Is Money Genie A Scam – Yep! It’s A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Welcome to my review of Money Genie. You’re here because you want to know Is Money Genie A Scam?

Within the last couple of years, there seems to be an upsurge in websites promising you to earn a few hundred dollars a day for very little work.

The sole purpose of these websites seems to be either making money through CPA (Cost-Per-Action) or data harvesting.

One such sites is Money Genie.

Let’s go over some major issues with this website.

Is Money Genie A Scam – What Is Money Genie

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!
  • Product Name: Money Genie
  • Price to Join: $0
  • Creator: N/A
  • Rating:0/10
  • Do I recommend it? Absolutely Not! It’s a Scam.

Money Genie claims to be the #1 Social Media Network.

However, their social media presence is inconsistent at best.

Money Genie claims to be a partner with large corporate entities to provide offers so consumers can earn money.

This is another false statement that is used to lure in unsuspecting people looking to make money online.

They claim that in three steps you can be on your way to earning cash.

In a matter of moments anyone can earn with Money Genie.

Supposedly, when you sign up to get an account, you get a $35 bonus.

The next step is to share your referral link on social media platforms and send it directly to family members and friends.

Money Genie states for every click, you’ll earn $1 and for every referral using your link you get %5.

Finally, cash out your earnings using Venmo, PayPal, Venmo, BitCoin or Cash App.

However, there is a 99% chance you’ll never see a dime in earnings!

Is Money Genie A Scam – Red Flag #1 – The Sign-Up Bonus

Money Genie is a survey or GPT site, GPT meaning “get-paid-to” click.

I’ve reviewed many GPT sites in the last year and none of them promise a $35 bonus for signing up!

GPT websites are not designed to pay out that much money for just signing up.

That means anyone can just “sign-up”’ collect their $35 and just move on without taking another action.

Huge Red Flag #2 – Lying About Time In Business

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Look at the screenshot above.

This is the Money Genie “About Us” section; notice that it says they’ve been in business since 2013.

Actually, Money Genie has been registered since October 2019.

If you ever want to know the truth behind how long a website has been active, go to

If you look at the screenshot below, has been in business for less than 1 year.

Therefore, to say on your website you’ve been in business since 2013 is a flat-out LIE.

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Red Flag #3 – Unknown Owner

The owner of Money Genie is nowhere to be found.

You should never send your money to a business that won’t reveal who the owners are.

This fact alone is good enough reason not to trust the system.

Even a small brick-and-mortar business reveals who the owner is.

If a website is purposely hiding who is behind the program, you should not trust it.

Usually when an owner is annomamous it’s so they can keep creating fake, scam systems and take advantage of more people.

Uh-Oh! Red Flag #4 – Fake Testimonials

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Let’s take a look at “Ana Cheri.” Is this testimonial real or fake?

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Well, according to the Google Image Search, this testimonial is FAKE. This stock image has been used more times than you can count.

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!
Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Heres is the other “testimonial” from Desi Banks

Is this real or fake as well?

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

As you can see, these so-called testimonials are FAKE.

What does this say about Money Genie if this website cannot produce 2 decent testimonials.

When you take a closer look, there’s even more going on here.

Red Flag #6 – FAKE Payment Proofs

Money Genie uses FAKE income proofs.

If you look at most of the so-called payment proofs the date of the transaction was crossed out.

However, I managed to find 2 where the dates were not crossed out.

Notice the dates of September 11th, 2019 and May 13th, 2019.

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

If you compare the registration date for Money Genie on with the dates on the so-called “payment proofs”, you’ll see the deception.

Look at when Money Genie was registered:

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Big Fat Scam For Sure!

Therefore, the payment proofs are a straight-up LIE because was registered on October 23rd, 2019.

Here’s what I’ve found if you have money that you’re owed according to your account dashboard:

As far as actually getting your money – you’ll never see it.

What many have found is after completing all necessary tasks and getting referrals, when they try to withdraw their money, they can’t do it.

Usually, you’ll see the following statement: Your request is rejected.

The way Money Genie will refuse your claim for earnings is by saying you used fake referrals and fake clicks and therefore not allowed to get your earnings.

What Money Genie is saying to you is: Upon further review, as a result of your shenanigans your account is locked.

There goes your money!

Money Genie is similar to other GPT scam websites I’ve reviewed on this blog, such as:

However, if you find it necessary to use survey sites to make some money there are legit sites like, Panda ResearchTimebucksRewarding Ways, and ySense.

What Are We Really Dealing With Here?

The reality is Money Genie is possibly making money from unsuspecting people in 2 ways.

Their main way most likely is through CPA or Cost Per Action.

Is Money Genie A Scam - Yep! It's A Scam For Sure!

Instead of paying YOU for taking the action, websites like keep all of the money instead.

Another possible way sites like these make money is by selling your personal data to shady, 3rd party groups that use personal data to relentlessly spam offers to millions of inboxes.

Unfortunately, is not the only website out there scamming unsuspecting people just looking to make a honest buck.

It’s my opinion that the same person or group of people are responsible for a number of these websites.

These cloned websites look the same and operate exactly the same way.

These Websites Want Your Data

These websites go after one thing – your data.

Whatever you give them, either your email address or your credit card information, they have cpa offers and buyers for it.

For example, emails are typically sold to a third party.

These garbage companies buy email addresses with the intent of spamming the living daylights out of you.

They also send phishing scams to millions of unsuspecting users.

One word of advice is to be careful entering your email address especially on websites that show obvious red flags.

If you aren’t sure about the origin of the website or the claims they make then don’t give out your email address.

Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online?

Yes, there is a far better way.

The platform I use, Wealthy Affiliate, has taught ordinary people how to make money online.

They’ve been in business for over 15 years which is a testimony to how good the training is.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to build a profitable online business.

Even if you have ZERO experience online, you can learn how to make money with your own website.

Better yet, you can create a FREE account and try Wealthy Affiliate for yourself.

No debit or credit card is needed to create a FREE account.

This allows you to try the actual features of Wealthy Affiliate before making a decision to become a paid member.

When I created my free account, it took me only 1 day to realize I wanted the Premium Membership!

That’s how good the platform is!

Make the decision never to get scammed again and create your own online business.

With a little “elbow grease” and a desire to succeed financially, you can experience success you never before imagined!

Make the right decision TODAY!

Talk Soon,


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