Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam Or Big Time Moneymaker?

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam Or Big Time Moneymaker?

The reason you may be wondering Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam may be due to a email you have received promoting this program. 

Rich Meyer created the Instant Cash Solution program, claiming to provide members ways to earn $100 to $500 commissions every day. 

It offers “copy and paste” pre-written ads posting in classifieds and social media platforms to make money. 

However, the question is this: Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

While there may be success of some sort in this approach, it is basically just posting some ads on the internet to earn money.

Posting ads with the hope of earning money is nothing new. 

Nonetheless, there are still drawbacks when you join. 

Here is my review of Instant Cash Solution

 Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam – Product Review 

Rich Meyer is a professional online marketer who runs the Instant Cash Solution website ( 

He is basically telling you what to do so you can earn thousands per month by posting ads online.

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam Or Big Time Moneymaker?

This is what I’ll say about Rich Meyer: he’s not hiding the fact that he’s the owner of Instant Cash Solution.

He wants you to know who he is and how experienced he is in the online marketing world.

Therefore, it’s a positive sign that the owner is as transparent as Mr. Meyer is.

Nonetheless, there are aspects of this business you still need to know about.

It may be possible to experience some measure of success with this system.

However, nothing good comes from a “copy-paste” system.

A “copy and paste” system is clearly an oversimplification to lure people in.

Instant Cash Solution doesn’t disclose up-front the real process under which this “system” operates.

To be frank, Instant Cash Solution’s copy and paste ads are part of a chain recruitment-based cash reward scheme.

This is a chain recruitment-based cash gifting scheme

This “business” operates in virtually the same manner as another platform called Copy And Paste Ads.

The reason this is a “cash gifting” scheme is that you’re not buying memberships from the company itself. 

However, you’re only paying a small “admin fee” and the majority of the money goes directly to your sponsor.

Instant Income Method is similar to other “make money online” opportunities I’ve reviewed on this blog:

How Does Instant Cash Solution Work?

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?

Although this system is not based on multi-level marketing (MLM), Instant Cash Solution isn’t exactly legit. 

Furthermore, just because a program sells big-ticket items, it doesn’t mean you’re going to make tons of money.

Here’s how Income Cash Solution works in a nutshell:

  1. You purchase at one of four membership levels ($100, $200, $300 or $500).
  2. Place ads on social media platforms and classified sites.
  3. When people start joining through you, you’ll receive payments between $100 – $500

In a nutshell, here’s how Income Cash Solutions operates!

You decide to purchase one of four membership tiers ($100, $200, $300, $500)

Instant Cash Solution has four membership levels:   

  • Bronze membership: Pay $100 additional a $29 admin fee to be able to have the opportunity for $100 commissions    
  • Silver membership: Pay $200 additional a $29 admin fee to be able to have the opportunity for $100 and $200 commissions.
  • Gold membership: Pay $300 additional a $29 admin fee to be able to have the opportunity for $100 – $300 commissions.      
  • Platinum membership: Pay $500 additional a $79 admin fee to be able to have the opportunity for $100 – $500 commissions.

What Each Membership Level Does

Each membership level comes with training to help you promote the system. 

Also, you get access to lead capture pages, banner ads, text ads, and access to a back office to run your business.

Similarly, every product you receive is aimed at helping you promote the system. 

These are not products you can sell to retail customers. 

Only people interested in this business opportunity are going to be interested in these.

In this system, you only get commissions for the level you enrolled in. 

For instance, let’s say you purchased a Bronze membership. 

You will only earn $100 Bronze level commissions from the people you helped sign up.

If you recruited someone that bought a higher-level membership, you don’t get the difference in commissions. 

However, if you purchased the Platinum level, you get all commissions for all membership levels. 

This is why they wanted to convince members to go all in from the start

The reason why people like this method is that it has a simple system that virtually any person can do. 

Rich Meyer said, they only need to copy and paste pre-written ads. 

Promoting an “online business opportunity” is one thing.

However, copying a bunch of pre-written ads and plastering them all over the internet is considered SPAM.

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam – Understand What It Is

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam?

Legit affiliate programs are usually free to join, promoting products on the market for people who want to purchase them for their product value.

However, with Instant Cash Solution, you will be paying $100 to $500 just to have the opportunity to get commissions. 

While there are products to sell, they are not the primary focus. Which makes it clear that this is a chain recruiting, cash gifting method.

My Conclusion On Instant Cash Solution

On the surface, Instant Cash Solution looks like an easy and fast way to make money online.

However, it’s really just about buying in at the highest “level”, and then convincing others to do the same thing. 

You recruit others by using pre-made ads that you post all over the internet.

Similarly, I can’t outright call this a SCAM, because you do get some training and tools for your money.

Also, it may be possible to earn money promoting the system.

However, I would never personally promote a system like Instant Cash Solution.

Reasons For Staying Away From Programs Like Instant Cash Solution

Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam Or Big Time Moneymaker?
  • posting pre-written “business opportunity” ads on classified and social media sites are spamming.
  • the “copy and paste” method is NOT a good internet marketing strategy.
  • instant Cash Solution is all about chain recruiting and member-to-member payments. 
  • chain recruiting and cash gifting is not a legitimate, sustainable business.
  • your “revenue” may consist of a few clicks and maybe a few sales, but it won’t be consistent income. 
  • but if you want to achieve lasting online success, you need to learn real internet marketing skills. 
  • “done-for-you” systems are not sustainable in the long term. There is no “done for you system” created that will satisfy SEO requirements.
  • everyone else will be using the same ads, not original content
  • everyone else will be using the same traffic sources 
  • all of the people who sign up for this will be promoting the same system.
  • the Chain Recruiting / Cash Gifting business model itself is highly controversial. 
  • purchasing the highest membership level, just so you can qualify to receive gifting payments from those you recruit is seriously frowned upon by The Federal Trade Commission.
  • systems like this rarely last. Once the hype dies down, it becomes harder and harder to recruit new people. 
  • what always eventually happens is people move on to the next “Shiny Object”.
  • those that join these types of “programs” towards the end are the ones who lose money

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4 thoughts on “Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam Or Big Time Moneymaker?”

  1. Hello there, 

    My take on Instant Cash Solution is that this is a platform that you risking your earnings on it have to be patient. 

    After reading your review, It’s not actually a scam, to be honest.

    There seems to be some good value in Instant Cash Solution, although I’m wondering if it’s set up like a pyramid scheme?

    • Hello,

      Stay away from any program with the word INSTANT in the title.

      There is nothing “instant” about making money online.

      Depending on the niche you choose to pursue, a lot of hade work is involved.

      However, is it worth it in the end?


      Talk Soon,


  2. Hi, I enjoyed this post and it looks like a pyramid type scheme on the surface. 

    I have looked at several similar and rely on honest reviews like this beforehand as there are few which achieve the returns advertised. 

    Have you looked at the Kibo Code? This looked great on the surface but with further digging its not quite as rosy as they make out and It looks like all of their ‘Positive’ reviews are paid for ads. 

    I would be interested in your views on this. 

    Thanks for the review.


    • Hey Dan,

      Thank You for the review.

      Your comments are spot on.

      I wish you much success in your online business.

      Talk Soon,



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