Is Panelbase Legit Or A Big Waste Of Time?

Is Panelbase Legit Or A Big Waste of Time?

If you’re reading this blog post it’s because you’re researching this GPT site called Panelbase and wondering Is Panelbase Legit?

Can you really make money with Panelbase?

I’m going to review Panelbase over the next few minutes and explain how this works.

We’re also going to find out if you can really earn money from it.

However, the more important question will be Is it worth your time?

Also, is it really going to make a huge difference to your life financially?

What Is Panelbase?

Is Panelbase Legit Or A Big Waste of Time?

First, let me say that Panelbase is a legit survey site. This is not like some of the scam survey sites I’ve reviewed such as:

Panelbase is a GPT or “get-paid-to” click survey website that’s tailored for the British market.

The way it works is very simple.

All you do is register an account like creating an email address.

As soon as you create an account, you can log in and they will start to send you market research surveys.

The thing about panel based that’s different from other services, they don’t keep sending you junk.

They send you very relevant surveys directly to you.

It might be anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per survey and they only send you surveys based on your demographic.

What that means is you don’t get a ton of surveys.

Panelbase will start sending you study invites based on the profile information you provided.

You will mostly receive survey invites since this is the main opportunity the site has.

How Much Can You Earn With Panelbase?

What you can expect regarding payment for completed surveys is between £0.25 to £10.

Each invite will provide details about the survey, including how much you will get paid.

In some rare instances, you may get an invitation for a survey that will pay up to £50.

Participation in some surveys will include you in raffle draws for a chance to win items or cash prizes.

The question is how many surveys can you expect to get?

The answer is not that much.

It really depends on your demographic, whether you qualify for a particular survey and which clients they’re serving at that particular time.

You might get one survey every other day, you might get one survey a week, or you might get one a month.

So you aren’t going to “hang out” at your home or flat and complete surveys all day long.

The Truth About Survey Sites Like Panelbase

Is Panelbase Legit Or A Scam GPT Website You Should Avoid?

Survey sites like Panelbase weren’t designed to pay out large sums of money to it’s participants.

Once you have reached a threshold of 10 pounds, you’re able to withdraw your money from PayPal.

In terms of being a legitimate survey website where you actually fill out real surveys and they pay you money, Panelbase is great.

The only problem is you don’t get that many surveys.

Therefore, in order for you to reach your threshold of 10 pounds, it might take you a while.

The reality is that’s how survey websites work.

A lot of people think that they could get rich by focusing on completing surveys.

It’s a huge mistake to think that way.

It might take you 30 to 45 minutes to fill out a survey.

Even if you were to spend 3 to 4 or hours a day just filling out surveys, you would still only make about $3 to $5 (US) a day.

Think about the amount of money you’re making versus the amount of time you’re spending filling out surveys your per-hour earnings are very low.

If you’re making around $80 – $90 a month completing surveys, you can go to the supermarket, buy a couple of things, and maybe pay for a couple of bills here and there, but it’s not that much money.

Is This The Best Use Of Your Time?

The honest truth is when you look at the amount of time spent completing surveys with the actual money you make, it’s not the best use of your time.

My opinion is filling out surveys is a waste of time.

Yes, it’s real money, but it’s not in amounts that can make a difference in your life.

You can spend 45 minutes filling out a survey, but getting paid a dollar or a pound, 50 or two pounds, even for 45 minutes of your time is not worth it.

Even legit survey sites I’ve reviewed like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding Ways, and ySense aren’t set up for you to make large sums of money from.

If your intent is to just fill out surveys, then Panelbase is a great website for that.

However, if you’re here because you don’t know how to make money online and want to learn how to do it, you need a platform that will teach you the skills you need.

The platform I use and tens of thousands of others use is Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate has been helping ordinary people create extraordinary incomes for over 15 years.

Owners Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon have been dedicated to the idea of helping anyone who has the desire to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Making money online is not some “push-button, done-for-you, set it up in one weekend” proposition.

Anyone who presents making money online in that way is flat-out lying to you.

In order to make substantial money online, you must learn the necessary skills to do so.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help a person with ZERO experience build a profitable online business.

Do you really understand how life-changing it is to have your own affiliate marketing business?

Once you understand how to build up your website or blog, you can make more money in one month than most people make in one year!

The above statement is not a promise of income, but a result of the thorough, detailed training you receive from Wealthy Affiliate.

All Excuses Have Been Removed

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim have removed all excuses for trying out the platform.

You can try out even Wealthy Affiliate by creating a FREE account to try out features of the platform if you’re unsure.

You can use your FREE account as long as you need to and no debit or credit card is necessary to sign up.

Think about this: If there is no initial financial obligation to try Wealthy Affiliate, then what do you have to lose?

How can you possibly lose with an arrangement like that?

You’re not losing one dime anything by starting a FREE account.

Make the decision to stop wasting time on survey sites where you can’t make a life-changing income.

I know I made the right decision to join Wealthy Affiliate and have never regretted it.

What will you do?

Make the right decision for yourself, TODAY.

Talk Soon,


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