Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

If you are reading this blog post, you might be doing some research on this company here called Timebucks and want to know Is Timebucks Legit?

Will you be able to make money with this or is it a waste of your time?

Over the next few minutes, I will review Timebucks and you can decide if you want to sign up and start completing tasks on Timebucks.

Timebucks is a GPT website, GPT meaning “get paid to” click website.

There are tons of these websites, hundreds, in fact, all over the internet.

TimeBucks rewards users for watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, installing apps, and more.

There are other cash-earning options that also reward users for referrals and offer competitions with daily bonuses.

You can create an account at Timebucks for free very easily.

On Timebucks you can watch videos and video ads, some are 30 seconds long and others are a minute-long.

For every task you complete, you make a small amount of money.

Is Timebucks Legit – How Much Money Can You Make?

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

Let me get right to the point and say that Timebucks is totally LEGIT.

What I like about Timebucks is it’s a straightforward GPT site.

There are no fake testimonials, no false income claims, no dishonest sales pages – none of the garbage I see on other GPT sites.

Therefore, the question is how much money can you make?

The amount you earn depends on the particular task you choose.

Depending on how difficult the task is, Timebucks pays anywhere from one penny to $3.

Here are some various payouts:

  • Surveys: $1
  • Uploading a Promotional Video: $3
  • Polls: $0.01
  • Sharing Content: $0.01

As you can see, the payouts are quite small.

The problem is you will be hard-pressed trying to make real money with this.

Also, each of the tasks can be quite time-consuming as well.

Regardless of whether you’re watching video ads, completing surveys, or downloading an offer, you have to spend a large amount of time doing these tasks.

You could easily spend 2 to 4 hours a day on Timebucks, just completing a few of their tasks.

If you take the approach of trying to make money from multiple sites, you may want to look at other LEGIT survey sites suchasGain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding Ways, and ySense.

You can also get gift cards to exchange in different places like Amazon and Target.

However, if you want cash, you can withdraw through your PayPal account.

What Are People Saying About Timebucks? has built a reputation as a reliable source of testimonials when trying to find out if a product is legit or a scam.

Look at what has to say about

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

Is Timebucks Legit or a GPT Scam You Need To Avoid?

The point is is a legit GPT site with great reviews.

Timebucks is similar to other legit GPT websites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

They have very few complaints and most people who use them seem to be ok with their service.

However, there is one very important question that has to be asked:

Are GPT Sites Like Timebucks The Best Use Of Your Time?

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

The main issue with GPT sites like Timebucks is they’re time-consuming and you make very little money.

You could probably only earn, even if you’re working really hard maybe a dollar or $2 at the most per day.

Remember that most of the tasks only play 1 cent.

So if you’re doing a 1-cent task, you have to complete a hundred tasks a day in order to make $1.

That’s a lot of tasks for such a small amount of money!

Similarly, most of these tasks will take you a lot of time.

For example, let’s say you complete 200 tasks or more and you’re earning $2 a day,

How much can you really make?

Let’s do a little math here:

So two times 31 days is $62 a month.

That’s about what an individual would make if they were able to make $2 a day from Timebucks.

Is This What You Really Want?

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

This is the part of my post where I really want you to think about what you’re doing.

You’re spending all this time on this website watching videos, taking surveys, or downloading offers, and you’re only making a whopping $62 extra a month.

Now ask yourself this question.

How on earth will $62 change your life?

Honestly, if you’re starving and you can’t put food on the table, yes, $62 is a lot of money.

However, if you are a stay-at-home dad, stay-at-home mom, or looking for a way to make some money online, is $62 dollars a month going to make a difference?

I would argue that it won’t.

Also, spending 3 to 4 hours a day to earn $62 dollars a month is NOT a good return on your investment of time!

If you have 3 to 4 hours a day you should be learning skills that will allow you to leverage the power of the internet.

By learning the correct way to make money online, you can make 20 times that amount in a single day.

If you learn affiliate marketing, the opportunity of making more in one month than what most people make in a year is quite possible.

This is not a promise of income, but I’m telling you what’s possible and what has been accomplished with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Let Wealthy Affiliate Help You Learn How To Make Money Online

Why would you CHOOSE to make small amounts of money when you can take the same time and learn how to make large sums of money?

If you have time to spend on survey sites like Timebucks, you could be leveraging that time to build a real online business.

Before I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

I made a little money here and there, but never a life-changing income.

I was a complete failure when it came to learning how to make money online.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate through a Google search and signed up for the Premium Membership, that’s when everything started to make sense.

Isn’t It Time You Had A Breakthrough?

Is Timebucks Legit or Time Waister You Need To Avoid?

If you’re happy making small amounts of money on GPT websites then you can continue using sites like Timebucks,

However, if you really want MORE out of life, if you want a financial breakthrough, you MUST do more than what you are doing now.

You have to decide that your financial situation MUST change.

It can only change if YOU decide your current way of living is unacceptable.

Unless you start thinking that way, you will spend the rest of your life making less than $100 a month taking surveys on GPT sites.

Wealthy Affiliate will help give you the breakthrough you need to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

They’ve even made it possible for you to create a FREE account so you can become familiar with the features of the platform before you commit to a Premium Membership.

No debit or credit card is required to start a FREE account.

Personally, I was so impressed with what Wealthy Affiliate had to offer, I kept my free membership for only 1 day!

If you’re interested in leveraging the internet to build an online business, Wealthy Affiliate has what you need.

The choice is yours, my friend!

Talk Soon,


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