Is OPM Wealth A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Is OPM Wealth A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

Today, I’ll be reviewing OPM Wealth because many of you want to know Is OPM Wealth A Scam.

Can you actually make money with OPM Wealth?

It is one of many business opportunities that have hit the market recently.

I wanted to look at what it was about and decided to check it out.

You may have had somebody approach you recently about OPM Wealth and they would have shown you the ease with which you could make money.

I will be walking you through how their program works and this will help you to make informed decisions going forward.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam – OPM Wealth Overview

The company is really a new program that is aimed at creating money using investments through combined money.

When you look at “OPM Wealth,” the name translates to “Other Peoples’ Money Wealth.”

At this point the name of the business isn’t very encouraging

The company uses this name because they help you to use the investments gathered from a set of subscribers (other people’s money) and bankroll your investments.

This allows the creation of an independent Internet business opportunity.

You should think of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

The company is trying to imitate Robert Kyosaki’s lessons about investment.

Please understand that Robert Kyosaki is not involved with OPM Wealth.

The author states you will be able to create money in the following two ways:

  • Your Money: Helping yourself is going to take longer to see tangible results and you’ll require simple fiscal knowledge.
  • Other People’s Money: This will be faster, but you’ll need to possess advanced financial knowledge to get it. The money is going to do the work rather than you having to do the work to get it.

Here, OPM Wealth uses the latter, other people’s money.

OPM Wealth claims you are going to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading as the company insists on you paying them using cryptocurrencies.

It is associated with a plan that is known as “Plutus,” which I’ll go into later.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam – Company Overview

When you actually visit their website, you have no information about who owns or runs the company.

Subsequently going through their program personally and thoroughly going over some of their steps, I consider Stefan Dessalines as the person who founded OPM Wealth.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam Or Big Money Opportunity?

He might have partnered with others also, but he does not outright say this.

Previous to his online promotional career, Stefan was engaged in the movie business.

He started his career with child acting and then later went on to become a movie producer.

After this, he chose the mortgage business and worked with banks thereafter.

Their business started booming and garnered more than 80 million. All of this took an awful downturn all the way through the 2008 Fiscal Crisis.

From here on out, he transitioned himself into digital marketing.

Does OPM Wealth Have Retail Products?

With regards to any type of RETAIL services or products, the company does not have any at all.

For instance, if I were to be an associate I cannot sell anything to customers as the main focus of their program is getting everyone signed up to promote it.

You’ll be able to start with a no-cost account. Afterward, you can use this to view 17 instruction videos located in the company’s member area.

Their first three videos you’ll be able to freely watch. After that, you’ll have to ring up a consultant for accessing the other 14 videos.

The videos teach you how OPM Wealth can be used.

One lesson actually teaches you to increase credit scores because you’ll need a respectable credit score for qualifying for funding that you will need, for example, to start your own online business empire.

I can absolutely say with certainty that you DO NOT need good credit or any credit to start an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate, the platform that I use, does not require credit of any kind.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam – What Is The Plutus Program?

This is one program within another program…

The front is OPM Wealth whereas the backend is Plutus.

Plustus is the resource center that does all of the promotional campaigns and other things.

It’s actually the primary driver for everything.

Summed up briefly, Plutus is an associate marketing program that pays using cryptocurrencies.

To become a member of this, you’ll have to select Greek Gods’ named packages:

  • $2,000 for the Hermes Package
  • $5,000 for the Apollo Package
  • $8,500 for the Athena Package
  • $14,500 for the Poseidon Package
  • $27,500 for the Zeus Package

Similarly, these packages are pricey; this is the reason why OPM Wealth requires you to have a reputable credit score.

The company wants to leverage your credit as you get started.

Making Money Using OPM Wealth

Your only way to make money is by purchasing any one Plutus package and marketing their associate offers to other people.

If you’re determined on becoming a no-cost member, you will have to do 5 successful sales to be able to be qualified for fees.

Whereas, if you have the top-most tier package, then you will be able to earn money from the outset itself.

After this, you will be able to request payouts that are paid through any of these cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Etherium, and Bitcoin.

After you have selected any ONE of these cryptocurrencies, you’ll only be given fees in that.

What’s My Conclusion On OPM Wealth

So, does a scam exist with OPM Wealth?

Firstly, we’ll take a look at their products…

For opportunities/network marketing businesses to be legal, they must sell retail products to customers.

It can be a digital service or product or a physical service or product.

The company does not offer any of these for retail sales. Absolutely nothing.

It makes huge income claims, enrolling associates rather than selling to clients is what we are seeing here.

Also, not having any retail service or product does not make it a legal business structure in the eyes of the Federal Trade Commission.

OPM Wealth is based in the USA, and the FTC can investigate this at any time…

Then again, they are making people take huge loans for a business plan which does not follow any rules…

People borrowing anywhere from $2000 to $27500 of money that they don’t have isn’t the best idea as the operating model isn’t legal.

Reminiscent of MOBE and Digital Altitude

Apparently, it seems that Dessalines is trying to make a name for himself as the next Matt Lloyd or Michael Force.

It would seem that OPM Wealth is basically a cryptocurrency version of MOBE and Digital Altitude.

It’s the same tired promise of riches that has been used by scammers for decades: the “let our coaches close for you” marketing crap.

Similarly, this is the same garbage sales pitch that allowed thousands of gullible sheep collectively to lose hundreds of millions with Digital Altitude and MOBE and Digital.

This is going to end the way it always does: OPM Wealth will stagger along until new associate recruitment bottoms out.

And if the government regulators are true to their usual selves, by the time the FTC gets involved, these diseased parasite scammers will have fleeced hundreds of unsuspecting victims and moved on to set up the next scam.

Stop Being Lazy and Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Notice that I started out by saying “Stop Being Lazy…”

Why do I say this?

Because scammers are only able to do what they do because people are too freakin’ lazy to build their own online business.

I know what I’m talking about because for years I use to be one of them!

So what do lazy people do?

They would prefer to give their hard-earned money to a guy like Stefan Dessalines and in essence, tell him “You go and do the hard work for me so I can come back and reap the rewards.”

That is a recipe for financial disaster!

I’m going to say this as plainly as I can:

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue!

No one else is going to set up some “magic system” and get you out of your financial challenges!

Nobody is going to knock at the door of your home or apartment and say “Hey! I’m here to help you make money online and I promise not to scam you!”

YOU have to participate in your own financial rescue!

What I have found is Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform I’ve seen that can help an absolute “newbie” build a successful online business in the shortest time possible.

They’ve been helping ordinary folks build online businesses for almost 20 years, which is quite exceptional.

Why You Should Use Wealthy Affiliate To BuildYour Online Business

Are you going to do what needs to be done…Or continue to make weak excuses?

The choice is you’re, my friend.

Before you decide that this is not the right time or you’re “too tired” or you have “other commitments” or you’ll wait until next week, consider these words:

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

The above words, from the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn, are a fact of life.

If you continue to make WEAK excuses, you’ll continue to have WEAK finances.

Which outcome do you want?

Talk Soon,


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