Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

You may have heard about Inbox Income and you are wondering Is Inbox Income A Scam or can you make money with this?

You really want to know if the product is what it claims to be.

In the next few minutes, I want to share with you my review of Inbox Income!

You may have seen, heard, or bought different types of products that make extraordinary promises.

They promise you a way to earn a lot of money, through their system, without having to work so hard.

Inbox Income is also in the same category as such products.

This product makes bogus claims if you do just a maximum of 30 minutes of work per day.

For 30 minutes a day, you will earn about $500 – $700 weekly.

Based on several reviews and research that I have done, I can categorically say this:

They are mostly fake systems and their claims are not true.

Let’s dive a little more into what this Inbox Income is about and check if it is an authentic product or not…

Is Inbox Income A Scam – What Exactly Is It About?

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

The owner of Inbox Income claims to be a man named Steve Allen.

Steve Allen parades himself as a guru in the Internet marketing business.

He claims that he is listed as being among the 1% top earners in the industry.

Oh, Really?

Based on these claims, he decided to launch a system called Inbox Income.

Mr Allen wanted to show people that he discovered a “system” to make loads of money online.

He claims to have designed a system that a complete newbie can use.

Mr Allen claims this can be done without any formal experience and without prior technical skills.

Mr Allen says, “all you need to do is simply click on the send button.”

With very little work, money will flow into your bank account.

He claims that you only need to work for 30 minutes every day and you are good to go.

There is no need to deal with any inventories or customers.

Who on earth wouldn’t want to get in on this kind of simple, nearly effortless system?

Let’s try to look into the answer…

How Does Inbox Income Work?

The idea is that you will make money from email marketing.

Supposedly, this is a course that teaches you how to build a large email list that you can market to.

Yes, you may have heard again and again that “the money is inside the list.”

Steve’s “system” points you to a website that will show the specific template and done-for-you emails to send.

You pull out those emails and send them word-for-word.

From that point, you start getting paid, not just once, but many times.

The assumption is that you will need to have an email system to be able to do this.

You will have to pay about $10-$150 every month to use an autoresponder (an email service provider).

Without this email system, Inbox Income will not work for you unless you pay the subscription fee stated above.

Can This Really Work?

Aside from the email system, you need an email list, whom you will send your emails to.

Each email that you send out has a number of links to promotional products.

Your affiliate link is on those links, which means you will a commission every time someone clicks that link.

The products you will be promoting are from ClickSure Network.

Unfortunately, Clicksure is typically known for the sales of substandard products.

Imagine getting started in the internet marketing business, without a list or barely known by anybody.

It means, it will be difficult for you to succeed in this.

Inbox Income looks so easy and simple and a cool way to make money, as Steve describes it.

However, a critical look into it will show you that you will spend even more money and still get nothing.

Also, I’ve found that Inbox Income is NOT what it claims to be!

As a matter of fact, it’s similar to other so-called “programs” I’ve reviewed on this blog:

Is Inbox Income A Scam?

Below are FAKE testimonials from the Inbox Income sales video.

Before you believe all those testimonials, be aware that Steve simply uses Fiverr platform to get fake actors.

These fake actors (who are paid some bucks) read pre-written scripts describing how great the product is.

FAKE Testimonial #1

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

FAKE Testimonial #2

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

They use the following bogus, hyped-up phrases to describe the system.

They use phrases such as: “fast and easy to do”, or it’s the “easiest thing you have ever done”, just to get you hooked into buying the product.

Fake Testimonial #3

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

There are MORE fake testimonials that I could continue to list, but you get the point!

Below, is the picture of Inbox Income owner “Steve Allen’s” Bentley…Or is it?

Is This REALLY “Steve Allen’s” Bentley?

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

No it isn’t! The “Bentley” that claims to be “Steve Allen’s” is actually a stock photo! Look at the proof below!

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

“Steve Allen’s” Bentley Is A Stock Image!

Now we come to “Steve Allen’s” house, the same house that is shown in the sales video. Is this REALLY his house?

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

Do You Like “Steve Allen’s” House? Guess What? It’s Also FAKE!

Below is proof that “Steve Allen’s house” is nothing more than a stock photo. Have a look for yourself:

Is Inbox Income A Scam? Time To Find Out!

I’m Sure Mr. Allen Would Like This House Too If He Actually Lived In It!

If the Inbox Income product is genuine, why is it that there are no real people giving authentic testimonials?

It means the product is fake.

Also, the disclaimer on the Inbox Income and the Terms and Conditions webpages is completely different from this product.

The Terms and Conditions are for The Millionaire Mentor – another product entirely.

This should tell you that this Inbox Income product is simply a rework of another product!

So how can this product be a ‘secret’ way of getting rich and making it big online?

Shenanigans! These shenanigans are totally dishonest and a SCAM, pure and simple!

Is Inbox Income A SCAM? – My Conclusion

Inbox Income is a flat-out SCAM; no doubt about it.

All in all, I don’t recommend this system made by fake owner “Steve Allen.” (We still don’t know who this guy really is.)

You won’t be making anything close to $500 or anything above, without pouring in a lot more money into the system.

You don’t want to start out your internet marketing business in this shady way.

Don’t let a FAKE “owner” rip you off your money, while you make nothing from this bogus “system.”

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Talk Soon,


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