Is Team Beachbody A Scam – What You Need To Know

Is Team Beachbody A Scam - What You Need To Know

As you are wondering Is Team Beachbody A Scam, you’ve probably seen some money-making fitness infomercials at night that kept you from sleeping.

Team Beachbody is likely one of those infomercials.

If you are looking for information about Team Beachbody, you have come to the right place.

This Team Beachbody MLM review will tell you about the products, videos, membership options, and so on to see if you can earn money from promoting Beachbody.

Is Team Beachbody A Scam – Facts About The Company

Team Beachbody has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, and it was founded in 1998 by Carl Diakeler and Jon Congdon.

Their products are focused on fitness, weight loss, and home workout videos and they sell their products via direct marketing coaches.

Weight loss products and programs are increasingly becoming popular; as a result, Team Beachbody grew into a $1 billion business way back in 2017.

Team Beachbody Products – Are They Worth The Price?

Is Team Beachbody A Scam - What You Need To Know

Believe it or not, there are MORE products that I didn’t show you in the above screenshot!

For example, Shakeology is one of Team Beachbody’s famous products.

It is a protein shake with different flavors, and it contains fiber, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.

If you are a vegan, they also have some options or varieties suitable for you.

You can always return the product if you are not satisfied with it; it comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

The shakes are meant to serve as a meal substitute per day, and it can be used to facilitate weight loss when combined with a workout program.

It appears that customers like the product; however, they are not approved by the FDA. You will also see this information on their website.

There is no guarantee to the particular time for you to see positive weight loss results or how much weight you may lose since results will vary.

Getting the shake powder will cost you $129.95. You can get this product for less ($97.46) if you sign up to be a coach.

Beachbody On Demand is another of Team Beachbody’s products.

This product gives you online access to fitness programs or training, irrespective of your fitness level.

This program can be used offline when you download it, and the money you pay for this program comes with progress trackers and workout calendars.

12-month Membership Plan: This plan costs $99, and it is for the Beachbody On Demand annual membership only.

12-month Shakeology Challenge Pack: This plan costs $160.

It includes your Beachbody On Demand annual membership and a supply of Shakeology for 30 days.

Team Beachbody MLM Opportunity

Coaches on this platform earn slightly differently compared to other MLMs.

Team Beachbody Coaches start as customers using the products.

A lot of customers find happiness by purchasing products on the internet. Signing up with Team Beachbody as a coach is the only way to receive discounts on products.

You can choose to create a full-time or part-time opportunity as a member. Customers who need a coach are assigned to Team Beachbody Coaches.

What Is The Cost To Be A Member

To be a Coach, you can register online for $39.95.

This payment is for the Digital Business Starter Kit, which gives you access for 30 days to an online Coach Office and support tools.

Also, you will pay a monthly fee to have continued access to the coaching tools.

Can I Earn With Team Beachbody?

Team Beachbody provides a website that allows Coaches to promote products and memberships.

You are prohibited from accepting new Coach sign-ups or orders through your accounts on social media. All new business must be carried out on Team Beachbody’s website space.

You still have to be at the Emerald level to have customer leads assigned to you even if customers do sign up on Beachbody On Demand.

Every product has a PV (Personal Volume), and you need 50 PV to be at the Emerald Level.

You will only receive commissions on products purchased by customers after becoming their coach; this excludes products they bought previously.

You can also promote Team Beachbody’s products on Social media and direct prospects to your site.

You will receive a retail commission of 25% when you sell products through your website and a 40% commission on annual memberships.

Another way to earn is to recruit people to join our team. You will earn $20 every time anyone you recruit purchases a Starter Kit.

Recruiting more people will earn you higher levels and commissions.

Team Beachbody Pros

Commissions are paid weekly. One positive is that 40% of Commissions on Memberships are paid each week.

No certification is needed. You aren’t a Fitness Instructor. Being a coach on the platform doesn’t require you to have a fitness instructor certification.

Help with promotions. Team Beachbody Coaches can promote the platform at expositions and trade shows, provided they have received prior approval. This is to make sure that the event is appropriate and related to health and fitness.

Team Beachbody Cons

BBB complaints. The platform has a 2-star rating on BBB, with about 154 complaints within the past three years. The main problem reported is accounting, being billed twice, or ignoring customer cancellations.

The bar for leads is high. The only way you get leads is if you have received payment at the Emerald level or a higher level.

You will not be paid commissions on leads on products originally purchased by a customer or subsequent purchases of the customer’s original products. Commissions will only be paid on subsequent products after assigning a customer to you.

Lead Take Back – if a customer assigned to you does not make any purchase for six months, Team Beachbody will take the assigned lead back and market the product to them directly.

Less lucrative. Coaches on the platform only earn little with Team Beachbody. On average, they make about $2,600 yearly, excluding expenses.

Is Team Beachbody Legit?

Team Beachbody is legit but making money as a coach will not be easy.

You can earn more commissions if you know lots of individuals that could benefit from Team Beachbody’s products.

Getting your money back could take some time. Before you recruit anybody, make sure that there is physical proof that Team Beachbody’s products and fitness videos will work.

If there is no proof, people will not be motivated to join.

Team Beachbody does not appear to be a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme. Therefore, it is not an opportunity that is right for everyone.

You have to be someone who enjoys associating with people, who understands how to gain hundreds of followers on social media, and you have to be comfortable leading people and motivating them.

Having a passion for fitness is also necessary and you have to be exclusively devoted to Beachbody products and philosophy.

Therefore, If you are someone who gets genuine pleasure out of motivating others to achieve personal success through fitness success, Team Beachbody may be a good opportunity for you.

Health and fitness multi-level marketing companies are big business and will grow even bigger in the future, companies such as:

Is There A Better Option?

If you’ve made the decision that Team Beachbody isn’t right for you, there are other ways to make money online.

Individuals who are passionate about fitness will find an opportunity with Team Beachbody.

However, the honest truth is most people who look at the Team Beachbody opportunity are not wired in such a way where they live, breathe and eat fitness 24/7.

Most people are just looking for a way to make consistent money online without the stresses of multi-level marketing.

From my experience, the best and easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing, especially if you are new at trying to make money online.

I say this because with affiliate marketing cold calling complete strangers and trying to convince potential clients to do business with you isn’t required.

Also, you can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

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