Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Fool-Proof $1.3K+ Days? Can you really make this kind of money in such a short period of time?

You may have been looking for ways to earn online and have come across a product called Ultimate PayDays and are wondering Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam?

It sounds great and in fact, exciting to hear that you can supposedly earn up to $1k every day with this.

The question now is, how true is this? Is this product legit or it is just a pure scam?

It is because of your questions (just like many others want to know) about Ultimate PayDays that I have decided to write this review about it.

People are fed a lot of misleading information about earning online.

They have heard that you can easily make money with some kind of “push button, 5 clicks and you’re done” system.

This is not true in any sense. Not even close.

I have spent my money on different ClickBank products, and I have written different reviews about my experience.

Overall, it has not been a good experience.

There are some good products on Clickbank.

However, the majority of the make-money-online programs on the Clickbank platform are a total waste of time.

It was easy for me, based on experience to detect some abnormalities with this product called Ultimate PayDays.

When I watched the sales video, it was clear that this is not a product to buy.

What Exactly Is Ultimate Paydays?

Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Ultimate PayDays claims it’s a “brand new fool-proof system” that will allow you to earn anything from $1000 to $2000 every 24 hours.

The sales video doesn’t say anything substantial other than repeating how much you can make by using their system.

It’s simple to use the video claims. It’s Easy – simply set it and leave it.

With just 30 minutes of work each day, you can smile to the bank at the end of the week with 5 figures.

Or as they say in the video, earn $60k per month!

It says the system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that’s why you don’t need to work for more than 30 minutes every day to earn that much.

Hey, the truth is that Ultimate PayDays is mere deception to bring you into a system that doesn’t exist.

Take a look at some of such products that I have reviewed in the make money online category.

These so-called business opportunities didn’t deliver on the claims they made in their sales video as well:

How Ultimate Paydays Really Works

Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Ultimate Paydays doesn’t work, nor will it ever work, the way it’s outlined in the sales video.

You will not make thousands of dollars online as a new internet marketer.

That’s NOT how online marketing works.

No system on the internet is set up where with a few clicks of your mouse you can get money on demand.

The Internet does not work like an ATM machine. You have to work very hard to make good money online before you see one red cent.

These kinds of products usually provide outdated training and ebook that you can find online for free.

What you get with Ultimate Paydays at best are some outdated videos and rehashed Private Label Rights material in PDF form.

You can find the same information for free if you do a Google search.

Therefore, the strategies they describe in their PDF will not have enough training along with them that will allow you to succeed.

The making money potential described by purchasing Ultimate PayDays is quite misleading and fraudulent.

Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam?

Yes. In my opinion and based on my experience, Ultimate PayDays is a SCAM.

Fortunately, ClickBank has a 60-day refund policy and so far they are consistent in honoring refunds.

Please always remember this one fact:

There is no such system anywhere that will allow you to make money online with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The only way you will make money online is through hard work and a massive sacrifice of time.

It’s been my experience that most people aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to have a successful online business.

This “3 steps to start earning” garbage is total crap. There is MUCH to learn before you can start earning online.

Let’s use a little common sense: If it were THAT EASY to earn money online, don’t you think tens of thousands of people would be doing it?

You Need The Proper Training In Order To Make Money Online

Ultimate PayDays is misleading and makes false promises it cannot possibly keep.

There is no magical way of making money online without very little work.

Daydreaming your way into wealth isn’t going to happen. Creating wealth requires HARD work and a massive commitment of time.

The only people who fall for SCAM products like Ultimate PayDays are people with Shiny Object Syndrome.

It is because you are looking for shiny objects, that’s the only reason you would fall for the lies and claims of Ultimate PayDays.

If you are not quite sure what “Shiny Object Syndrome” is, then click here to find out.

There is no way on earth you are going to take is $37 and all of a sudden turn it into $60K in the next 30 days.

Therefore, the ONLY way to earn money online the right way is to have the proper training.

The platform I’ve been using, Wealthy Affiliate, is an excellent way to learn how to make money online.

If you want to know how ordinary people are making extraordinary incomes from affiliate marketing, then please check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Let’s quickly review why you should stay away from Ultimate PayDays:

  • False promises and exaggerated income claims are used to sell a fantasy
  • Sales video gives false information on the amount of work needed to actually make money online
  • No relevant information on what Ultimate PayDays actually is
  • There is very little updated training on online marketing

If you are really serious about making money online, you owe it to yourself to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

If it’s free to try, then you have nothing to lose. No debit or credit card is required!

You won’t regret it!

Talk Soon,


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4 thoughts on “Is Ultimate PayDays A Scam Or Legit Money Maker?”

  1. A fool-proof thousand bucks a day? That screams scam to me. 

    I think most of the time we can detect a scam by just listening to our gut instinct. 

    I am saddened by the huge number of scams that are online. How these people can think of getting money through illegal means is beyond me.

    • Hello Clark,

      Unfortunately, the same “gut-feeling” that allows many people to get involved with programs like Ultimate Paydays aren’t giving them the insight they need to avoid these online traps.

      This is why I’ve created this review site…People need to know the FACTS so that they don’t have to rely on their “gut-feeling.”

      Thank You for reading this blog post.


  2. Thanks for the article my guy! 

    Here we go with all the scams again… you hate to see it. 

    I think it’s safe to say I’ll never try Ultimate PayDays after reading this article. 

    I agree with you when you say there’s no way to make money online with just a click of the button… these things take time!! 

    A major sacrifice of time is needed if you want this to work because when you start out, you’re essentially working for no money. This doesn’t dissuade me, however. 

    I know that if I keep putting in consistent, hard work, I’ll be making a passive income online in no time!

    • Thank You for your comments, Jongabriel.

      The points you’ve made in your comments are spot-on!

      I appreciate the time you took to read my post.

      Talk Soon,



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