Is Product Report Card Legit Or Does It Get A Failing Grade?

Is Product Report Card Legit Or Does It Get A Failing Grade?

You likely are reading this blog post because you want to check out Product Report Card and you want to know Is Product Report Card Legit?

Likely you’ve come across Product Report Card – one of the many get-paid-to platforms– if you are searching for a side hustle to generate more funds.

Just like most platforms, whether a scam or legit, Product Report Card promises to help members generate extra cash in their spare hours.

The question here is: can they keep to this promise?

Is Product Report Card Legit – Mixed Reviews From Customers

Reviews of this platform on the internet are mixed.

Some claim they have not received a penny, and some report that the platform is amazing and keeps to its cash-out promise.

How do you know which reports are legit?

To find out the truth about this platform, ensure you read this brief Product Report Card Review.

Also, one reliable source of survey website reviews is Trustpilot.

Notice the rating gives Product Report Card:

Is Product Report Card Legit Or Does It Get A Failing Grade?

Product Report Card has not been accredited by Better Business Bureau; however, they have a C rating there.

Let’s use a little logic here:

If Trustpilot gives Product Report Card an excellent rating and the Better Business Bureau gives it a C rating, it’s safe to say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle – probably a B- is more accurate.

How Does Product Report Card Work

Is Product Report Card Legit Or Does It Get A Failing Grade?

You will not spend more than two minutes on the registration process.

As a beginner, all you are required to do is provide your name, email, street address, and the country you reside in.

Once you are done filling the form, you will be sent a confirmation mail to activate your account.

  • Clinical trials
  • Product tests
  • Online surveys
  • Phone consultations
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Clinical trials
  • Research opportunities that include higher compensation

To get more surveys on the platform, you will have to complete additional questionnaires about things like:

  • employment
  • household
  • kitchen appliances
  • beauty
  • food
  • travel & leisure
  • fitness & sports
  • health & wellness.

Completing these profiles requires you to provide additional demographic info, by so doing, they can easily target you for surveys you qualify for the most.

The way that Product Report Card works is similar to other survey sites I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Certainly, filling these surveys will take some time, and each survey comes with plenty of questions.

However, if answering these questions will make you earn more on the platform, then the extra time required may be necessary.

Once you complete the screening process, the platform will send you invitations to different available projects.

Earning Potential Of Product Report Card

Online surveys are the basic and most frequent event on Product Report Card.

Most surveys on the platform pay between 25 cents and $5 dollars, and you can earn as high as $10 dollars with more extensive surveys (it’s very rare you’ll get some of these higher paying surveys).

You cannot really tell the number of surveys that will be available for you.

However, your profile and your current demographic qualifications can affect the number of surveys you will receive.

I have also read about some accounts claiming to earn as high as $8 USD for completing their profile.

I don’t think this is true, as my balance remained the same even after I completed my account profile.

You will make close to a dollar per product review for other activities on the platform. When you complete your account profile, you are prompted to look for brands that you own their products.

As time goes on, you may receive offers to write a review of these products (about 500 words).

You don’t have to purchase anything, all you need to do is share your experience with an item you own and receive a little reward when you complete this task.

Focus groups offer more money, about $200 USD, but these offers are hard to find.

You can withdraw your funds via physical check or PayPal when you have at least 25 dollars.

The platform also has other withdrawal options; users can convert their money to Visa prepaid cards or Amazon gift cards.

The Pros And Cons Of Product Report Card


  • Attractive rewards. Cashing out through PayPal or redeeming your earnings through Amazon gift cars is one of the best and most common available rewards. Most survey platforms do reward members with vouchers or gift cards that can only be redeemed at obscure, anonymous online retailers they are not familiar with.
  • Besides taking surveys, you will also find some other activities with fair payments. You can partake in product research, write product reviews, and so on.
  • The platform rarely kicks members out due to ineligibility. Although this is expected, giving the number of questions you receive when taking surveys, it does not happen all the time.


  • It appears like the platform is not in the form as it used to be over the years. Most of the reviews are came across were great until 2017. Although you will find some decent reviews, it looks like the platform’s enthusiasm has reduced significantly.
  • Members now complain that they get very little surveys or that they are not receiving payments.
  • Completing your profile takes a longer time than compared to other similar platforms. You can still earn even if you don’t complete your profile, but your earning potentials will be less.
  • You will be asked all kinds of questions across different areas (like products you have, food, travels, health conditions, fitness) when completing your profile.
  • Rewards after completing a task happen to stay pending for a long time. Some users on this platform mentioned waiting for one year for funds to be cleared. Responding to this problem on BBB, the platform mentioned an issue of this nature is dependent on the client.
  • The reward status will stay pending until the users complete the project and approve the respondent. It’s a good thing that they responded to this common issue, but I don’t think anyone deserves to wait this long to receive their rewards.

Final Thoughts On Product Report Card

From the information I came across while researching this platform, I can conclude that Product Report Card is a legit and somewhat reliable platform.

In the past, users of this platform used to receive generous and prompt rewards, but that is not the case any longer, and I cannot tell why this is so.

It seems as though think the platform is no longer in shape as it was years ago.

There is nothing wrong giving this platform a try, provided you have the time to spare. Product Report Card is not a scam. Besides your time, you don’t have anything to worry about.

You Cannot Make A Full-Time Living From Survey Sites Like Product Report Card

Regarding survey websites, you are literally working for pennies on the dollar when it comes to the amount of money you actually make in comparison to the amount of time spent on these surveys.

As a matter of fact, filling out surveys is one of the worst ways to make money online. 

When you compare the amount of time spent with the money you make, it’s literally “pennies on the dollar.”

It doesn’t matter how active you try to be on these survey/GPT websites. Regardless if you complete surveys, download cash offers, take polls, complete tasks and refer people to generate points and commissions, you will always make very little money.

Another problem with survey websites is you don’t qualify for every survey and most survey websites don’t sent you surveys on a regular basis.

Similarly, with survey/GPT websites, you are never in control of the money you make because you are not in control of the actual platform from which the surveys origionate.

What does that mean for you? 

It means that you can never rely on survey websites to make a full-time income and that you really need to build your own online business using the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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