Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Big Money?

Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Big Money?

I once reviewed a product sent to me in an email called Real Profits Online. The question is this: Is Real Profits Online A Scam?

Just like many similar products that claim that you can make a lot of money with a few clicks, this is no different.

Real Profits Online says you will smile all the way to the bank with $500 daily.

Are you really going to make $500 a day with very little work or online experience?

Let’s find out.

Do You Know What Real Profits Online Is About?

The system explains that you can earn a living simply by picking products from Amazon.

The owners even schemed to use a picture of Jeff Bezos in order to immediately gain your trust.

They claimed to have structured a plan for you to do this – it is a system that has been already configured and done for you:

According to the ‘owner” of Real Online Profits, you will not need to do the following

  • You won’t need to do the actual selling of products
  • You will not have to bother about setting up a website
  • There will be no need to send emails or have to speak on the phone
  • No technical skills are needed
  • No experience in the Internet marketing niche is needed either.

However, this gets more interesting.

The owner of this Real Online Profit is called Mark (this is a false name) 

With a few clicks of your mousepad, you can make as much as $500 per day.

“Mark” claims that he mastered this trick from the lessons he got from his friend named “Tim.”

Without any real work, “Mark’s” buddy “Tim” created this so-called “system.”

As a matter of fact, this same product has been replicated recently. 

They branded it into a new name. 

It is promoted on a platform called Money Sucking Websites.

In fact, they photoshopped an Image of Jeff Bezos (the CEO of Amazon) into the website, for it to look real and believable.

Can You Make Money On Amazon?

To be clear, there are millions of people everywhere that making a lot of money on Amazon. They sell products and earn. 

This is a popular and common type of business. 

Amazon makes money through affiliate marketing using an e-commerce platform.

They don’t go the route of something like Real Profits Review.

What many of these marketers aren’t telling you is e-commerce can challenging and requires work, just like any other online business.

To answer the question, YES, you can make money on Amazon.

However, you CAN’T do it the way Real Online Profits claims you can!

Also, keep in mind there are online scams that try to piggyback on the success of Amazon in order to earn your trust.

The scammers figure once they earn your trust by using the Amazon brand, your wallet is theirs for the picking!

How Does Real Profits Online Work?

Based on Real Profit Online Sales Video, what you get from them is a website. 

The website is a done-for-you one and defined as the platform for you to make your own profit.

On the website made for you, a number of products are featured that are considered the hottest.

These are supposedly products people are looking to buy and are popular.

They say that you will be able to make money in just a few minutes. 

They will design, code, and format your website in a professional way that will make it bring you success.

The video also says you will also get an email system.

With this system, you will have access to contacts on the list that you can use to market new products.

While all these sound great and almost hard to reject, here’s something you need to know:

The website they created won’t be yours.

In fact, how do you expect that they will create your own website in just a few minutes? 

Who does that?

The website they claim to create for you is done right within their own platform for a measly $47 dollars. 

As the owners claim, this is what is going to make you $500 every day and they will still go ahead and do all the hard work for you. 

Can a “done for you” website like this really work?

Don’t ever believe that an e-commerce website can be pre-done for you and all you do is just show up and make money.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, related to internet marketing comes easy, with just a few clicks.

Real Profits Online is similar to other scam make money online platforms I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Real Profits Online A Scam?

Without mincing words, it is a Scam.

The whole product is simply a rework of another website called Money Sucking Website.

You have to be on your toes to know that these types of scammers will always try to rebrand a previous product that the public has detected as a scam.

With this review, you can now know these things too.

Again, when they use words such as “it’s done-for-you” or “just click the mouse” or “make cash in minutes” you better look out!

That is a signal to tell you there are HUGE red flags about such products.

As a matter of fact, below is a so-called “testimonial” from the Real Profits Online video:

Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Big Money?

As you can see, the testimonial is FAKE. It’s a paid actor!

Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Big Money?

There are MORE of these FAKE testimonials from start to finish on the Real Profits Online video!

Final Review Of Real Profits Online

  • Paid actors used as “testimonials” from Fiverr are FAKE
  • The program uses FAKE so-called news sites to make it look legitimate
  • Promoted through multiple sites
  • Using shady, multiple domain names that no longer work
  • Ridiculous promise to earn $500 from the very first day you join
  • These “owners” try to hit you with upsells totaling well over $800!
  • Overall score: 0 out of 10

Conclusion: Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Money?

To wrap up, hope that the points highlighted above about Real Profits Online has shown you what to expect from this product?

Yes, it is possible to make legitimate money online, but to say you can do that without effort and being lazy is a scam. 

If money can be made by being lazy and not having to work hard, then the whole world will be rich. 

Think about that.

It is better to learn to build a real business online and own it. 

Learn to create your own products and enjoy the recurring income and financial freedom that comes from that.

This very blog you’re reading is a product of a platform I’ve used with great success called Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve learned how to make money online the correct way.

Building an affiliate marketing business that will provide revenue for years to come is a feeling that’s hard to describe.

However, anyone can do this if they’re motivated enough.

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Also, with Wealthy Affiliates FREE membership option, you get to try the platform without risking one red cent!

You literally have nothing to lose.

The choice is yours, my friend.

Talk Soon,


Is Real Profits Online A Scam Or Real Way To Make Big Money?

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