Is Kangot a Scam Or A Massive Wealth Creation Opportunity?

Is Kangot a Scam Or A Massive Wealth Creation Opportunity?

You are welcome to my unbiased review on Kangot, particularly if you are wondering Is Kangot A Scam?

In this Kangot review, you will be introduced to the company, its offers, and other useful information.

Once you are done reading, you can answer the question for yourself: Is Kangot A Scam?

And you will be able to decide if this new business opportunity that people are promoting is suitable for you.

Is Kangot A Scam – What Is The Purpose Of The Company?

Taking an honest look at the business, Kangot has no products or services for retail sale, the only products affiliates can market is the Kangot affiliate membership itself.

This is a HUGE warning sign.

Also, anytime I do a review on a company, platform, or business opportunity, the first thing I do is identify the people who own or run the company.

However, I did manage to find some information about one of the founders or people running Kangot.

It appears that the platform has not publicly listed the people who manage its operations.

The domain of this platform was registered on the 27th of September 2019, and Robert Gonzalez was listed as the site owner. The domain of this site is based out of the US.

So, I researched Robert Gonzalez, and I came across his Facebook page.

I found out that his complete name is Robert Cantu Gonzalez, and he owns another domain called BViral.

BViralwas launched two years ago as a lead generation tool that uses a weird travel certificate system.

I did not understand how it functioned, but the platform did not last. The website is still running, but the traffic it gets is nonexistent.

Before I forget, this is not the first time Robert Gonzales was involved with questionable MLM’s.

Is Kangot a Scam – More Information About The Owner

Robert Gonzales, if that’s his real name before BViral crashed, was listed as the CEO of Club Orenda, a travel MLM.

Club Orenda launched in 2016. Prior to that Gonzales was promoting Zyndio (aka ZynTravel), a matrix cycler Ponzi scheme.

This was in 2016; however, the platform flopped in 2018.

I came across all this information during my research on the domain.

My advice, before you jump into any business opportunity, try to find out who owns the company or the people running it.

The fact that there is no information about the owners of Kangot is a HUGE red flag.

If you claim to run a legit platform, then there is no need to conceal your identity.

Is Kangot a Scam – What the Platform Offers

Is Kangot a Scam Or Can You Really Create Wealth With This?

There are no retail products; the company, however, offers a return on investment services.

Kangot offers a daily return of 0.5%-3%, provided you invest $100-$50,000.

Also, the platform gives commissions for referrals, meaning you get paid as an affiliate on the platform when you recruit people to invest.

You will be paid a 10% commission from your recruit’s investment.

The platforms also offer residual commissions, which are paid using a binary compensation plan structure.

You may be asking what a binary compensation plan mean.

It’s not difficult to understand; this term is only a fancy name for an MLM pyramid.

Each time your recruit recruits a new member, you get paid as well.

Unfortunately, this is very normal with MLMs.

Does Kangot Have BBB Accreditation

Has the BBB accredited Kangot? No.

This platform does not have BBB accreditation, and lack of it does not mean Kangot is a scam or an illegitimate platform.

It simply means Kangot is not listed on BBB at the moment.

Note that the BBB is a privately-owned site. It is not owned, monitored, or regulated by the government.

And any third-party company can easily manipulate the site to publish false ratings and reviews.

Kangot reminds me of some other questionable network marketing companies I’ve reviewed such as:

Giving The Government The Middle Finger

Is Kangot a Scam Or Can You Really Create Wealth With This?

The company claims it can generate external ROI revenue through trading activities in different financial markets.

And what’s remaining from BViral’s travel incentive scheme happens to be integrated into Kangot as an incentive.

According to Kangot, the platform offers “passive income plans” and uses external revenue to pay returns.

The promise to generate passive income and pay returns clearly shows that Kangot is soliciting investment.

Roberto Gonzalez is located in Arizona, US, according to his profile on Facebook.

For Kangot to function as an investment opportunity in the United States offering passive income, it must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

And from my findings, neither Gonzalez nor Kangot has been registered with the SEC.

Thus, the company and the owners are illegally offering unregistered securities to people.

Kangot Is Operating As A Ponzi Scheme

Is Kangot a Scam Or Can You Really Create Wealth With This?

Another thing I discovered is that Kangot’s model of business did not pass the Ponzi logic test.

The platform claims it employs only experienced traders who operate in different financial markets.

So, why is your money so important to Gonzalez if these traders were able to make daily returns of about 3%?

From my calculations, Gonzalez will be one of the wealthiest people on earth if he invests reasonable capital into his platform that claims to generate 0.5% to 3% daily returns.

But I doubt if he will ever do this.

Personally, I feel the only verifiable revenue source Kangot receive are investments from new recruits.

Using money gotten from new recruits to settle existing investors on the platforms makes Kangot nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

The compensation plans (that reward existing members for recruiting people that will invest) on this platform are another indicator that Kangot operates as a pyramid scheme.

No Ponzi scheme can survive when there are no new investments or affiliates on the platform.

Once the recruitment of members stops, the platform will crash.

When this happens to Kangot, there will be no ROI revenue; thus, the platform will collapse.

Therefore, most of the participants on the platform will end up losing their investment when it collapses, which is the fate of every Ponzi scheme.

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