Is Yuno Surveys A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Is Yuno Surveys A Scam Or Big Money Maker?

Many of you reading this review want to know Is Yuno Surveys A Scam?

Can you make decent money from Yuno Surveys?

Yuno Surveys is an online platform where you share your opinions and get paid.

It’s possible this is your first time learning about Yuno Surveys.

You might be wondering whether this website is genuine or not.

If that is the case, you will find this brief review useful.

You will be able to decide if Yuno is suitable for you after reading.

Yuno Surveys Summary

Is Yuno Surveys A Scam Or A Legit Survey Panel?
  • Company: Yuno Surveys
  • Price to join: Free
  • Rating: 50/100
  • Do I recommend it: No
  • Summary: Yuno Survey is a genuine platform that pays you for taking surveys.

I won’t really advise you to join this company, even though I like the fact that their website is user-friendly and they have a low cash-out threshold.

Ultimately, you only get pennies for completing surveys which usually take a longer time to complete than specified on the website.

The company doesn’t really offer you an opportunity to earn something substantial – just literally pennies on the dollar.

How Do Yuno Surveys Work?

It is pretty simple to sign up for Yuno Surveys.

All you need to do is provide and verify your email address.

You can earn points by taking surveys of different lengths.

The surveys are classified according to their length and the number of points you can earn (the higher the point, the longer the survey).

You need to fill out a questionnaire since most surveys are interested in a particular demographic.

After providing answers to questions like what kind of job you do, what’s your age, how much you earn, and what’s your gender, you will be given a survey that matches your demographic.

Not all surveys are hosted by Yuno, as some come from third-party sites.

Referring People Gives You Points

Is Yuno Surveys A Scam Or A Legit Survey Panel?

You don’t only get paid here by taking surveys.

You are given a special link to share with friends and families once you sign up.

When someone registers through your link, 50 points will be given to you, and you will get 100 points if the person is able to complete 3 surveys.

Sadly, 100 points is only equivalent to about $1.

So, referring people can’t really earn you much money.

For you to get anything significant here, you will need to refer thousands of people, which is an extremely difficult task.

How Does Yuno Pay You?

The company doesn’t actually pay you cash.

Rather, you earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards. Yuno allows you to get the following gift cards:

At the time of writing this post, they offer prepaid MasterCards, gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards as rewards.

However, this may vary depending on the country you live in.

At one point they offered a larger selection of gift cards, but for reasons unknown, they now only have three options.

Please keep in mind that their selection of gift card options can change at a moment’s notice.

To cash out, you will need at least 600 points, which is equivalent to a $5 gift card.

From my own experience, the shortest survey has a duration of 20-25 minutes and is worth 40 points.

Therefore, you will have to complete about 15 of the “short” surveys to get 600 points.

I think it will take you roughly 5 hours to achieve this, which isn’t a good use of time at all.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee of getting surveys.

You are most likely to get only a few surveys per day; so, it will actually take you a number of days to get 15 surveys and earn 600 points.

The Things I like About Yuno Surveys

Here are some things I like about Yuno Surveys:

No sign-up fee

Creating an account on the website is completely free, though I don’t think it’s really worth your time.

The fact that it’s free is good since it allows you to try out the surveys yourself and decide if the gift cards are worth the effort you put in.

Easy to use

This website is very easy for anybody to navigate.

Simply register with an email address, select a survey, and provide your answers.

It’s also very easy to cash out your earnings.

What I Dislike About Yuno Surveys

Here are the things I dislike about Yuno:

Low earning potential

Imagine completing a 25-minute survey and earning just $0.33! Yes, this is what you will be getting here.

There are other various ways of making money online that can give you hundreds of thousands and even millions!

Why waste your time here when you can only make little or nothing?

Wrong specification of survey duration

In an attempt to test the surveys, I picked one with the smallest duration of 10 minutes as advertised, but I ended up spending 20 minutes to complete it.

While this may not be the case for all surveys, some will definitely have such wrong specifications.

Third-party surveys

It’s really difficult to trust third-party surveys, and that is why I don’t like them.

These sites will ask for your personal information, and you can’t figure out what they will do with it.

It’s safer having all surveys from one site than having hundred different surveys from hundred different sites.

Could Yuno Surveys Be A Scam?

Personally, I don’t think Yuno Surveys is a scam.

The website is pretty straightforward, and I don’t really see anything fraudulent about it.

Based on what I’ve read, cashing out has also been consistent and hassle-free.

So, Yuno Surveys truly delivers and keeps its promise.

Nevertheless, the earnings here are very little.

Would you like to earn just over a dollar after spending several hours on a survey website?

Are you really comfortable getting pennies for completing 20-minute surveys?

Of course, the answer is no!

Instead of pennies, you should be looking for ways to make a full-time living from the internet!

Yuno Surveys is similar to other low-paying survey websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

There Is A Better Way

When it comes to survey websites, you are literally working for pennies on the dollar.

When you compare the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys, it’s just not worth it.

Without a doubt, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online. 

However, there is a better way to leverage the power of the internet.

The better way to make money online involves learning how to do it the right way so you can make a truly life-changing income.

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