Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam – What You Need To Know

Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam - What You Need To Know

Welcome – I think it’s safe to say you are here because you want to know Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam?

Can you make money by joining Plexus Worldwide?

If you are one of those people that spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, then you must have come across several adverts for work-from-home businesses.

Plexus Worldwide is a work-from-home business that claims to help its affiliates earn money from posting links across the internet.

However, as with most online businesses, people are always skeptical about its legitimacy.

Is this a real work-from-home job, or is it one of those fancy Ponzi schemes?

Can you really make a sizable amount of profit by simply selling a company’s products from the comfort of your home?

Well, we are here to answer your questions to the best of our capacity.

Regarding Plexus Worldwide, the company prides itself in selling diverse health and wellness products.

However, does Plexus Worldwide really stand out from the hundreds of other health and wellness multi-level marketing companies in existence?

Is its entire mode of operation genuine?

The information in this article could save you potentially large amounts of time and money.

Plexus Worldwide Overview

Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam - What You Need To Know

Plexus Worldwide is a company whose entirety revolves around the Health and fitness niche.

A brief history check shows that the multimillion-dollar company, founded by none other than Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson, came into existence in the year 2006.

Plexus Worldwide has its headquarters situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It offers people in Canada, Australia, and Mexico access to its product line which includes different skincare products, weight loss products, vitamins, protein drinks, and protein bars.

Ever since Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson founded the company back in 2006, the company has experienced tremendous growth and overall success.

The company’s total revenue as of the year 2017 was a whopping $562 million, pushing it to sit comfortably at the 30th spot in the Direct Selling News.

Overall, the company’s global recognition is one anyone would be proud of, boasting over 700,000 Ambassadors.

Also, Plexus make the list of the top twelve places to work.

Available Products

Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam - What You Need To Know

Plexus Worldwide is a company that is all about nutrition and general wellness.

Hence, their products center on different nutritional products. Customers can browse through their selection of weight loss products, skincare, nutrition, and vitamins.

Also, Plexus Worldwide provides vitamins that are safe enough for kids’ consumption.

Plexus Slim is one product that is extremely popular among consumers. This weight management product works by tricking the stomach into thinking it is full to reduce your overall food consumption.

The product contains different ingredients such as beetroot extract, chromium polynicotinate, green coffee bean extract, citric acid, stevia, cambogia, and garcinia.

Meanwhile, the active ingredient in this product is polydextrose, which helps in suppressing appetite.

A pack of Plexus Slim contains 30 sachets with different flavors.

The mode of consumption is quite simple as all you do is take one serving of the Plexus Slim an hour before your meal, twice daily.

One serving of the Plexus Slim accounts for exactly 20 calories, and following the consumption guidelines, you will be consuming an entire package in exactly 15 days.

This product settles at $180 monthly that is excluding the subscription. You do get a $10 discount if you opt for a monthly subscription.

The major drawback with this product, that is, excluding its price, is that it does not have the standard FDA regulation attached.

Consequently, you will find similar products at cheaper prices on Amazon.

One such product cost about $60, showing a huge price differential between it and the Plexus Slim.

Are There Membership Costs?

You join the Plexus Worldwide community when you purchase a membership during your sign-up process.

Purchasing a membership is actually cheap at $39.95.

You can, however, choose to purchase a starter kit, which is the only way you will be able to earn subsidiary income.

The price range for Plexus Worldwide starter kits ranges from $99 to $199.

Similarly, the price differential is greatly dependent on the availability of the kits. 

Also, the kits enable you to buy at wholesale prices.

You can choose to turn on Autoship (monthly product suggestions) so that you will be eligible for commissions.

Overall, you are meant to renew your membership annually.

Advantages of Plexus Worldwide

Preferred Customer: Your favorite clientele can subscribe to gain access to certain discount offers on the products available. For each client that subscribes, you get a commission.

Commission on Return: For any customer that returns a product, which is something that happens frequently, the commission you received remains yours.

Money Return Policy: With Plexus Worldwide, you gain access to a 60-day money return policy for any product you acquire.

Disadvantages of Plexus Worldwide

  • BBB Status: The Better Business Bureau (BBC) lists Plexus worldwide as having No Rating. This clearly shows that the company has limited information concerning it.
  • Product Health Warnings: Plexus Worldwide, with all its success, has had a fair share of legal drawbacks. The company found itself in a lawsuit as a result of certain lead contamination in 96 products. The products involved in the lawsuit are the Fast Relief and the Protein Go-Pack Chocolate. The company handled the entire event privately, disclosing nothing to the public.
  • FDA Warnings: While Plexus is a popular health and wellness brand, they have had its share of problems. The FDA warned Plexus Worldwide about misleading claims on their website. At the time, this issue was specifically about three products, namely BioCleanse, Fast Relief, and ProBio5.
  • Product Misrepresentation: The majority of the products that they provide do not work exactly as they advertise. One such product with a misleading advertisement is the Breast Check Recheck.

