Is The Income League A Scam?

Is The Income League A Scam

Wondering Is The Income League A Scam? You’re reading this blog post because you want to find out.

Can you really make $1,000+ a day or Is The Income League A Scam waiting to take your hard-earned money?

This is a two part post that discusses The Income League as a online income source and the practicality of using “done for you” systems to build a sustainable business.

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Is The Income League A Scam And Are Done-For-You Systems In Your Best Interest?

What saturates the internet today when it comes to “make money online” opportunities are “Done For You” systems.

A “done for you” system is a online business that allows you to use an existing sales funnel you don’t have to create.

It’s an ‘online business in a box’ with everything already made for you to use.

All of the templates, websites, and landing pages get created for you also with a “done for you” business.

Once everything is set up, your primary concern is sending traffic to your landing page.

One of the major disadvantages of The Income League is it’s a “Done-For-You” system.

In other words, you’re using the Income League’s templates and that means you’re not going to be owning anything.

Is The Income League A Scam

You didn’t create the website. You didn’t build the landing pages. The owners Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis own it. You don’t.

When you don’t own the website or the product, you will be at the complete mercy of the owners.

If they disappear or if The Income League fails, so will your entire business.

All the work you’ve done to try to make it profitable would’ve been a waist of time.

Done For You Platforms – Do They Work?

You may think online platforms similar to The Income League last a long time, but they don’t.

The Income League has the same characteristics as other programs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

The owners suck the wallets dry of unsuspecting “newbies,” and vanish into the darkness of cyberspace only to rear their ugly heads under the disguise of a “brand new product.”

However, I DO NOT get the feeling that Matthew Leer and Jamie Lewis are scammers. Most scammers tend to shy away from as much public exposure as possible.

These guys are real affiliate marketers who genuinely feel they are bringing value to the marketplace.

Still, the issue remains: Is The Income League a platform you want to use to build a long term business?

The problem is these so-called “systems” come and go in a matter of months.

New ones pop up all the time like a freaking jack-in-the-box, ready to pimp the wallets of inexperienced victims.

With what I do, I own everything and no one takes that away from me. I have built an online asset that’s mine and no one else’s.

Therefore, whether The Income League or any similar platform fails to fulfill its promises, I have complete control of my online business.

I’m in control of my website and the content I create for it, the traffic sources I use, and how I market my website.

The question is: Do YOU want to be in control of your website – YOUR online asset?

Which Would You Rather Have?  

A “Done-For-You” System That You Don’t Own or A Website or Blog That You Have Total Control Over?

I know I’ve deviated somewhat from the purpose of this post – a review of The Income League.

However, discussing the above points will give you enough of the facts to make an informed decision.

I have reviewed many products that claim to help you “make money fast” or “make money quick” and “without much work.”

Is The Income League another one of those products? Does it really deliver on what it promises?

This review will help you understand the basics of this system and why it might be more hype than substance.

This review will be discussed as follows:

  • What Exactly Is The Income League?
  • How Income League Really Works
  • The Pros and The Cons of The Income League
  • Is The Income League A Scam?
  • Is There A Better Way To Learn How to Make Money Online?

What Exactly Is The Income League

Program Name: Income League


Price: $47 + Over $500 In Upsells

Owner: Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis

Recommended? I Do Not Recommend The Income League

Two “Gurus” On A Rooftop

What I appreciate about both Leer and Lewis is they aren’t hiding behind a fake name and fake identity and are in full view for all to see.

Income League starts off with two “gurus”, Matthew Neer to the left, and Jamie Lewis, talking about how Matthew was able to make a thousand dollars a day from just posting tiny little ads and then making money with those ads.

He makes it seem very easy to be able to just post some ads online whenever he wants more money and just watch as his commissions go up.

Is The Income League A Scam

Matthew shows Jamie the commissions he’s making from his smartphone as proof that this system works.

Please keep this important fact in mind: Matthew Neer says he only works one to two hours a day on this business and makes that kind of money.

He’s probably correct and here’s why:

Matthew Neer has been a product creator in the make money online space for a long time and he has thousands of affiliates selling for him.

Results Are Not Typical

It’s quite possible the results he shows in the Income League sales video could be generated by either affiliates of previous products he’s created or he could be generating sales through his current email list.

I’m sure Matthew Neer’s email list probably reaches into the tens of thousands, if not more.

The bottom line is when you are just starting out you don’t have an army of affiliates or a large list of thousands of email addresses like Matthew Leer or Jamie Lewis have.

Therefore, you cannot possibly generate the results depicted in the sales video anytime soon. It’s just not going to happen!

These facts need to be taken into account when you are trying to decide if you can make money online using The Income League platform.

My point is, when Matthew Neer shows a snapshot of his Clickbank earnings in the sales video (below) it’s probably his actual earnings report.

He had thousands of affiliates selling for him BEFORE he co-created The Income League.

Is The Income League A Scam

How The Income League Really Works

Income League is a Clickbank product that consists of building an email list through an initial opt-in landing page where you’ll start collecting customer emails.

Basically, you build up your email list by placing so-called “tiny little ads” on Google, Facebook, YouTube and maybe a few other networks where you buy banner advertising or email advertising.

As you use your landing page to keep building your list, you send a series of messages to try to convert them into paying customers.

From what Matthew Leer is saying, you will post ads or it could be just a message on a social media platform for people to check out the system that could make them money and you’ll include your affiliate link in that ad or message.

Is The Income League A Scam

Is The Income League A Scam Or Is It Affiliate Marketing?

The process described above is a legitimate one. It’s the affiliate marketing business model thousands use every day to monetize websites and to make money online.

There are about 90 minutes of training included in the basic package. Additional training is offered, but you have to buy the OTO’s ( upsells ) to get access.

The various upsells in The Income League total over $500 if you were to purchase them all.

Jamie Lewis has an additional two hours of YouTube videos available that’s more about self promotion and less about making money online as an affiliate marketer.

These videos lack substance and don’t teach any more information than what the basic package offers.

In Part Two we will consider the Pros and Cons of The Income League and why there’s so much interest in so-called “Done For You” systems.

In the meantime, the platform I recommend is the same one I’ve built my affiliate marketing business with, Wealthy Affiliate.

There are no “done for you” systems at Wealthy Affiliate. You’re building an online business that’s sustainable for years to come, a real financial asset for you and your family.

Try it FREE for 7 days without using your credit card – You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t miss Part Two!

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