Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

“Just a few clicks away from making over $10,000 a week!” Really? Is The AZ Formula A Scam?

Or is the AZ Formula a legit way to make money online?

Could this system allow you to make thousands of dollars that quickly?

The AZ Formula is NOT like the system I use.

The one I use has been around for over 12 years and is the best platform I’ve ever found that teaches how to make money online the correct way.

Is it realistic to think you can make $2,000 a day right from the start with very little to no work?

C’mon, Man!

As a matter of fact, The AZ Formula is similar to some other “systems” I’ve reviewed such as:

Is The AZ Formula A Scam –The Real Truth

Without mincing words, I want to share with you my detailed AZ Formula review.

You will discover why buying the product won’t make your bank account grow by $2000 every 24 hours as the sales video says.

I highlighted my AZ Formula review under the sections below, to give you a background and full knowledge of the product and why it is a wrong move to trust it.

The AZ Formula Has A Fake Owner

At the beginning of this post, the question was asked: Is The AZ Formula A Scam?

To start The AZ Formula has a FAKE owner.

Below is a picture of Steven Cook as he appears on the website.

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

What’s amazing is that they didn’t think we were smart enough to catch on to these shenanigans.

The guy is even wearing the same shirt in both photos! Amazing!

The image for the owner, Steven Cook, came from Shutterstock.

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Well well. What have we here? A FAKE owner along with FAKE Testimonials as well!

Below is another FAKE testimonial; it’s the “sincere” dude from the video telling people how well he’s been making out since he’s found The AZ Formula.

Is The AZ Formula A Scam – More FAKE Testimonials

This is good ‘ol robspence from Fiverr.

He’s on more Clickbank products than I can keep track of.

There must be good money in the FAKE review business.

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Here’s my man AGAIN!

This time he’s giving a “testimonial” for another SCAM product called The AD Formula.

I guess all those thousands of dollars he made from Th AZ Formula wasn’t enough.

It seems like he never left his gig at Fiverr.

He likes those little $10 to $20 commissions he makes from posting these fake testimonials.

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Look at this guy’s Fiverr profile.

It seems he enjoys his side gig giving FAKE testimonials for sub-standard products designed to rip off unsuspecting consumers. 

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Is The AZ Formula A Scam – Program Facts

  • Program Name: AZ Formula
  • Website:
  • Price: $37
  • Owner: Steven Cook
  • Recommended? No Way On Earth!

Only 10 Spots Left – Until Tomorrow

Recently, the AZ Formula claimed to be a system that will add up to $2000 into your account every day, with a possibility to total it at $10,000 at the end of every week.

In a series of sales videos released by the so-called owner “Steven Cook”, he says that you can be well on your way to earning a fortune.

“Thousands of dollars” – starting after you sign up.

I’m not kidding.

“Steven Cook” added that he is currently taking in just ten people ( against the previous set of 142 people ).

Using fake scarcity is a common tactic among dishonest marketers.

Fake scarcity is a way to get you to order off of emotion, and not off of facts.

Unfortunately, this tactic has been used for years by scammers.

Similarly, you’re told in the sales video that you can make large sums of money with very little work.

These are people who are ready to spend only 15 minutes every day and make it big.

Also, I looked through all the videos, from the beginning to the end, to find out about the click profit system he promised to share, and guess what?

He didn’t share a thing!

How AZ Formula Works

The AZ Formula is about making money online with e-commerce, individually drop shipping, and selling your products on Amazon.

Drop shipping is a real way to make money online and potentially a lot of it, but there is no such thing as a “one-click automated system” for making money this way.

The simple idea behind such Clickbank products like AZ Formula is that the sales video compels you to buy the product under false assertions by telling you the significant amount of money you could make.

Immediately you swipe your card and buy, and they will present you with more products, and three different upsells, which is WAY above the initial price of $37.

If you add the cost of the program and the upsells, you’re looking at about $531! That’s A LOT of money to have to come up with before you’ve made one red cent!

Take Advantage Of The Newbies

They presume that since you want to be successful, you won’t mind paying more to access the remaining videos.

If you spend more, you keep getting more irrelevant and outdated information on how to make money through drop shipping.

I have reviewed many Clickbank products similar to  AZ Formula, and they all have a similar goal:

Milk as much money as you can from inexperienced “newbies” who can’t spot a SCAM if it hit them in the face.

AZ Formula Red Flags

Is The AZ Formula A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

There are simple and smart ways to detect a scam product, and I want to highlight here a few red flags to help you avoid falling for AZ Formula and other similar products.

Red Flag: make $14,000 In Just 14 Days

You can make money online, but not this outrageous claim of making roughly $14,000 in just 14 days of buying a product, without barely working.

Making money online does NOT work this way!

It takes a lot of hard work, trial, and error, and many sacrifices to reach HALF that amount online!

How on earth can you make $14,000 in just 14 days?

