become a representative for an MLM company, you relinquish control of your business to someone else.

How can that be when you’re constantly told “this is your business?”

Here’s the key point:

It’s the website.

The website you’re provided, regardless of the network marketing company, belongs to them.

What you’re given is a “replicated website.”

It’s the exact same website that all the other reps are given.

Therefore, Google, Yahoo, and Bing look at these websites as duplicate content.

The search engines hate these types of websites.

You can’t get free, organic traffic from them. You’re unable to add relevant content.

The only way you can get meaningful traffic is to buy traffic, and that’s expensive.

This is one of the main reasons why there’s such an emphasis on personally recruiting.

Your website is useless as far as SEO is concerned – you cannot set it up to receive free, organic traffic.

Therefore, the bottom line is that you are NOT in complete control of your business.

Create a FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate and build your own affiliate marketing website.

Take REAL control of your business without the hassles associated with network marketing.

For me personally, it was the best business decision I’ve made.

I hope it will be for you as well.

Talk Soon,


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