Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit?

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit

Many online marketers have asked Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit?

This is a reasonable question considering the $3,997 price tag you have to pay to join.

Full Disclosure: I HAVE NOT paid the $3,997 to try first hand the Amazing Selling Machine.

There’s no way I was going to pay out that kind of money so I could use the product before I wrote this review.

Therefore, If you are reading this and find my review illegitimate, lacking authority or unethical because I don’t own the product, then theres no reason to read further.

However, I can tell you that I’ve done as much research into ASM as possible without actually owning the product.

This review is based on numerous accounts of people who’ve actually bought the product.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit – How The Owners Stack Up

When asking Is The Amazing Selling Machine legit, one way to find out is to look at the owners.

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, the owners of The Amazing Selling Machine, have made every effort to present a high-quality FBA product.

The term “FBA” stands for Fulfillment By Amazon.

Clark and Katzenbacks’ commitment to The Amazing Selling Machine is consistent every year and the newest version is no exception.

However, my problem with ASM is the HUGE price tag.

It’s almost $4,000 to join and you’ll still need to spend more money after your initial investment.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are providing a great 6-month guarantee.

The guarantee states that if you follow the system, and don’t make any money, they will reimburse you for anything spent out-of-pocket.

As an online marketer, it’s really hard for me to justify such a high price tag. I say that because there are cheaper alternatives available.

However, the cheaper alternatives don’t have the bells and whistles that The Amazing Selling Machine does, and the 6-Month Money Back Guarantee is insane – financially your risk is virtually zero.

My Recommendation: If you have the money and want to consistent, high-quality training and support to launch an FBA business, Amazing Selling Machine is hard to pass up.

The Amazing Selling Machine Review

In the words of its co-founder Matt Clark, The Amazing Selling Machine is “…a training program and live event teaching entrepreneurs how to build real, fast-growth businesses selling physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon.”

  • Owners: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback
  • Cost: The program costs $3,997 to up-front; or 5 payments of $997 if you’re paying by installments
  • Website: The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)
  • My Rating: 85 out of 100 – This rating is based on researching the reviews of others who are familiar with the product, not from personal experience.  The ONLY reason I didn’t give it a higher rating is because of the $3,997 price tag.

Here’s what you get for the hefty $3,997 you have to pay to join:

  • Expert Product Listing Evaluation
  • An 8-week online training
  • Lifetime membership to the Amazing Selling Machine community and forum
  • 8 Private Group Coaching Calls
  • Inside look at the private resource vault
  • Access to the mentorship program
  • Target Traffic Promotion by the ASM Experts to Your New Product

Amazon Is Here to Stay

The Amazing Selling Machine teaches its members how to successfully drop-ship items via Amazon.

This method of making money online is not new. There are other platforms that have been doing this for years.

One of the biggest issues that I have with drop-shipping is the problem of keeping product costs down so the seller can generate huge profits from items that are bought cheaply and marked up.

The retail giant Wal-Mart rakes in billions of dollars by buying cheap goods.

They do so by marking them up 3-5 times, in some cases even more, than what they paid for the item.

Just watch people coming out of Wal-Mart on any given day – they think they have really done their due diligence and found household goods at a “fair and reasonable” price.

The Amazing Selling Machine teaches students to locate and contact really cheap and fairly decent products from China and other foreign sources as well as how to obtain and test product samples.

However, at this point you’d better know what the heck you’re doing because bulk orders can cost several or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, to minimize costly mistakes you REALLY have to know your niche very well!

At that point sellers sign up with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and ships all their product to them.

Amazon stores the inventory for those sellers. They also market the products, sells and ships them, and becomes the actual drop-shipper.

Why on Earth Does AMS Cost So Much?

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit

This is not hard to figure out, neither is this anything new. For decades hard core online marketing “gurus” have preached the mantra of higher profit margins.

Therefore, who better to say it than the co-owner of The Amazing Selling Machine himself, Matt Clark. Clark wrote a post on the blog Under 30 CEO in which he said in part:

The best way to develop high margins is to build them in from the beginning. When setting up your product or service, never be the low-range or even mid-range option. Always shoot to provide the premium because that’s where the most profit comes in.”

“Need to justify the higher expense? Simply offer more value.”

Clark concluded the post with the following:

“The idea of high profit margins seems like a no-brainer in business. Aren’t you in this to make money in the first place?

Still, entrepreneurs tend to get excited and chase after high revenue instead, which doesn’t always translate into profit.

The best thing an entrepreneur can do for his or her business is focus first on high profit margins. They simply make things more fun — which is always a sign of success.”

In a detailed interview with Matt Clark on the website IdeaMensch, Clark was asked: “What are the top three business principles entrepreneurs should focus on to build financially successful businesses?”

