Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

If you are reading this post, you want to know if Kindle Sniper can help you make $1,000 or more daily. You’re wondering Is Kindle Sniper A Scam? 

This post will help search for red flags to avoid as you endeavor to find a real, honest way to make a profit online

Will Kindle Sniper allow you to bank large sums of money on a daily basis? 

You need to know if a program is legit before you spend your hard earned money.

Kindle Sniper Summary

ProductName: Kindle Sniper (KDL Sniper)

Founder: Martin Price ( An Unknown Person )

ProductType: Amazon Kindle Publishing

Price: $37

Best For: The owner & affiliates promoting it

Like all my other product reviews, I look very closely at programs promising large amounts of income in a short period of time.

What Is Kindle Sniper

So, Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

In a nutshell, Kindle Sniper claims to teach you how to make money by selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Sniper is a 71-page PDF. It contains fundamental information about Amazon Kindle Publishing.

With Kindle Sniper, there is no support, no training, no resources, no online community.

There are tens of thousands of available ebooks online today.

However, selling ebooks is not as easy as this sales video claims it is.

The Kindle Sniper video gives the impression that you can make large sums of money with very little work.

This is misleading an outright lie.

How Does Kindle Sniper Work

Kindle Sniper says it will show you how to write eBooks or how to get someone else to do it through ghostwriting.

They claim that everything will be “done for you” and you’ll be earning thousands of dollars in no time (sounds sketchy and familiar?).

So far, I am not impressed with what I’m finding out about Kindle Sniper.

It sounds like another bogus get-rich-quick scheme.

Inflated income claims along with promises of quick profits are a huge red flag!

Promises of large daily paydays with very little work means something is not quite right.

Meanwhile, the owner of Kindle Sniper is also trying to up-sell you on buying website hosting ($67.00 to $97.00). 

Although online hosting is necessary, you can find cheaper and better hosting on your own.

Martin Price, the so-called “owner”, claims it’s a revolutionary system that allows you to make $1K per day. 

All with less than 10 minutes of work daily.Are you kidding?

He even claimed that he has made almost $500,000 in the past year using the “simple technique” in this “secret product.”

There is no “simple technique” or “secret product”. It’s not true.

Kindle Sniper is re-written from private label rights ebooks.

It’s sold on Clickbank with hyped up sales video to milk more money from unsuspecting victims.

Don’t Forget the Fake Testimonials.

Using paid actors to perform fake testimonials is a common practice on Clickbank.

Products similar toKindle Sniper are notorious for using dishonest reviews. 

Fake reviews give you false impressions of their product and to rely on emotional buying.

They’re unable to get real, positive testimonials from actual customers because the so-called “testimonials” have been bought and paid for. 

The testimonials I’ve researched on Kindle Sniper are from paid actors.

The images below are from as well as Kindle Sniper’s sales video:

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

FAKE Testimonial on Kindle Sniper is from a paid actor below!

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

Here is another FAKE review!

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

This guy is featured on many Clickbank “products”, courtesy of

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

This guy appears in Fast Cash Club, Affiliate Cash Club, Profit Genesis, AZ Sniper and the AZ Formula!

How can you trust a product that uses paid actors from and sells them as actual testimonials?

From my experience that’s called being dishonest!

Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?

This is a tough one because you are getting an actual product.

However, Kindle Sniper uses sleazy sales tactics to emotionally hook you in. 

Using paid actors for testimonials and income claims that no one can verify is unethical. 

Therefore, I have concluded that Kindle Sniper is a dishonest product and a SCAM.

That’s like selling a Gucci bag online with what seems to be amazing testimonials.

However, when the customer finally gets her bag, the bag turns out to be counterfeit.

I doubt you’ll be earning $1,000.00 per day with Kindle Sniper.

If you are researching ways to make money online,I would not recommend paying $37 for Kindle Sniper.

How can you trust a product that uses paid actors from and sells them as actual testimonials?

From my experience that’s called being dishonest

If you want to learn how to sell ebooks on Amazon, I suggest going to Udemy

If you want to make money online the right way, I have a better recommendation.

With this platform, you can sell either physical or digital products. 

Update – January 28th 2020:

When you go to the URL that used to be Kindle Sniper,, you get this message:

Apparently, Kindle Sniper is out of business because it was never a legitimate business to begin with.

So-called programs like these either disappear entirely or greedy owners rebrand the website with a different name to lure more unsuspecting newbies.

A Proven System To Build A Online Business

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Talk Soon,


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5 thoughts on “Is Kindle Sniper A Scam?”

  1. Hi, Great review, i hate scams like this, good thing its people like you to call them out, i have looked at a lot of these kinds of scams when i wanted to start an online business, and i almost gave up cos it was hard to trust anyone because of people like this, luckily i have been to broke to fall for any of them. Thanks for calling the scammers out. 

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I must confess the idea of this business is really cool but it being a scam makes me really sad frankly. Ebooks have been selling well lately and I know for certain this could bring money to ones pocket but maybe not the thousands upon thousands they promised. Also upsells are a bad idea to me. I am glad you took your times to expose this site.

  3. Thanks Howard for your review of Kindle Sniper. 

    Your article is captivating and we feel that you are not there to destroy the product but inform people if it is legitimate or not. I really appreciated the fact that you discovered that they had used actors for their videos. Congratulations on a well done review.

  4. Thank you, Howard. It’s nice to have knowledgeable people like you who put in the time and money to check these places out. There are so many get rich quick schemes and it’s hard to tell what’s real from what’s fake. I love that you found out the testimonials were actors. Bam! 

    Keep up the good work exposing the fakes and telling us who’s legit. -Jim 

  5. Your review of the Kindle Sniper (KDL Sniper) is an eye-opener because I actually got the impression that I can make large sums of money with very little work and I am so happy to learn that this information is misleading and is mostly an outright lie. I was almost taken in by their “done for you” gimmick and it is wonderful to land at your site to hear this good news. 

    Thanks for the wonderful exposure of this bad digital product. I am also glad you gave an option that is much better and even another opportunity to learn to create a website for newbies starting off in online business. I will soon get on board. Thank you so much.


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