Is Tellwut Legit Or Is There Little To Tell?

Is Tellwut Legit Or Is There Little To Tell?

Tellwut is a survey website that claims to pay out rewards for your answers. However, many want to know Is TellWut Legit?

However, the burning question is this – is it possible to make decent money from Tellwut? Is Tellwut Legit?

I gotta be honest – I was not impressed by their website’s landing page.

Those gaudy banner ads and advertisements on the site gave off an amateurish vibe.

I had 2 main inquiries about this website.

Firstly, is it really possible to make money using Tellwut?

Secondly, are the earnings good enough to encourage people into devoting time and energy to it as a second side hustle?

Let’s find out!

What is Tellwut?

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Tellwut claims to be an established market research company.

The name is actually short for the phrase “Tell us what you think.”

Sign up on their website and start making money right away by publishing your opinions on the website.

This company was launched in 2010.

I’m going to save you the trouble and tell you this – Tellwut is indeed a legitimate company that allows members to make money.

However, being a genuine company doesn’t mean that it’s a great option.

Just because it pays out reliably doesn’t mean the payout is sufficient.

For some people, it doesn’t make any sense for them to join. However, I’ll talk about this aspect later in this article.

Let’s go over a few options that Tellwut members can use to earn money.

Answer Surveys on Tellwut Made By Other Members

Is Tellwut Legit Or Is There Little To Tell?

This is something I’ve only seen on a few other websites.

You get to respond to surveys made by other Tellwut members. Completing these surveys will earn you a cash reward in the end.

Any member can create a survey. These surveys are generally short and require less than 2 minutes to be completed.

Since Tellwut has many members using the website, you have a wide variety of poll options to select from.

It’s up to you whether you want to complete a certain survey or move on to another one.

Given the number of options at your disposal, it is advisable to keep browsing the list of surveys until you find one where you can perform well.

There are numerous short surveys or polls available on the website.

Members can complete multiple polls in a day and earn the rewards offered on all these surveys, subject to certain terms and conditions.

However, keep in mind that they’re not particularly rewarding due to their short nature.

Many of these surveys offer very low rewards for completing them, making them a waste of time and effort.

Make Surveys On Your Own

You can also develop short surveys on your own, which will earn you a certain amount of money if the survey gets approved by the administrators.

Members can exercise their full creativity while preparing the survey.

Small pictures and videos can be used in the survey as well.

The surveys may be made on any topic mentioned on the website and include any number of questions.

However, there are a few restrictions on this feature.

Offensive or inappropriate content in your surveys will lead to rejection and a potential ban from the site.

The website has a zero-tolerance policy in place for trouble mongers who attempt to compromise the quality of its surveys.

Members are only permitted to make a maximum of two surveys per week.

This is my point: You’re only allowed to make 2 surveys per week – that’s it!

Really, how much money can you make with such a restriction place?

Any surveys made beyond that limit will be rejected and not earn you any money, although you might still be able to have these surveys up and running in certain cases.

Complete External Surveys

External surveys refer to surveys not developed by Tellwut members or Tellwut.

They are made by organizations or companies that wish to learn new information.

You can also find these surveys on other survey websites. Companies often release such surveys in a bid to study their target demographics.

While these surveys tend to take up more time, the rewards are also correspondingly higher.

Go to the menu and click on ‘Available Surveys’ after you’ve logged in. You can also have these surveys forwarded to your email.

Interaction with Other Tellwut Members

Tellwut isn’t just another survey site – it also has a social media appeal to it.

The company encourages members to use the website’s social media and community features.

If you’re interested in social media sites and are up for answering surveys in your spare time, this is a great opportunity.

But if you’re looking for a legitimate side hustle, this might not be the place for you.

Refer Your Friends

A lot of paid survey websites offer rewards to their members in exchange for referrals.

While Tellwut offers extra rewards for getting your friends to sign up, the rewards are comparatively low.

As a matter of fact, this is extremely low when compared to other referral programs. It’s not really a viable strategy if you want to make this a side hustle.

All you get are 25 points upon getting one of your friends to sign up using your invitation. This is somewhere around 6 cents.

I wouldn’t recommend this method if you want to earn money from Tellwut.

Payment Processing Details

No matter which survey site you join, you need to make sure they won’t run away with your money.

When surveys are completed in Tellwut, members are offered reward points, which can be redeemed for a reward of their choice.

For instance, you can buy gift cards for Starbucks, Target, or Amazon. You can also redeem your rewards for a prepaid Visa Card.

Direct PayPal transfers are not available on Tellwut – stay away from this website if you’re looking for a survey site that supports PayPal payments.

Some countries may not be able to access any rewards from Tellwut.

While the site may be unclear on this rule at first, several users have informed me that members outside Canada and the US are not allowed to complete any surveys or earn any rewards.

Apparently, Tellwut is only available for users who live in either Canada or the United States.

Tellwut is similar to other low-paying survey panels I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

The Problem With Survey Websites

Regarding survey websites, you are literally working for pennies on the dollar when it comes to the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys.

As a matter of fact, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online.

When you compare the amount of time spent with the money you make, the compensation isn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter how active you try to be on these survey/GPT websites.

Regardless if you complete surveys, download cash offers, take polls, complete tasks and refer people to generate points and commissions, you will always make very little money.

Even if you try to combine a number of survey panels in an effort to make decent money, you will always fall short.

Survey panels were not designed for you to make good money from.

Another problem with survey websites is you don’t qualify for every survey and most survey websites don’t send you surveys on a regular basis.

Similarly, with survey/GPT websites, you are never in control of the money you make because you are not in control of the actual platform from which the surveys originate.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can never rely on survey websites to make a full-time income and that you really need to build your own online business.

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