Is The Income League A Scam: Part Two – The Pros and Cons of The Income League

In Part one of my post “Is The Income League A Scam? What You Can Learn About Done For You Systems” we discussed the difference between a “Done For You System” like The Income League in comparison to building your own blog or website with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

We’re going to continue our discussion looking in detail at the pros and cons of The Income League, as well as similar systems like it. We’ll conclude this post with some practical advice.

The Pros and The Cons of The Income League

Regarding The Income League, below are the Pros and Cons of this program:

Program Name: Income League


Price: $47 + Over $500 In Upsells

Recommended: I do not recommend Income League

Owners: Matthew Neer ( left ) & Jamie Lewis

The Pros:

  • The core training itself is more than adequate and gives good insight into the method they teach.
  • Matthew does a good job of explaining about ClickBank, tracking links and how to integrate your Get Response email autoresponder with the software they have inside.
  • There’s a great piece of software provided to members which will automatically link your autoresponder to their ready made opt-in forms.
  • Although the opt-in forms are basic, they convert very well for email marketing campaigns.
  • You also get clear instructions on how to get traffic and how to integrate your promotions with ad placements and the suggested traffic sources.
  • Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis laid out the training in a very easy to follow fashion. The training is easy for a newbie affiliate marketer to follow.

The Cons:

  • There is roughly 90 minutes worth of training included in the basic package. That’s it. More training is available, but you have to buy the upgrades (OTO’s) to get access to it – totaling over $475 if you purchase all the upsells!
  • The suggested traffic network is cheap to use because the websites associated with it are low quality sites that promote spammy promotions that offer no real value to the customer. The reason it’s cheap is the quality of the websites that use it is questionable and the traffic you get is low quality.
  • There is the possibility of getting “bad traffic” from a network like resulting from clicks, not from a real person, but from some automated service, which would result in either fake email addresses or no email opt-ins.
  • The other traffic alternatives they recommend, solo ads and the Warrior Forum, are expensive, especially if you are new at online marketing and don’t have a lot of money to invest.
  • Solo ads: the cost to purchase solo ads will add up very quickly – into the hundreds of dollars. Solo Ad vendors, or salesman, don’t give a hot ghetto rat if you get sales from their solo ads or not – once you purchase their “package”, they’ve made their money and they’re done with you – until the next time you approach them to buy more.
  • The reality of Solo Ads is a large portion of the emails they sell to you are second-rate emails. In other words, most of the emails that are sent to you are from people who intentionally use a spam email address which they rarely check. What this means is that your list is going to be littered with unresponsive, substandard emails.
  • Chasing money: When you are building an online business and you are “chasing money” instead of creating meaningful content, you are certainly doomed to failure. By throwing money into the wind with solo ads you would then have to continuously “chase the money” to recoup the investment you made with the solo ad vendor.
  • Warrior Forum: Buying traffic from the Warrior Forum at around $20+ per advert can become be very expensive if you do not know how to write good copy for your ad. You could easily dig a financial hole for yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • The Income League is a Clickbank product: Clickbank has a reputation in the internet marketing industry for promoting sub-standard products. Since you are promoting a Clickbank product, there’s a huge possibility that your offer will draw very little interest and fewer sales. Do you really want to take that risk?
  • There is no training in The Income League that teaches how to write email copy. The primary method they recommend to make money is with email marketing, but they don’t show how to write effective email copy that converts.

Another Word About Done For You Systems

What we need to ask is: What is the mindset of a person who buys a “Done For You” system?

The reason these systems claim to give you an easier way to make money online is because most of the work, the ‘heavy lifting’ as it were, has been already “done for you.” Usually all a person needs to do is send traffic into the funnel.

Here is the point: one good aspect to these “done for you” kinds of systems is they really do take some of the hard work out of setting up a typical sales funnel.

By having the sales funnel already set up you don’t have to worry about technical aspects of your website. You know everything is set up the way it should be.

The problem comes in when these programs make you think on their sales page that all you have to do is “plug in” to your “system” by sending traffic to it and soon the money will start flowing in like a river.

But it’s never as simple as just ‘plugging in’ and sending traffic to an offer. It never has been that easy and it never will. Far from it. Just how ‘done for you’ the sales funnel is however, really depends on the system itself.

The ‘traffic part’ is not as simple as it sounds. At least, not if you want to make that traffic profitable.

The honest truth of the matter is “done for you” systems appeal to aspiring marketers because they don’t want to ‘roll up their sleeves” and do the work necessary to build their own affiliate marketing business.

These systems appeal to people who want “quick” results; they want to make money as “fast as possible”. The fact is there are no “quick” or “fast” ways to make money online that isn’t bordering on unethical methods.

As you can see, a done for you internet business is not about selling your own products. It’s about joining an existing company and promoting their existing products to customers as an affiliate.

You give up control of your own website for the convenience of having a “business in a box” set up and ready to go.

Is The Income League A Scam?

This product is designed to go for the wallets of the beginner, because they aren’t experienced enough to identify the gaping holes in this product.

Unfortunately, any “newbie” who buys Income League is quite likely to fail and spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on wasted solo ads and second-rate, come from behind network advertising.

Although I cannot say that The Income League is a SCAM, I do not recommend it as a reliable platform to help you learn to make money online, especially for new people just starting to learn affiliate marketing.

The basic principle behind affiliate marketing is correct. However, the execution here is tailored for individuals to invest not only in the initial training, but in the numerous upgrades that unsuspecting customers are bombarded with.

The Income League is a classic example of sales pages and funnels that are designed to appeal to the emotions, not common sense and sound judgment.

Like a hammer banging on a nail you are forced and constantly pressured into buying more sub-standard training and more useless services which eventually lead down the road you don’t want: no results, no commissions, and massive frustration.

Therefore, The Income League is NOT a SCAM, but I cannot recommend you buy this.

Is There A Better Way to Learn How to Make Money Online?

I’ve mentioned Wealthy affiliate several times in these blog posts. The training is simply amazing This platform has taught me how to build an online business that touches on EVERY AREA you need to be familiar with in order to successfully make money online.

You will learn how to build an online business that your visitors see, not as a weak, money-grabbing excuse for a website, but as an authoritative website that features great content that actually help people solve problems, When you build a content rich website or blog you build trust with your visitors, which in time will manifest in sales.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you that an email list should be just a part of a full online business, not just an online ATM. You’re taught to build your email list in such a way that it will attract its own free organic search traffic.

Ultimately, following the training will result in people coming to you organically instead of you trying to constantly “chase money”.

I hope with these blog posts you have a better understanding between Done For You systems and owning your own website.

Make the RIGHT DECISION TODAY… You Can Do This!

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