If that were true, can you imagine how many people would sign up for this?

This income claim is a red flag for AZ Formula, and you should avoid it.

Another Red Flag: Hiding Their True Identity

Another thing to watch out for is that the real people behind the products will never reveal their true identity.

All they will do is cook up a compelling story you can relate to so you will reach for your credit card.

What the owners aim to do is appeal to your emotions – cook up a story that will tug at you and your wallet.

The owner of AZ Formula, Steven Cook, is not a real person.

Most of the other products similar to the AZ Formula also have FAKE owners.

They think you are too stupid to notice while scamming people out of their hard-earned money to make themselves rich.

They have no conscience in promoting lies and misleading information.

The Little to No Work Promise Is A Huge Red Flag

How can these guys running AZ Formula promise that you only need 15 minutes per day of work to make that much money online?

That’s ridiculous.

The internet is not a magic system that suddenly releases money into your bank account by merely ‘activating’ some “AZ Formula system.”

Since the training centers on drop shipping, it’s going to take a significant investment of time to set up a drop shipping business correctly.

If there is any product that claims it will do everything for you and all you need to do is make a few daily clicks to earn more than $10,000 every seven days, you need to check again.

You will need to do real work, learn new skills, or polish the skills you already have.

It will take anywhere from 8 months to 2 years to legitimately earn substantial money online.

Having No Information On The System Is A Bad Sign

If you watch the sales video of a make-money-online product and they don’t give a logical explanation of how and what it does to earn you money, it probably is a scam.

The sales video of these Clickbank products will promise you a ridiculous amount of money in a crazy short period of time.

How on earth is that possible when all you get for a measly $37 is a PDF document that has no substance?

This is a classic example of an online “shiny object!”

The AZ Formula – Is It A Scam?

Based on all that I have highlighted above, it is evident that AZ Formula and the people behind are fake.

In my opinion, IT IS A SCAM.

Looking at the SMALL price to invest, the LITTLE time they claimed you need to work and the SHORT period to make much money, it can’t be an honest system.

The AZ Formula has all the makings of a SCAM.

Think about it – a $37 product that will magically turn you into $40k and above income within a month or two?

How in the world is that possible?

The AZ Formula is on the Clickbank platform. Clickbank does have a refund policy, and usually, they are prompt when it comes to refunds.

Therefore, why waste your time and mental energy trying to make the AZ Formula work?

I wouldn’t buy such a product, and I feel it is a waste of your time and resources to do that too.

My conclusion is that I don’t recommend AZ Formula.

How To Make Money Online – The Right Way

You can make money with eCommerce ( Dropshipping ) and selling on Amazon, but you need a great platform and proper instruction that will teach you how to do so correctly if you’ve never tried to do so before.

If your interest is in owning a profitable fulfillment business selling products from Amazon, you may want to check out The Amazing Selling Machine.

On a regular basis, The Amazing Selling Machine closes its registration to new students so it can accommodate the needs of its current members.

For those who don’t want to pay the high cost of The Amazing Selling Machine and who want to start a drop shipping or eCommerce business as soon as possible, Ali Dropshipping is an excellent alternative.

Ali Express is outstanding in the drop shipping niche.

They have a course you can take that teaches you the proper way to sell products online and how to set up your online store for maximum results.

The brief video in the link above gives an overview of how Ali Express can help you.

They are a solid dropshipping platform you can join that will give you the financial results you’re looking for.

Wealthy Affiliate: A Platform To Help You Learn How to Make Money Online

My favorite way to make money online though is affiliate marketing.

You won’t need to create or source products, and all you need is time, a computer, and an internet connection.

Training is also necessary if you’re just getting started.

In my opinion, the best training program for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has transformed my ability to make money online from failure to success!

Wealthy Affiliate has helped tens of thousands of people make money online. They provide the most comprehensive training and the best tools in the industry.

This platform has an incredibly active community of affiliate marketers.

Also, they have 24/7 support for ANY questions or technical issues you have.

Continuous, relevant training on ALL aspects of affiliate marketing is constantly provided.

They’re always adding new information to keep current with what’s working today and updating the site.

One thing that Wealthy Affiliate members understand – owners Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim are genuinely interested in their success!

Check out the benefits of both a FREE membership and a premium membership on the chart below:

If you’re serious about building your online business, create Your FREE Wealthy Affiliate Account today – no credit card required.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Reach Your Goals

It’s the one platform that will help you reach your goal of building your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate truly believes in helping its members and they do not promote a “get rich quick” type of mindset.

There is no “shiny object syndrome” infestation at Wealthy Affiliate.

The creators of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim do not post promotions for other programs nor is it allowed for other members to promote any agenda within the community.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a quiet, clean environment to learn free from distractions, scams, and get rich quick programs.

This program simply works. Period.

Try Wealthy Affiliate by setting up your FREE account – no credit card required – and find out for yourself how great it is…

Talk Soon,


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