Is Ministry of Freedom Legit And Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Is Ministry of Freedom Legit And Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Welcome to this Ministry Of Freedom Review. You are here because you want to know Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

Can this course help you learn how to make money online?

Jono Armstrong is the brain behind Ministry of Freedom, an online course on affiliate marketing.

Read this post completely to know if Ministry of Freedom is legit or another scam course to stay away from.

You will find all the information you need in this post.

Let me also say, in full disclose, I’m NOT an affiliate of Ministry Of Freedom.

Once you are done reading, you can tell if this course is suitable for you

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit – Brief Summary

  • Creator: Jono Armstrong
  • Cost: $1997
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Product Price: $1,497 one time or three payments of $597
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 45- Days
  • Recommended?: I don’t recommend this course for beginners – See my review below…

Actually, this is not a bad affiliate marketing course. I say that because in my years in this business, I’ve come across some BAD courses.

The training is nice, and you can discover strategies that will work.

However, the strategies advertised in this course are not that effective, and the money to get this affiliate marketing course is extremely high.

About the founder – Jono Armstrong

Is Ministry of Freedom Legit And Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is an active YouTube user, and he makes use of a strategy known as “launch jacking” to make money.

Launch jacking involves writing a review of a product immediately when it is released or before it is released.

The main aim is to get traffic anytime someone searches the internet for a review of that product.

The creator of this course has been doing product reviews on YouTube, and he has over 40,000 subscribers.

Jono review products and also add bonuses to them if you purchase through his affiliate link.

Is Ministry of Freedom Legit And Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Similarly, by adding his affiliate link with the bonuses in his reviews he’s able to make sales anytime someone pays for the product.

This is an interesting way to make money, but the problem here is that Jono Armstrong writes reviews for low quality products.

Regarding the “low-quality” products, Armstrong has to give them positive reviews in order to make money; from my point of view, I find this to be deceptive.

I have no issues with “Launch Jacking” if he is reviewing high-quality products, but giving low-quality products positive reviews in order to earn a commission is what I have a problem with.

This is what Ministry of Freedom will teach you when you purchase the course.

Is Ministry of Freedom Legit – Overview Of The Platform

Ministry of Freedom is a good, not great, affiliate marketing course, and you will find information that is missing in other affiliate marketing courses.

Still, there are some red flags to the strategy of “Launch Jacking” mentioned in this course.

A lot of online marketers have viewed Launch Jacking to be a marketing tactic that’s unethical.

The reason many view it that way is that you basically write positive reviews on really low-quality products even if you have never personally used it yourself.

To discover the positives and the flaws of this course, continue reading.

Course Breakdown


The first part of Ministry of Freedom is about having the right mindset.

This module is really not relevant, but it will teach you what to avoid mentally and how to approach affiliate marketing.

This is nothing new or groundbreaking as there are many other affiliate marketing courses that devote a module to having the right mindset.

Tool and Applications

This section will show you the tools and applications (website builders, trackers, autoresponders) you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

What I don’t like about Ministry Of Freedom is you’re not going to get the tools included, which means more money out of your pocket to set up your online business.

Moreover, Ministry Of Freedom relies on paid ads to get traffic to your website or blog.

Similarly, that means additional advertising costs you’re going to have to pay as well.

Therefore, your total investment, before you see one red cent in profit, could be well over $2,000.

Launch Jacking Basic and Advance

This module is the most important in this course, and it talks about the strategy of Launch Jacking you will use to make money online.

In launch jacking, you will review products before it is released or as soon as the products are launched to get traffic from people interested in the product.

Launch Jacking is an acceptable method for a number of marketers because people want the review of a product before they purchase it.; they want to know as much of the Pros and Cons as possible.

Soft Launching

This is a strategy used to acquire email sign ups.

“Soft Launching” is a previewing the release of a service or product to a smaller audience before it’s revealed to the public.

What you will be doing here is give a course for free and get someone’s email in the process.

This is a key strategy to improve sales in the future.

Email Marketing and List Building with Paid Traffic

This has to do with building your email list.

