Is Mindswarms Legit Or A Big Waste Of Time?

Is Mindswarms Legit Or A Big Waste Of Time?

Mindswarms is an online company specializing in video market research, however, many of you want to know Is Mindswarms Legit?

Instead of the traditional way of filling out surveys online, Mindswarms utilizes video surveys instead of written ones.

High-quality video surveys are the main focus of the company.

Mindswarms use demographics in order to determine survey participants and focus groups.

What many want to know is can you make money with Mindswarms.

Is Mindswarms Legit – Can You Make Money With This?

Is Mindswarms Legit Or A Big Waste Of Time?

It’s interesting to take a look at Mindswarms to see how this site works.

Let me say straight away that Mindswarms is a legit survey site and at this point, there are no shenanigans associated with it.

There are links for both participants and researchers on the home page of the website, which is something I’ve never seen before.

For businesses or companies who are in need of reviews, there is the research section.

The participant’s section is set up for individuals who basically want to get paid to conduct reviews.

This review is covering the participant’s section.

In the ‘How It Works’ section, I found some pretty good information about how to get started.

This can either be done with a laptop/computer, or it can be done via the site’s mobile app.

Also, in order to be accepted, you will need to make a video for your profile. The reason for this is to see if you are able to create a decent video.

The admins aren’t looking for some professional production – just an everyday, basic video from your cellphone camera will be sufficient.

Is Mindswarms Legit – Surveys Are Based On Demographics

Is Mindswarms Legit Or A Big Waste Of Time?

After these steps are done, you can start applying for surveys via access to your dashboard.

The interesting fact about Mindswarms is it’s open to anyone living anywhere who has a desire to try and qualify, unlike many survey sites that have geographical limitations.

Answering a few simple questions during the application process is designed to place you in the right demographics.

Demographics will allow the company to place you with surveys that will work well for you.

From this point forward, you will only have access to studies that you qualify for.

Upon approval of a survey you will be asked to answer up to 7 questions regarding the subject of the survey and post a video responding to the questions.

Usually, this will take about 8 to 10 minutes to film, which means these videos are super easy to do and certainly don’t require a lot of work.

How Much Do You Get Paid For A Mindswarms Survey?

By far, what most people like about Mindswarms is the pay.

Most survey and GPT websites are consistently paying between $1 to $2 per survey.

Even legit survey sites like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards, only pay pennies on the dollar

Even the really good sites don’t pay good money. $2 dollars per survey is exceptional. Usually, most surveys pay around $1 dollar or a little less.

But Mindswarms offers something that you rarely find among survey sites – $50 per survey!

Now, with this being said, I found myself wondering what the catch was. So I visited the FAQ section of the website … and found this.

Also, there is somewhat of a competition between participants to get accepted for surveys.

Basically, when a company needs research done, Mindswarms looks at everyone who qualifies (which is determined by how you answer the questions during your application).

They select the applicants who are able to produce the best videos … which is determined by the uploaded video you created for your profile.

Mindswarms looks at the camera and audio quality as well as the way you answered the questions asked of you.

What the admins want is good details and will use the participants they feel will give them the quality, in-depth detail that they are looking for.

Is Mindswarms Legit – The Pros

The surveys take only 15 minutes to complete and the pay is much better compared to other legit survey sites like Gain.ggSuperpay.mePanda ResearchTimebucksRewarding WaysySensePTCShare, and OneDay Rewards.

This makes them very appealing to both veteran and new survey takers.

In terms of the upsides, the company pays extremely well when compared to other paid survey sites.

Pair this with the speedy payment as your receive the rewards just 24 hours after completion which is significantly less than any other site we’ve ever come across.

Yes, you do need to be comfortable with video recording your answers, but after a couple of sessions, you’ll be more than comfortable answering the questions in detail while recording yourself with your phone or webcam.

The Cons

I bet you can guess what the most common complaint is among users of Mindswarms – that’s right, lack of survey opportunities!

The most common complaint that users seem to find is that there seems to be an apparent lack of video survey opportunities from the moment your sign up.

This isn’t to say that there are no opportunities available, but instead, there may not be a number of surveys that meet the demographics a particular company is looking for.

Matching up with a single survey through the website can deliver a greater reward than receiving rewards from numerous surveys from other sites.

There is actually a ‘Tip’ section on the site as well, which you can use to help make your videos as good as they can be.

You are also allowed to update your profile video to make it better later on … which can help you to increase your chances of scoring surveys.

The system that Mindswarms has put together here is really good … but it is quite competitive.

They have made it to where they are guaranteed the very best quality surveys for their clients because they choose the best applicants to take part in the surveys.

But … the downside to this is that it pits the applicants against each other.

What this means is you could, in theory, join the site and never get to take part in a single survey, no matter how hard your work at applying.

The trick, therefore, is to try to make the quality of your videos as good as it can be.

The better the quality of your videos, the better your odds of scoring more surveys when studies take place.

Some Other Additional Thoughts About Mindswarms

I am actually not sure how many surveys you can expect to get with this website, but I will say that it seems to be a thriving community.

Although the pay is exceptional for the completion of a video survey, you are not going to make big money with this website.

Simply put, the reason for that is you’re just not going to get many opportunities with this survey site.

However, when you do get the opportunity to participate, making $50 bucks for a video survey is great extra money.

The key to getting chosen over other applicants is the effort you put into your profile video … hands down, this seems to be the most important element in the entire application process.

Creating a Mindswarms account is not restricted by geographical location. You can live anywhere in the world and sign up.

You do not even necessarily have to speak English as your first language to use the app, though most of the instructions for it are written in English, and a lot of the survey questions are also written just in English.

This would make a very good side-hustle if there were more opportunities for surveys on this site.

Unfortunately, getting a survey to participate in with Mindswarms literally is few and far between.

For $50 per survey, you could afford to log in once a day for a few moments and apply for some surveys.

Earning yourself a quick $50 in just 10 minutes is more than most survey websites will pay you for 10 to 20 hours’ worth of surveys!

However, the problem with Mindswarms is the same problem with ALL survey / GPT websites.

More Survey Reviews

Survey Sites Were Not Designed To Make You A Lot Of Money

Is Mindswarms Legit?

One thing I’ve learned from the hundreds of reviews I’ve done is survey sites, from their very inception, were NOT designed to allow the participant tome a lot of money.

If you’ve had daydreams of “hanging out” in your pajamas all day at the kitchen table making a living filling out surveys, then go back to sleep!

You’re NEVER gonna see that dream come to reality, my friend.

That’s the nature of survey sites and it always will be – they literally pay people pennies on the dollar.

When you do the math and honestly look at the amount of money you’ve made in comparison to the hours spent completing the survey, was it really worth your time?

Absolutely not.

Then why on earth do people still waist precious time filling out surveys?

Unfortunately, one main reason is flat-out laziness.

In other words, few people want to take the time to put in the hard work that comes with building your own online business.

They want someone else to be responsible…someone else to do the hard work…they want someone else to take the risk.

However, I need to tell you this:

As long as you continue to perform the same actions you’ve always performed, you’re going to get the same results.

In other words, your life will NEVER change…Your finances will NEVER change.

You will continue to be BROKE, walking around with an empty wallet and hardly anything in your bank account.

Is THAT what you really want…Really?

That’s not what I wanted…

This is why I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

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