Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Another website claiming to pay you $25 for signing up and giving you another $10-$15 for referring other people is Paid 4 Clout, which presents the question Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam?

Here’s the question: Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam?

Similarly, I think we saw this before with other sites like CashOG and Referal Pay.

Therefore, can you make money with Paid 4 Clout? How much? And how do they pay?

Let’s take a closer look at this website.

  • Product Name: Paid 4 Clout
  • Website:
  • What The Website Claims: Make $500 Today!
  • Who Is This For? Newbies who don’t know any better will get scammed thinking they can make money this way.
  • Owner/Creator: Have no idea who the owner is
  • Price To Join: Free to join. However, it will cost money to complete offers
  • Do I Recommend This: Absolutely not!

How Paid 4 Clout Actually Works

Paid 4 Clout has the same characteristics as some other websites such as SwagPay, CashOG, CloutPay, Referal Pay, and other questionable sites.

Similarly, sites like these make it seem so easy to earn money.

Do NOT fall for this hype! You WILL NOT make money easily from Paid 4 Clout!

Also, these websites claim to pay you $25 when you sign up and other $10-$15 for each referral you get to sign up. 

They also offer cash for completing tasks and offers.

Paid 4 Clout has a so-called “task wall” and affiliate links.

However, you will have to spend your own money if you chose to do them.

That is a huge red flag to me!

Personally, I do not like the idea of spending money to complete some of these tasks.

The purpose of these so-called “opportunities” is for ordinary people to make money, not to spend money to make money!

Nonetheless, this is a FAKE so-called business opportunity, as I will show you by the “testimonials”.

Here is a “testimonial” from a woman named “Ambria” on the Paid 4 Clout website.

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

The same woman names Ambria” was used as a “testimonial” for CashOG…

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Here is the SAME woman AGAIN, this time her name is Cristina Richards. LOL!

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Also, here is another “testimonial” from the Paid 4 Clout website:

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

As you can see, more FAKE testimonials thanks to the folks from

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

But Wait…It Gets Better

Trustpilot is a website that allows consumers to review companies and post comments based on their experiences.

Also, notice what some of the actual users of Paid 4 Clout said about the “business opportunity” they got involved with:

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?
Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?
Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam You Need To Avoid?

Let me ask you this:

Do you really need any more proof that Paid 4 Clout is a SCAM?

Moreover, this is not a “business opportunity” you want to get involved with.

Paid 4 Clout is similar to other so-called business opportunities I’ve reviewed such as:

None of these shenanigans were ever going to help honest people make money online.

Also, these programs are designed to make as much money as they can from people who don’t know any better.

The scam website shuts down and eventually reappears under a different name and a different domain.

There Are No Scams With Wealthy Affiliate

Here is what you won’t get with Wealthy Affiliate: No SCAMS, annoying upsells, or Shenanigans.

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people build affiliate marketing businesses for over 12 years.

That is a long time!

Therefore, it’s obvious the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon, are genuinely concerned with helping people.

Moreover, they’ve helped tens of thousands of people create five, six, and seven-figure incomes consistently over the last 15 years.

There is no reason why Wealthy Affiliate can’t help you do the same!

Watch below co-owner Kyle Loudon talks about the benefits of WA in this Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough video.

You Can Have Your Own Wealthy Affiliate Membership Today For Just $0!

There is no shortage of scams that proliferate the internet.

Scammers well know the psychological buttons to push to get people to part with their hard-earned money.

Understand that there is no program that will make money for you with very little work involved – you are going to have to participate in your own financial rescue.

Therefore, it’s up to you to make the decision.

Make the decision that you are going to start changing your financial future TODAY.

Your next ten years do not have to be like the last 10 years!

Also, if you’re sick and tired of struggling financially, then now is the time to do something about it.

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