Jono is going to show you how to use an autoresponder in order to create an email campaign that will be sent to your subscribers on autopilot.

This module will discuss paid traffic and how you can interact with your email list.

In this module you are helped to understand why building trust with your audience is important before you begin to sell to them.

Product Launching

This is another important module that will teach you how to make profits from creating your own products.

It appears that Jono Armstrong earns seven figures yearly by doing this.

Paid Traffic

This section will teach you how you can get people to sign up for Jono Armstrong’s webinar using paid traffic.

Armstrong shares his experience in successfully leveraging paid traffic methods to get paying customers to your blog or website.

Understanding paid traffic is critical, otherwise you could lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, you’ll be learning from an expert, so you don’t have to wonder or worry about whether the paid traffic techniques taught by Jono will work.

This means that you need to be ready to invest more money into affiliate marketing.

You will earn $900 as a commission for each lead you send that converts into a sale.

Ministry of Freedom Extras

You will be given some bonuses when you pay for this program. The bonuses include:

Private Facebook Page

You will be given access to a private Facebook community when you sign up for this program.

This community will give you access to other members, and you can share your opinions or ask questions.

Live Calls

You will receive three calls per week—one from Jono Armstrong and two from Jonas Lindgren.

Aside from the first one, I do not know how often you will receive Jono’s call.

Personally, I think it would be difficult for Jono to call people who purchased his course constantly; that means he will be spending most of his time on calls.

Rotator Sales

The founder of this program will market your affiliate links every seven to ten days if you pay for this course.

What this means is that you can get some free traffic to your website that could result in earning commissions.

I’m not a huge fan of paid traffic; the platform that I use teaches how to make money online using FREE traffic methods.

Review Access

Most programs hardly share information about their product until it is time to launch the product.

Since Jono is famous in this field, you will get access to product review every time.

Launch Jacking Flaws (I’m Not A Fan Of It!)

As stated earlier, the products promoted are usually inferior.

They are cheap products people create that really aren’t good.

Personally, I am against paying for any of these products.

However, the launch jack strategy has to do with promoting low-quality products to people, so you have to mentally accept the fact that this is a part of “Launch Jacking.”

Also, have in mind that anyone who pays for this course will also be reviewing these products.

Most of these low-quality products come from popular platforms like Clickbank, JVzoo and Warrior Plus.

Just know you won’t be the only person to review these products; this will be done by you and thousands of people who pay for this course.

Expensive Course

There are so many cheap courses on affiliate marketing on the net that will teach you how to make money online.

Unfortunately, some of these courses are not good, and most are terrible.

Ministry of Freedom is a decent and unique course. However, $1497 is on the high side for this course.

Similarly, I do not recommend this course to beginners.

There are lots of quality affiliate marketing courses you can pay little for, like my #1 Recommendation for building a profitable online business.

However, if you are making money already and you are interested in a different strategy on affiliate marketing, then you can invest in this course.

Ministry Of Freedom is similar to other online courses I’ve reviewed on this blog such as:

Is Ministry of Freedom Legit?

Ministry of Freedom is legit. You will be taught legit ways to obtain traffic, and the creator, Jono Armstrong, is popular and successful.

The price, however, is very expensive at $1,497 and I cannot recommend this course for this reason.

You will still find better courses on affiliate marketing for a much cheaper price, and with my #1 recommendation, you can even try the platform for FREE to see if you like it!

Although the sales page makes it look like you can earn $1000 USD monthly,

However, I doubt 99.9% of the people who purchased this affiliate marketing course will earn that amount.

The reason I say that is that in order to be successful with affiliate marketing, you MUST be committed to put in the work necessary to build your online business.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme where you can make big money by doing nothing.

Make no mistake – you CAN make a substantial income in a relatively short period – but you are going to have to be COMMITTED to setting up your business in the right way

The platform that I’ve used to create this very blog you are reading is costs MUCH less than Ministry Of Freedom and ALL the necessary tools are provided!

If you’re not happy about the possibility of spending over $2K into a training course like Ministry Of Freedom would suggest you learn more about my recommended platform by clicking on the banner below!

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