Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam or can you REALLY make money with this platform?

Imagine that you have been told that you can earn $500 per day.

Also, imagine that you won’t have to work hard to make it! What will be your first reaction?

There is a new product called Prime Time Profits floating around and it is promising all of the above.

Apart from just this product (Prime Time Profits), there are several other products I have reviewed that sound just like this.

Based on my years of experience reviewing different products in the internet marketing niche, I can tell when a product is a scam or legit.

Let me give you a detailed review of this product and you will find out why you need to avoid it.

What Is Prime Time Profits?

  • The name of the program is called: Prime Time Profits
  • The website is: – UPDATE: the URL for Prime Time Profits isn’t working ( I wonder why? )
  • What about the price: $47 or $97, depending on the upsets you get suckered into buying!
  • Do I recommend it: Absolutely NOT!
  • Owner: Unknown (on purpose!)

Prime Time Profits program is using the same layout of the sales page that is used to sell another scam that I’ve reviewed called Money Sucking Websites.

This program says that it has a magical trick that can help you earn at least $500 every day. In fact, it claims that you can get started on the spot – so far you are ready.

You will earn this money simply by copying that trick, without any work, you will be able to earn that $500 every 24 hours.

Imagine, if this kind of system is exciting, the whole world should be rich by now. Isn’t it?

I can say again and again that it is not possible to have such tricks that make that money for you, without any work.

Is Prime Time Profits Is A Scam – You Bet It Is!

If a so-called make-money-online product uses FAKE testimonials, it’s just not worth the additional time needed to explain it – it’s a SCAM!

For example, here’s a “testimonial” from someone called Paul Miller. The problem is, this “testimonial is really a stock photo bought and paid for!

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Notice how many times this family was used for FAKE online “testimonials”!

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Here are two more “testimonials” from Prime Time Profits…And guess what: They’re both FAKE!

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

As a matter of fact, the guys behind this program have chosen not to explain how the system works and yet they claim that you will earn nothing less than $178,000 in a full year.

They basically want you to fantasize about the money and your desire to have this money will move you to want to place your money on it.

Without understanding the system, they want you to put your money on it. This should raise an alarm and red flag.

Don’t put your money on anything that you have no idea about. Will you go to the store and purchase a car that you don’t know anything about? So, why should you go and buy this program called Prime Time Profits?

Like I mentioned earlier, I have reviewed programs that are scams, and some of them are .

Prime Time Profits Is A Joke

In plain terms, this program doesn’t work. It’s a total SCAM and a colossal waste of time.

There is no existing system anywhere as claimed by Prime Time Profits and the fact that they don’t explain what you are buying, is a shady program.

The fact of the matter is we don’t even know who the owner is!

One thing they did was to offer you some wishy-washy training when you get on board, just to make it look like it is not a total scam.

The training is so outdated and has no worth. Perhaps, the folks that created this program are even ignorant of how it works.

A lot of people have lost a fortune to these kinds of programs.

As you buy the first program, they will lead you to more upsells, so you spend more money (actually, they keep stealing from you that way).

Always know that there is no system on the internet that will earn you money without hard work over a long period of time.

If you keep thinking it is possible, the easier it will be for you to fall into the hands of such scams as Prime Time Profits. 

More Cow Dung Please!

Note the following points about this program. If you don’t take caution, you may eventually fall victim just like one of my readers – she lost over $15K from running after such shining objects.

  • High-Income Claims in Short Time 

You don’t simply press a button and you will earn a lot of money.

Online businesses don’t work this way.

Ask other legit online business owners and they will tell you the same.

  • Running On Autopilot: Little to No Work 

You need to work, period. That’s the exchange you get for the money.

You do nothing, you get nothing.

There is no such thing as doing little work and expecting huge returns (especially at the beginning of running an online business).

  • Little to No Product Information 

Yes, they will keep telling you a ‘black box’ or some kind of secret somewhere, but you will realize that they didn’t share the details of how it works.

All they are doing is just to make you want to buy the product. Don’t fall for this.

  • The Price Is Too Cheap 

Ask yourself, why they sell this program that will make you $500 every single day for just less than $100.

This should raise some serious red flags.

Prime Time Profits Wins Our Coveted Moist Cow Dung Award – Complete With A Full Complement Of Dung Flies!

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam?

Is Prime Time Profits A Scam – No Doubt About It!

You shouldn’t even pay attention to anything this program claims.

Prime Time Profits is purely a scam, nothing more nothing less.

Apart from the initial payment, you will make, there are several more upsells ahead that you will pay for.

As you can guess, you will lose money and feel like a naked fool for buying into it!

Prime Time Profits has nothing worthwhile.

Absolutely nothing!

It is a pity that some of these scams give the internet marketing business a bad name.

Nonetheless, I must assure you that there are several legit income-generating platforms online and with a good mentor, you are assured of getting the best.

Once again, I don’t recommend Prime Time Profits.

What I do recommend has been helping people just like you for over 12 years build successful businesses online.

Click the link below and check out My #1 Recommendation!

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