Jimmy Mengel’s The Crow’s Nest Review

Jimmy Mengel's The Crow's Nest Review

This post will tell you all you need to know about Jimmy Mengel’s The Crow’s Nest, an investing service I came across through a presentation on a website belonging to the Outsiders club.

Can you make money using the information provided in The Crow’s Nest?

In the presentation, Jimmy Mengel made mention of a revolution in energy worth $2.5 trillion, which he referred to as the “Blue Gas.”

In the video presentation, Jimmy mentioned that he discovered a “tiny stock” related to Blue Gas that delivers “earth-shattering gains of 11,666%.” and this discovery could be a “Tesla Killer.”

The presentation will suggest you become a Crow’s Nest member, an investing newsletter service managed by Jimmy Mengel.

When you pay $99, you get 12-month membership access to his ideas, stock picks, and some bonus reports about investing in cannabis stocks, clean energy, and so on.

To know more about this investing service and if it is worth your time, continue reading.

Unveiling “Blue Gas” And “Tesla Killer”

I have no idea how I stumbled on this presentation, but I kept wondering what the “blue gas” Jimmy mentioned was all about.

Well, I am no scientist or an expert in the field of renewable energy, but that did not stop me from researching this topic.

From what I discovered, hydrogen fuel cells, called Blue Gas, is more of an alternative source of energy that can serve as a power source for vehicles (the same way as batteries), but it takes away the need to recharge.

Click here to see how energy.gov describes fuel cells.

Fuel cells are not new, and this technology has been proven to work.

However, the problem with this alternative energy source lies in making it efficient and more affordable to substitute other common forms of energy.

I think this is why Elon Musk, according to a CNBC article, described the idea of powering vehicles with hydrogen-powered fuel cells as “mind-bogglingly stupid.”

This is completely different from how Jimmy perceives the Blue Gas in his presentation.

According to Jimmy, Elon Musk is “furious” and worried that the Blue Gas would be the end of Tesla.

Personally, I feel Elon does not see the idea as a viable one.

What or who should I believe? If you have this question on your mind, continue reading to know more about this service.

About The Crow’s Nest

Jimmy Mengel's The Crow's Nest Review

The Crow’s Nest, an investing newsletter service created by Jimmy Mengel, pictured above, costs $99.

When you join, you will be granted access to individual stock picks, stock market investing ideas, and some of Jimmy’s most recent bonus reports for 12 months.

According to outsiderclub.com, Jimmy started as a journalist and covered topics on government malfeasance and civil liberties.

I did not come across useful information that showed how he switched into investing.

Still, Jimmy has done a lot and built a reputation within the cannabis niche and other sectors.

When you join The Crow’s Nest, you get to receive monthly newsletters from Jimmy where he provides insights, as well as other stocks or markets that interest him.

Jimmy also shares information on how you can prepare for retirement and minimize your cost of living.

When I came across the platform for the first time, the name sounded strange for a financial service.

However, the idea became clear and made sense as I got to know more about it.

The Crow’s nest is a structure on a ship that is used as a lookout; and this is the primary aim of the service, to serve as a guide and lookout as you control your ship/affairs and navigate the hurdles of investing.

The Crows’ Nest service, according to the Outsiders Club website, aims to “demystify your finances and arm you with the knowledge and research you need to save, grow your money, and prosper all on your own.”

This service is targeted at people who are interested in managing their funds, and at the same time, learn from successful experts.

Jimmy claims to be an expert with a track record of success.

He even went further to say he has not lost money on any of the 88 investments he recommended to members on his platform.

He also stated that the investments he recommended produced gains of 6868%.

However, I am a bit skeptical about his first claim; no one – even the most seasoned investors – get it right all the time.

About Jimmy Mengel

Jimmy Mengel is the founder of the Crow’s Nest service and the lead director of The Outsiders Club LLC, the company that publishes his newsletters.

According to outsiderclub.com, Jimmy started as a journalist and covered topics on government malfeasance and civil liberties.

I did not come across useful information that showed how he switched into investing.

Still, Jimmy has done a lot and built a reputation within the cannabis niche and other sectors.

Crow’s Nest Review – Conclusion

I got to know about Crow’s Nest service when I saw Jimmy’s presentation on “Blue Gas” and “Tesla Killer.”

I discovered Blue Gas was Jimmy’s idea in describing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, which he feels is the next boom.

Jimmy also mentioned that you could make massive gains if you invest in the little stock mentioned in his bonus report.

To get access to his stock pics, you will have to pay $99 to get the Crow’s Nest service.

When you pay for this service, you get access to monthly newsletters, regular market updates, stock picks, and bonus reports.

Everything you get is to help you make money in the stock market and save money.

The Crow’s Nest is similar to other investing services I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is The Crow’s Nest Service Worth Joining?

I feel this service would be amazing for the right person.

Jimmy Mengel is an expert when it comes to investing, and the publishing company, Outsiders Club, is legit.

However, don’t expect to get rich instantly by following stock picks provided by another person.

The chances of making real money, in reality, are rare.

Before you join, I would advise that you understand the risks involved and know that there is no guarantee.

Is There Another Option To Learn How To Make Money Online?

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