Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

There is an online money-making “opportunity” called Point and Click Profit and a number of people want to know Is Point and Click Profit A Scam?

The owners of this program claim you’ll be able to earn just as much or more than some doctors and lawyers!

I’m not kidding…

My guess is there are a lot of bogus promises and misleading claims made by the owners of Point and Click Profits.

Therefore, this brief review will hopefully answer some questions you may have about the truthfulness of the claims made.

What Is Point and Click Profit And The Story Of Amy Jensen

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?
  • Name: Point and Click Profit
  • Date Created: 08/26/11
  • Website URL:
  • Price: $99 along with expensive upsells
  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Not for beginners
  • My Verdict: this “program” is not legit

The Story Of Amy Jensen

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

On the sales page, we’re presented with the story of Amy Jensen.

The story here is Amy, due to no fault of her own, sank into poverty.

It was difficult to find work to feed her kids and keep a roof over her head.

She wanted a way to take care of her family that would allow her to work from home.

Well, guess what happens…

One day she meets someone she never met before and this person starts explaining how Amy can make money online to feed and care for her kids.

This mysterious good-samaritan tells Amy that the system is considered to be a secret.

And what exactly is the secret that will help Any become financially independent?

She will simply put up online listings on eBay on behalf of companies. 

To be honest, I don’t really know how that’s done, nor am I familiar with how to make money online this way.

Amy relates how she is able to make a lot of money online and all her money troubles disappeared. 

The last part of the video is – you guessed it – she wants to train you on how to do the same thing…For a fee, of course!

With this new income source, you’ll be able to replace the income from your job because you will be able to make up to even $195 in just an hour. 

That’s like making more than a lawyer or doctor! 

Hold on because what is described on the sales page is actually an entirely different program than what you think you’re getting involved with. 

As a matter of fact, Point and Click Profit have the same characteristics as other products I’ve recently reviewed such as:

How Point And Click Profit Really Works

Upon careful observation, I discovered that the Point and Click Profit is not the true program. 

When you are directed to the checkout page you see that the real program here is called Easy 1 Up.

Therefore, Point and Click Profit is nothing but a sales funnel that directs you to the Easy 1 Up system.

Easy 1 Up is a high ticket program and a cash gifting pyramid scheme.

As a matter of fact, Amy’s training that shows you how to list a company’s products on eBay actually does not exist.

There is no company that I’m aware of hiring for this kind of task.

The conclusion is Point and Click Profit is not what it claims to be!

Red Flags of Point and Click Profit

You need to watch out for some of these red flags when looking at Point and Click Profit.

When you are trying to find out about another product in the future, knowing how to detect the red flags for this program now, will help you later.

Now, let’s look at the points below:

#1 Red Flag: FAKE Owner and FAKE Testimonials:

Below is a screenshot of the “owner” Any Jensen

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Here’s Amy again! The Bank of Mississippi must pay well also. The so-called “owner” Amy Jensen doesn’t exist. She’s just a stock photo.

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

I’m not surprised to tell you that Amy Jensen is a fictional character

When a so-called owner of an online business opportunity won’t openly stand by their product, then that’s a sure sign that there are some shenanigans going on.

This is the type of behavior people engage in when they have something to hide.

This is how scammers operate

However, what these scam artists have done is designed a greedy funnel that pushes for more and more of your hard-earned money.

Similarly, the testimonials for this so-called business are FAKE as well.

It seems like there’s good money in telling lies these days!

#2 Red Flag – There are Limited Spots Available:

Since this is an online training, there are no spots (or call it positions) to fill, so why will they describe it like someone is going to steal your spot if you don’t sign up?

Basically, it’s fake sales tactics describing fake scarcity. There are no limits on spots.

There never has been!

#3 Red Flag – Secret or Trick or Loophole

They make it seem like listing a product on eBay is some secret, or like you need to learn the tricks to be able to do it. 

They make it feel like it is a gig that only a select few know about. 

This is not true.

There is no “secret method” or so-called “magic bullet” in online marketing that will allow you to make thousands of dollars effortlessly.

#4 Red Flag – Easy Money, High Income Claims:

 Don’t believe that there is a magical system somewhere online that will make you a lot of money within a short time.

No such magical system exists in internet marketing.

To have people think that you will be able to make easy money and compare Point and Click Profits to the work of professionals like lawyers and doctors earn them money is a red flag. 

The internet has opportunities to make money, but it won’t pluck money for you from some magic tree.

There NEVER has been some “secret system” on the internet to make money.

#5 Red Flag – Little to No Work: 

If you watch it closely, you will realize that most of these systems that promise and claim that you can make huge earnings online in a short while always make it sound easy.

How can you not work and expect to make money? 

Nothing like that exists in the real world.

How is it possible to make $3k in earnings within 30 days and not have to do anything? 

Only inexperienced individuals would fall for such a weak presentation of making thousands of dollars online with little to no work.

REAL online marketing requires REAL work and patience.

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam?

Is Point And Click Profit A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Based on the points I raised up there, it is clear that Point and Click Profits is just a program that is set up to entice you into buying an empty program. 

I would conclude that Point and Click Profits is a SCAM.

In fact, recently they have changed the look, it is all in the bid to make you feel it is now a great product.

My simple conclusion is that I won’t advise you to go for Point and Click Profit program. I don’t recommend it.

Here’s one thing I do know: Whoever the “owner” is of Point and Click profit could care less about your success.

The whole thing is a fat lie because these scammers are trying to sell a fake dream that will never come true.

Therefore, there is nothing about Point and Click Profit or Easy 1 Up I would recommend.

What I do recommend to learn how to make money online the proper way can be found by clicking on the link below…

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