Clark answered the following:

1. High profit margins

2. Recurring revenues

3. Business partnerships and joint ventures

Matt Clark figured out early that he didn’t want to be an affiliate marketer selling other entrepreneurs’ products and getting a 40-50% profit margin.

Clark wanted to create and sell his own product make a 400-500%.

Make no mistake…PROFITS are very important to a lot of people!

Provide Better Value – Make More Money

What Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have done is convinced customers that the product has very high value and is in limited supply.

The ASM training doesn’t just include the 8-week course but additional value-added items such as the Vegas trip and lifetime forum membership.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit
   Amazing Selling Machine founder Matt Clark

From time to time throughout the training is offered for a limited time only which makes the course unavailable when the enrollment link expires. All of this adds to the perceived value of the ASM platform.

ASM has very attractive sales copy. One of the sales pitches states: “current [ASM] students are selling over $7.8 million per month on Amazon!”

Can you imagine how some people react at the possible potential of making just HALF of that kind of money!

I’ve read comments where people are freaking out because they want to buy the program, but don’t want to spend almost $4,000 up front. However, Clark and Katzenback have that covered as well.

ASM does host live events on a regular basis. These powerful events are packed with motivation and success stories from high-earning ASM members.

What About the 6-Month Buy Back Guarantee?

ASM does come with a 30-days, no questions asked full refund guarantee. It’s real and legit. Here’s how it works:

However, if you aren’t happy with the program within your first month, they will instantly refund you all of your money.

They’ve made the money-back guarantee even better:

They are going beyond the 30 days refund guarantee and offering a 6-month buy back promise.

If you buy the program along with inventory and do not make money following their methods, ASM will refund you the full cost of the program along with any money you spent on inventory, up to $10,000.

I have to say, that’s one heck of a guarantee…The only thing you would really lose is the time you’ve invested in trying to make the business work.

What this 6-Month Buy Back Guarantee does, when you think about it, is make investing in The Amazing Selling Machine RISK FREE. You really aren’t going to lose your money if it doesn’t work out.

I guess these guys really want you to try the Amazing Selling Machine without the anxiety of losing so much money if it doesn’t work out for you. At the end of six months you’ve only lost the time invested.

This is a smart move by the owners and one of the best guarantees I’ve seen in a long time.

With the newest version, AMS9, every single video and lesson has been given a complete update and overhaul.

They wanted to add more value to the program, so they essentially started from scratch and have rebuilt the entire program from the ground up.

Is The Amazing Selling Machine LEGIT – Is It Worth the Money and Risk?

If The Amazing Selling Machine does what the owners claim it’s designed to do, then is it worth the risk?

It would seem to be worth the money and the risk, because the owners have taken much of the risk out of it.

Also, ASM is expensive, but if you can afford to spend $3,997 and want consistent, high-quality training and support to launch a Fulfillment By Amazon business, The Amazing Selling Machine is an excellent choice.

Likewise, the 6-month buy back guarantee does help alleviate some fears associated with the high costs of the program. Very few programs have such a guarantee.

The Good:

  • ASM is a high quality course
  • ASM has exceptional contents that are continuously updated
  • They have great community support
  • ASM has a totally risk-free investment

 The Bad:

  • ASM is TOO EXPENSIVE for thousands of people and financially out of their reach
  • Additional hidden costs are involved to get your FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) business working properly
  • There are too many unethical affiliates promoting ASM who haven’t tried the product personally. ASM shares much of the blame for this.
  • If you are not a member of ASM you are still allowed to sign up for their affiliate program.  ASM will still approve your application  within a few hours, regardless if you’ve purchased the program or not.

What Do I Recommend for Making Money Online?

Although there are multiple ways to make money online. I personally would prefer affiliate marketing rather than Amazon FBA.

Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 choice for building an affiliate marketing business online.

My reasons for stating this are the following:

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require hundreds or even thousands of dollars to start out with. You can build a profitable affiliate marketing business with very little money initially.

When you build a affiliate marketing business, the blog or website that you build IS YOURS…YOU control it. YOU can make any necessary adjustments if you need to , but the bottom line is YOU are the owner of your website, not someone else.

With ASM there’s always the possibility of not selling the merchandise you invested in. Some people feel with Amazon involved, they cannot fail…and that is a total misconception. Even with ASM, you can fail.

So, which one would you rather be? Which decision will you make? Will you even decide at all. Both platforms are profitable if you do it right…

Choosing to do NOTHING and continue to be broke is still a choice!

You can CHOSE to be BROKE, or you can CHOOSE to do something about it.

I personally joined Wealthy Affiliate because I choose to do something about constantly being broke!

In conclusion, I’m going to ask the question I asked at the beginning of this post:

Is The Amazing Selling Machine Legit?

Yes…It’s absolutely LEGIT. No doubt about it!

Talk soon,


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