Additional Concerns

  • The Breast Check Recheck aims to allow women to conduct self-checks on their breasts to scout for lumps. Ambassadors at Plexus Worldwide pushed this product with claims that they had FDA approval and that doctors and nurses did, in fact, recommend the Breast Check Recheck.
  • A concise investigation proved that the claims made by these ambassadors were entirely false and misleading. The issue with this product was so prevalent that the American Cancer Society requested that Plexus Worldwide desist from attaching its name to all forms of product promotion during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Income Misrepresentation: Most people are of the opinion that since the company has such large revenue, its ambassadors make a huge amount. This is entirely false as the majority of ambassadors make less than $500 annually.
  • Membership Cancellation: Most ambassadors find it hard to cancel their annual membership fees even after the company assures them that they have done so. They are still deducted for the membership that the company assured them was canceled.

Is Plexus Worldwide A Scam?

Plexus Worldwide is not a scam multi-level marketing company.

When you consider the number of years they’ve been in business, you’ll know that the company is legit.

However, I cannot recommend joining Plexis because there has been too much controversy regarding the safety of their products and they’ve been guilty of misrepresenting some of their products as well.

Here is just one example: The Federal Trade Commission in June 2020 sent a cease and desist letter to Plexus Worldwide regarding social media posts made by Plexus representatives claiming that their herbal supplements can treat or prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”).

Here is the link to the actual letter so you can read it for yourself.

Another interesting fact is according to Plexus’ 2018 income disclosure statement, which appears to be the most recent data available, the average earnings of Plexus distributors barely reach $300 annually!

That’s a remarkably low figure which DOES NOT take into consideration the expenses and fees a distributor has to spend in order to remain active.

According to the “fine print” of the Plexus income disclosure statement, “In some cases, these costs may exceed the amounts earned by an Ambassador.”

Plexus Worldwide is similar to other legit MLMs I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Similarly, there are other statistics you need to consider before you join the Plexus Worldwide program or any other MLM company.

Multi-Level Marketing Is A Bad Business Model

After an exhaustive study of over 300 MLMs, The Consumers Awareness Institute that 99% of people who join multi-level marketing companies lose money.

That applies to ALL MLMs, the best and the worst companies.

Do you understand what that means? If you join an MLM organization you only have a 1% chance of not losing money.

I don’t find those statistics very encouraging when it comes to joining an MLM.

Here are some additional hard facts you need to consider before joining ANY multi-level marketing business

Additional Facts On Multi-Level Marketing

  • 99%: According to the Federal Trade Commission this is the number of all MLM participants who lose money
  • You are 38%: more likely of making money with your own small, home-based business than by joining an MLM
  • There is a 10% – 20% higher rate of making a profit with an online business than joining an MLM
  • You would have a 300 times higher chance of winning a game of roulette in Las Vegas from 1 single spin of the wheel than you would make a profit with an MLM
  • 47%: The number of participants who flat-out lose money according to the AARP Foundation
  • 27%: the percentage of people who make no money whatsoever in an MLM – AARP Foundation
  • 26%: The meager amount of people who actually earn a profit participating in MLMs
  • 53%: This is the percentage of MLM participants who earn less than $5000 a year
  • 39%: the number of people who QUIT MLMs because of trying to sell services and products to family and friends damaged their relationships
  • 50%: Percentage of MLM reps who quit within 1 year after joining
  • 95%: The respective number of reps who quit within 10 years
  • 75%: The number of people who have participated and left an MLM and state that they would never join another MLM in their life
  • 1,049: The number of MLM reps who make less than 70 cents an hour according to a 2018 poll of MLM reps representing various companies
  • 20%: of people involved with MLMs never made a sale
  • 60%: percentage of people involved with MLMs earned less than $500 within the last 5 years of joining
  • 32% of people involved with MLMs financed their MLM “business” by getting into credit card debt


References for the above facts are from the following sources:

Is There A Better Option?

If you’ve made the decision that joining a multi-level marketing company like Plexus Worldwide isn’t right for you, there are other ways to make money online.

From my experience, the best and easiest way to make money online is with affiliate marketing, especially if you are new at trying to make money online.

I say this because with affiliate marketing cold calling complete strangers and trying to convince potential clients to do business with you isn’t required.

Also, you can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget.

You can start your business in the comfort of your home, around your work schedule and around your family – YOU are in complete control.

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  1. I have not come across Plexus World before,but as I do not live in the States, I was not familiar with Alfred Petterson or Tarl Robinson either. 

    I at first did not realise when you were talking about Plexus World, that you are actually talking about a MLM company, which completely turned me off. 

    I worked for a MLM company for nearly 10 years, and cannot recommend the business model. 

    Affiliate marketing is a far better and realistic way of earning online income.

    • Thank You for your comments…

      Yes, you are correct…affiliate marketing definitely has it’s advantages as a business model.

      Multi-level marketing certainly is difficult to make money with and is something I would never recommend.


  2. This Post of yours about Plexus Worldwide is enlightening preventing people from losing resources ( time, money, energy plus relationships) and eye opener for those looking for money from the best MLM in the world.

    You made a great deal in researching factual information of MLM business in general. That makes your article more reliable and convincing. 

    And I just want to attest your claims by citing myself as an example. For the past 2 decades, I have joined 7 different MLM’s. I got enticed by the quick money scheme and the health benefits of the products.

    You are right, I am one of the 99% who lost money. And I cannot sustain taking them due to product cost. I tried again and again, hoping the next one would be profitable. But just the same, losing than profiting.

    Please continue to share this truth as it is needed by those who are seeking extra or alternative income. Thanks for your concern.

    • Great Comments, Rose!

      You can relate from your personal experience that multi-level marketing is one of the worst ways to make money.

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