Is PayAsian Legit?

Is PayAsian Legit?

If you want to know Is PayAsian Legit so you can join the platform and make some money, you have come to the right place.

This brief blog post will tell you all you need to know about PayAsian as a multi-level marketing platform and what they have to offer.

Make sure you read this PayAsian review completely.

Is PayAsian Legit – Summary

  • Company Name: PayAsian
  • Website:
  • Registration cost: at least $100 up to $100,000 investment!
  • Rating: 0/10
  • Recommendation: Not recommended

There is nothing legit about PayAsian, and I do not advise anyone to join this platform.

On the regulatory front PayAsian has already attracted attention.

The regulatory authorities have already targeted PayAsian because the Philippine SEC issued a fraud warning about PayAsian back on November 14th, 2019.

What that means is PayAsian will eventually collapse under the weight of its own fraud.

Aside from the PAYA token offered, which is worthless, PayAsian does not have any real product or service.

All they do is to deceive people into investing in PAYA token, which outside of PayAsian has no monetary value.

This platform will not last long as it is currently under scrutiny from authorities in The Philippines.

Just like all Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes, PayAsian will crumble eventually.

About PayAsian

Is PayAsian Legit?

From the name, PayAsian is a platform that targets investors across different countries in Asia.

The company was founded in 2018, and Hero Vu is the CEO.

The domain name,, was registered in April 2018.

Singapore is the registrant country for PayAsian.

However, PayAsian isn’t Vu’s first venture into multi-level marketing.

As it turns out, Vu also founded and promoted another company named SunCoin in March 2018.

The details as to what happened are unknown; SunCoin collapsed and with it disappeared the money of Cambodian investors that were scammed by Vu.

However, we are inclined to believe that the collapse of SunCoin paved the way for PayAsian.

To earn on this platform, you will have to exchange or invest money to get PAYA tokens.

As you continue to participate in the platform, you continue to earn more PAYA tokens.

Another way to earn is to recruit people to join and build a downline.

It’s obvious that when you look at the facts, this so-called investment opportunity operates as a pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

PayAsian Red Flags

There are lots of red flags about this platform that should discourage you from investing.

A fraud warning has already been issued by Philippine authorities against PayAsian.

The platform offers passive income opportunities, which means they are offering securities.

However, the problem is that they are not registered with relevant authorities in any country; thus, PayAsian is guilty of securities fraud.

Promoting this offer, on the other hand, can get you in big trouble.

Hero Vu, the CEO, has also pushed several scam crypto platforms.

SunCoin is one of them, and a lot of Cambodian investors lost their company when it collapsed.

Is PayAsian a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

PayAsian is a Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme. Why?

It is a Ponzi scheme because they deceive investors about their source of revenue.

Investors believe they get ROI (return on investment) from the PAYA token they purchase.

Meanwhile, investment from new members is the actual source of revenue.

Money from new investments is used to pay existing investors.

The platform will eventually collapse once recruitment/investment slows down, and lots of people will lose money when this happens.

PayAsian also operates as a pyramid scheme since it has no retail product to offer except membership recruitment.

They are interested in bringing more and more people into the system so they can swindle them.

PayAsian is similar to other cryptocurrency MLM scams I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Becoming Successful With PayAsian Is Impossible

Their offerings sound attractive enough.

You invest your money, and you will be given a cryptocurrency, and you will be given more when you refer people.

You cannot pay for anything with this crypto, but you can exchange it for real money, if correct?

Some people may be able to exchange crypto for money in the beginning. The overwhelming majority, however, will not have this opportunity.

Several reports have shown 99% of people who invested in a normal MLM company to lose their money.

Therefore, I don’t recommend investing with this platform.

What Are the Products Offered?

As far as PayAsian is concerned, there is no real product to offer.

The only thing you will be getting when you invest is PAYA coin, which has no value outside this platform.

You cannot use this coin to pay for anything. And the value of the coin is whatsoever the people running PayAsian decide.

The value, currently, is $0.3.

it is still worthless since this platform operates as a pyramid/Ponzi scheme.

All this platform is concerned about is new recruits and their infusion of new money.

What I Like About PayAsian


Absolutely nothing at all.

What I Dislike About PayAsian

  • Worthless crypto. There is value in bitcoin since only a particular amount can be mined, and it can be used as an acceptable method of payment in different places. PAYA token has no real value. No merchant, store, shop or individual will accept this coin for payments.
  • Operates as a pyramid scheme. There is no product or service to offer. The only thing you can do to earn is to recruit people. Any company that ties its source of revenue to recruitment is destined to fall/collapse.
  • Currently under investigation. A fraud warning has been placed by Philippine authorities against PayAsian. There are not registered with any relevant authorities and are guilty of securities fraud. The platform is misleading investors about their source of revenue.
  • The CEO of PayAsian is a known fraud. The CEO of this platform has a history of scam involvements. He created a platform that scammed lots of Cambodian investors before it collapsed.
  • Doomed to fail. Once investment and recruitment slow down, the platform will collapse since they won’t be enough money in circulation. A lot of people will lose their money when this happens.

My Verdict of PayAsian

Is PayAsian a scam or a legit platform?

PayAsian is a flat-out scam, and I don’t recommend joining.

As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing, the Philippine SEC may have already shut down PayAsian.

This platform will collapse very soon, and the only people who will make money would be the owner and early investors.

When the platform falls, investors will be left with worthless PAYA tokens, which cannot be used anywhere.

Get Free From Multi-Level Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes

What I strongly suggest is that you stop relying on the pyramid schemes of unknown scammers and build your own online business.

The moment you come to understand that you’re going to have to participate in your own financial rescue, the sooner you can start making real progress toward financial freedom.

The days are gone when you can just throw money at a business and see what sticks!

Ponzi schemes like PayAsian will never work – they’re designed to make the owner of the Ponzi scheme a ton of money and then it’s dissolved.

What happens is when the owner of a dissolved Ponzi scheme is done, they go and start another dishonest Ponzi scheme.

This happens over and over and over again.

These sick individuals keep doing this because they know there are more than enough gullible people they can always take advantage of.

What You Need To Do Now

You MUST build an online presence by leveraging the power of the internet.

My #1 recommendation is the best possible way I know of doing this.

Especially if you have no prior experience in internet marketing.

If you follow directions, you can’t fail with this platform.

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